Returning to acid and burning heart in the middle and late pregnancy, the quasi -mothers try these 7 methods, which is very useful

Many expectant mothers have the feeling of "burning heart" in the middle and late pregnancy, especially 6 months later. Some old people in the family say "that is because the fetus is long hair." In fact, it is not.Due to the plants secreted during pregnancy during pregnancy, the valve (cardia) of isolation esophagus and gastric becomes loose, causing gastric acid to return to the esophagus, which will produce a burning sensation; and progesterone will also inhibit the shrinkage of the esophagus and intestine, causing the expectant motherSlowing digestion can also cause stomach burning; coupled with growing up with the fetus in the middle and late pregnancy, the stomach is "pushed" back to the cauliflower, causing stomach acid reflux and gastric returns, so it is hormone and body during pregnancy.The change is caused.

1. Eat less and eat less, do not eat too much every meal.In addition to three staple foods a day, you can also add meals a few more meals. Add meals may not be a meal of eight classics. You can also eat snacks such as bread, yogurt, and nuts., And chew slowly, avoid excessive expansion of the stomach, can also reduce the inverse flow of gastric acid. In addition, pay attention not to drink too much soup and water before meals.

2. Drink a small glass of water after meals.Drinking water can help dilute the gastric juice and relieve physical discomfort. In addition to meals, you can usually drink more water. If you feel pantothenic acid, you can also drink a glass of light saline water pressure. The effect is not bad.

3. Eat some weak alkaline foods.The acid -base neutralization can also weaken the symptoms of pantothenic acid in the stomach, so expectant mothers can also try to eat some weak alkaline foods, such as soda biscuits.

4. Avoid eating food and drinks that cause gastrointestinal discomfort.You can eat more digestible foods, reduce the intake of high -fat, greasy food, spicy and irritating food, carbonated drinks, acidic foods, etc., so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and increase gastrointestinal burden.

5. Avoid eating before going to bed.Do not eat 2 hours before going to bed, it also has a role in alleviating stomach discomfort, pantothenic acid, heart burning, etc. Therefore, expectant mothers can also try this method.

6. Sleep with a pillow to raise the head.Based on the pillow, make the head higher than the stomach. It can also effectively avoid flowing food to the esophagus.

7. Wear loose clothes.Do not stretch your waist and abdomen because you wear tight clothes, causing qi and stomach discomfort.And through tight clothes, the baby will be uncomfortable in the stomach.

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