Remind women for pregnancy: The quality of eggs is the premise of "good pregnancy", you may wish to eat these 5 kinds of food often everyday

With the improvement of education level, people’s awareness of eugenics and eugenics has also been strengthened. Therefore, young men and women will take measures to prepare pregnancy in advance before preparing to have children.

Especially the eggs are related to the quality of fertilized eggs, so female friends must stay away from bad habits and insist on eating the 5 types of food mentioned in the following, which may enhance the quality of the eggs and lay a good foundation for eugenics and eugenics.

1. Soy products

For female friends in the pregnancy stage, if you want to improve the quality of eggs, you can first eat more soy products, such as soy milk, yuba, and so on.

Because soy products are not only rich in the protein required by the human body, but also plant estrogen. The main function of this substance is to promote follicle development.In addition, soy products also contain progesterone. The main use of this ingredient is to prevent the consequences of abortion caused by too much progesterone.

2. Fish

Compared with pork and chicken, the fat content of fish meat is relatively small, and there are more protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

In particular, unsaturated fatty acids can enhance the human body’s ability to resist, and related experiments have confirmed that only when women’s unsaturated fatty acid content is sufficient, can egg quality be improved and the conception rate can be increased.Especially deep -sea fish, the content of unsaturated fatty acids is more sufficient. Therefore, women who prepare for pregnancy should eat more fish.

3. Fresh vegetables

The foundation of egg health is actually a balanced diet, and the physiological operation of various organs of the human body requires the participation of various nutrients, including vitamins and minerals in fresh vegetables.

Therefore, it is recommended that female friends consume more spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and other vegetables, especially spinach, including a large amount of iron and folic acid. Successful intake can not only promote follicle development, prevent anemia, but also reduce the risk of fetal deformity.

4. Nuts

There are many types of nuts, such as common walnuts in life, Badan wood, cashew fruit, etc., why do female friends eat nuts?

Because nuts contain trace elements needed by the human body, such as walnuts, which are rich in nutrients such as DNA, protein, calcium, iron, etc., and eating in appropriate amount can also increase ovulation and improve the quality of eggs.

5. Fruit

In fact, no matter what stage of it, eating fruits is conducive to physical health, especially women who are preparing to give birth to children should eat more fruits such as oranges, lemon because of vitamin C, and vitamin C is a good antioxidant ingredients with good antioxidant ingredientsOn the one hand, it can clear the free radicals in the body, maintain a good skin condition, and also help egg development.

Of course, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the eggs, in addition to paying attention to diet, you should also adhere to exercise, regular work and rest, and regularly go to the hospital for physical examination.

All in all, if you want to give birth to a healthy baby smoothly, preparation for pregnancy is an essential stage, especially female friends, only to ensure that the quality of the eggs is high enough to be eugenic, so I hope everyone insists on eating 5 kinds of food mentioned above.Over time, the quality of eggs may be improved.

In addition, it is necessary to maintain a pleasant mood during pregnancy to prevent mental tension from affecting endocrine.

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