Remember 8 words, get pregnant, you can also eat the fragrance

From Preparation to pregnancy, the topic that mothers are most concerned about throughout pregnancy must be: how to eat!

The diet of mothers during pregnancy is the whole source of nutrition of the baby, of course in "eating".

How to eat the best for the baby?How can I eat both nutrition and not gain weight?

Regarding the doubts of diet during pregnancy, let’s listen to the advice of professional nutritionists together.

In fact, as long as you remember 8 words: enough:

Diverse food

Five categories of food cannot be less

The key to diversity is "miscellaneous", which is a general principle.

Specifically, these five major foods should be included in daily diet: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat or other protein rich foods.

Try to choose coarse grains and high -fiber grains as much as possible, for example:

Full grain: whole wheat (not bran mixed with flour), brown rice, black rice, barley, rye, oats, quinoa, corn, sorghum, green cricket;

Potatoes: potatoes, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, taro, yam;

Miscellaneous beans: red beans, mung beans, lentils, flower beans, kidney beans, peas, eagle mouth beans, broad beans.

These coarse grains can not only provide carbohydrates, but also contain more dietary fiber and richer vitamin minerals, which are helpful for ensuring the smooth stools of pregnant mothers and supplementation of nutrition.

Fruit is also a good source of dietary fiber.

Choose fruits with heavy water and low sugar, such as: apples, pears, peaches, and citrus. As a meal between the two meals, it is only within 300 g.

Take the common grapefruit as an example now, a grapefruit weighs about 3 to 6 pounds, and it is almost the same as eating 1 or 2 petals a day.

Or eat an adult fist -sized orange (about 200 g), or a grapefruit (about 300 g).

Active intake

Add more protein and calcium in the middle and late pregnancy

"One person to eat two people" is definitely the largest diet misunderstanding during pregnancy. Not only is it not good for the baby, it is easy to eat yourself.

Daily requirements during pregnancy are almost unchanged compared to non -pregnancy.Even in the second and second trimester, it only increased slightly.

However, the demand for various nutrients during pregnancy will increase to a certain extent.

In other words, mothers should pay more attention to the quality of food, not the weight.

Especially when entering the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus starts to grow rapidly. Pay attention to replenishing protein and calcium.

Calcium supplement is equally important.

The fetal teeth and skeletal development require a lot of calcium. If the mother’s own calcium content is insufficient, the calcium in her own bones will be used to supplement the fetus, which may cause the pregnant mother’s osteoporosis.

How to make up for calcium?Very simple, drink more milk or yogurt.

Drink 1-2 cups of milk (400-500 ml) a day to meet the needs of calcium during pregnancy.

If there is a mothers who are not tolerated, you can’t drink milk, you can also choose yogurt. If you are worried about the high calories of yogurt, you can choose sugar -free yogurt.

Especially for mothers with gestational diabetes, it is the first choice to add sugar.

Balanced nutritional intake

Don’t forget iron and folic acid

In the middle and late pregnancy, mothers can increase red meat 20 to 50 g per day, eat animal blood or liver 1 to 2 times a week, and 20 to 50 g each time. Generally speaking, they can meet the needs of iron during pregnancy.

Folic acid is unable to synthesize the body and can only be supplemented by "eating".

Starting from preparation, pregnant mothers need to add additional artificial synthetic folic acid. The daily dosage is 0.4 mg (400 μg) until the baby is weaned.

Under the premise of the principle

You can choose what you love to eat

In fact, it is really a big problem for "how to eat". Pregnant mothers also have their own taste preferences, not to mention, our Chinese food is so rich, and we don’t have to emphasize eating a certain kind.

The real diet taboos are tobacco and alcohol and raw food.

Alcohol is a first -class carcinogen. It is best not to drink for pregnant women. Don’t touch a drop of drops;

Half -life beef, eggs, shellfish and raw fish slices, as well as uninterrupted milk, try to avoid it.

Under the premise of the big principle, pay attention to the safety and health of food, and choose the food you love to eat.

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