Repeated abortion is a woman’s problem?After multiple abortion, these misunderstandings are easy to step on the pit, don’t believe it anymore

It is the wish of every pregnant woman to go through the overall pregnancy, but there are always some pregnant women who do not want. They will naturally abortion in 2 to 3 months of pregnancy, bringing serious blows to their bodies and psychology.Abortion is not generated for no reason. It is very likely to be related to physical quality, sperm and egg quality, but women in miscarriage cannot enter the misunderstanding.

1. I dare not get pregnant when I have a miscarriage

Some women have had a natural miscarriage and dare not get pregnant again, and they are afraid of occurring natural miscarriage again.Some women also go to the hospital to go to the hospital for a full -body examination, but this over -anxious mentality will affect conception.

2. Repeated abortion never go to the hospital for examination

Some women who have a history of abortion disagree with this and think that repeated abortion is a small problem. I always think that it is caused by excessive fatigue, poor physical fitness and movement. I never go to the hospital for examination and continue to prepare for myself after self -conditioning.

3. Fear of miscarriage and keep lying on the bed

After a woman who had a history of miscarriage successfully became pregnant again, she was lying on the bed, and she was afraid of abortion at any time. In fact, this was a big mistake.Setal bed is not an excellent way to protect tires at all, nor can it change the final ending. It may even cause complications due to long -term bed bed, such as falling pneumonia or venous thrombosis of lower limbs.

4. Repeated abortion is a female problem

About 90 % of people think that repeated abortion must be caused by women, and this idea is too one -sided.Fertilized eggs are the products of sperm and eggs. Men’s chromosomes and sperm DNA abills can cause pregnancy failure.

1. Genetic

Genetic factors account for more than 50%of natural abortion, that is, the number of chromosomes and abnormal structural abnormalities, which stops embryo development and decreased luteal secretion, which leads to abortion.

2. Long -term contact with harmful substances

Pregnant women have been exposed in the radiation environment for a long time, and they have been touched with toxic substances for a long time, such as mercury and lead, and other chemicals. In addition, the disagreement of parents’ blood type can cause fetal hemolysis and cause miscarriage in the middle and late stages.

3. Maternal diseases suffer from systemic diseases

Pregnant women with systemic diseases, especially acute infectious diseases, are one of the main causes of natural miscarriage.

4. Endocrine abnormalities

Endocrine abnormalities can affect the blood supply of the placenta and the development of the fetus, which causes natural abortion, such as abnormal thyroid dysfunction, insufficient diabetes and female luteal function.Uterine longitudinal diaphragm, etc.; In addition, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids can also cause natural miscarriage.

5. Immune factors

About 50 % of the habitual abortion is closely related to immune factors, especially if it cannot be separated from anti -phospholipid antibodies. Such antibodies are common in antipedia antibody antibody and lupus anticoagulation factor.In addition, the abdomen during pregnancy is traumatic or abdominal surgery, which will promote uterine contraction and cause abortion.

Kind tips

In fact, abortion is prevented. Women who have stopped history should be used to go to the hospital to find out the cause, and it is caused by what is caused.Especially for continuous abortion twice or twice, both men and women must go to the hospital for examination, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, or get pregnant under the guidance of a doctor.Even after abortion, you can’t be too sad and anxious. Adjust your mentality early and cannot bear the too heavy psychological burden.

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