Repeated back pain after giving birth?If you want the confinement, you can avoid pain, you are enough to do these four points.

From pregnancy to production, the body will experience a lot of changes. One of the symptoms of discomfort often tortured all the mother, that is, back pain.Some people think that postpartum low back pain is caused by too hard work during confinement, and some people think that the fetus has a greater pull on the waist during pregnancy, causing some damage.It will slowly appear.So what about postpartum back pain?

The level of hormones inside the body during pregnancy will change. In order to help pregnant mothers better adapt to production, the body of the pregnant mother will secrete a loose bone hormone.The stretching and pressure of the abdomen will become larger and larger, and this hormone is exactly acting on the bones of the waist and abdomen position. For a long time pulling and hormone to relax the bones, it will inevitably be on the lumbar spine parts.Cause greater consumption, so the weakest part of the female body after giving birth is the waist, and the waist pain is inevitable. If you do not maintain your body well during confinement, it will even aggravate the pain.In response to postpartum back pain, how should the mothers avoid and improve?

1. Reduce waist

There are many things in life that need to be bent over, which will cause a certain amount of consumption to the lumbar spine. The postpartum body is weak. In addition, the hormone will relax the bones, and the waist will often cause pain.It is recommended that Baoma avoid doing some housework that needs to bend over during the postpartum recovery phase, such as mopping, hand -laundering, etc., even when changing diapers for the baby, avoid bending, and replace it as much as possible in a highly appropriate position as much as possible.In this way, it can effectively reduce the consumption of the waist, which is more conducive to recovery of postpartum waist.

2. Feed correctly

Milk water is the main source of nutrition of the baby in the early days, so the mothers can’t avoid feeding the baby. When breastfeeding, the mother is mostly to sit up and hold the baby. At this time, the waist will become a fulcrum, and it will feel fatigue.The baby’s early food is small, and Baoma may have to sit up frequently to support the body with the waist, which will increase the consumption of the waist.It is recommended that Baoma sit on a back chair or leaning on the bedside when she feeds. If the waist feels a bit tired, you can add a cushion to the back so that you can avoid the waist when feeding.

3. Replace the mattress

Most women like to sleep a softer bed. They think that this mattress can fit the body and it is very comfortable, but for postpartum mothers, this mattress will be replaced.If the mattress is too soft, the waist will increase, and it will inevitably consume the waist of Bao Ma. It is recommended that Baoma replace it with a slightly harder mattress after giving birth.Restore.

4. Appropriate medication

Everyone’s sensitivity to pain is different. Some people at the same level of pain may feel nothing, but some people are particularly painful. For mothers who are more sensitive to pain in the body, it is necessary to use some drugs to relieve pain.If the pain has not been relieved, it will affect the effect of postpartum recovery and daily life after childbirth.It is recommended that Bao Ma appropriately use the medicine according to her pain. If you don’t know how to use it, you can consult a doctor.

Mom, do you have experienced back pain?

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