Rumor: Can’t eat crabs during pregnancy?This cannot be tolerated

The autumn wind rises, the crab feet are itchy, the chrysanthemums are blooming, and the crabs come, what is said now.Although the living conditions are good now, you can eat crabs all year round, but autumn is the best time to eat crabs.Every year from September to October, the delicious hairy crabs are listed. Each of them is full of yellow oil. In addition to hairy crabs, the barracuda crabs in the sea are also fat.

However, at this time every year, my WeChat starts to be bombed one after another, but it is not to send me crabs, but my friends ask me if I can eat crabs when I am pregnant. "As a friend, don’t ask me to eat crabs. After getting the answer, what does it mean to send me a picture of a crab shell after eating?

The words are homely, and anger is angry. The popular science still has to do it solidly. I believe that in addition to my friends, there are also many pregnant mothers who have this question. Today we will talk about whether the pregnant woman can eat crabs in detail.

Crab meat is delicious and nutritious, contains a large amount of protein and fat, as well as more calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin and other substances.49.6 grams of protein per 500 grams of crabs, 9.3 grams of fat, 27.2 grams of sugar, 1.088 mg of phosphorus, 33.6 mg of iron, and a certain amount of vitamin A.From the perspective of food nutrition, crabs must be a ingredient suitable for pregnant women, which can supplement protein and a delicious dish.

Of course, the "crab eating crabs will have a miscarriage", of course, it is not true.

First, let’s take a look at the concept of miscarriage.Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy for less than 28 weeks of pregnancy and less than 1000g of fetal weight. 80%of the early pregnancy, that is, before 13 weeks of pregnancy.

There are many causes of abortion clinically, including chromosomal abnormalities, abnormal embryo development, disorders of mother’s endocrine function, severe diseases, inappropriate drugs, and external environmental pollution.In early abortion, chromosomal abnormalities are the most important causes, accounting for about 50%to 60%.For a simple example, this is like planting flowers and vegetables. The seeds sprinkled down can not thrive every one. The poor quality will rot in the ground without germination.This is also the case for pregnancy. Nature has followed the winner since ancient times, and good quality embryos will grow healthy babies.The cause of miscarriage was caused by eating a few crabs, and crabs were too wrong.

So what happened to some pregnant women after eating crabs?

It is true that there are abortion after eating crabs, but this matter must be combined with specific conditions, and it cannot be comprehensive.If the pregnant woman himself is allergic to the river/seafood, or the crabs they eat are not fresh or have parasites, or there are abnormal digestive function, it is easy to cause allergic reactions or infections after eating crabs, causing acute gastroenteritis or systemic diseases, causing causeabortion.

Crab plus vitamin C is equal to eating cream, which is not the case.

Although crabs contain arsenic, 90%to 99%of them are non -toxic organic arsenic, and 100 to 200 mg of vitamin C will not produce a large number of toxic triple arsenic through reduction.In addition to crab foods contain a certain amount of arsenic, shrimp is actually available. Even if the arsenic in shrimp and crabs is really converted into tritenuel arsenic (that is, often referred to as frost), it is also extremely small.The consequences of leaving the dosage are hooligans. Don’t be a bird who is shocked because you eat a few crabs. You can’t rest assured that you can’t poison.

Although pregnant women are not prohibited from eating crabs, pregnant mothers in the following situations still recommend that they do not eat:

1. Crab is a kind of food that can easily cause allergies.Allergic reactions can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and some can also cause urticaria and asthma.If the pregnant woman himself is allergic to crabs, or has never eaten crabs before, don’t be dangerous during pregnancy.

2. Pregnant women with gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, or pregnant women who have diarrhea if they eat crabs before pregnancy, or try anymore.Pregnancy will not change people’s constitution so magically, it is likely that if you eat it after pregnancy, you will still be diarrhea.

Keep in mind when eating crabs and "eat a little" and "eat a little":

[Never eat]: Do not eat dead crabs, do not eat raw crabs, do not eat overnight, do not eat corruption.Because the crab has a lot of bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms, it is easy to be infected without cooking. It is not necessary to say that the dead crabs and non -fresh crabs are needed, causing the probability of the disease to increase significantly.Once the crab dies, the bacteria in the body will reproduce a large amount and break down the crab meat. Relatively speaking, the risk of bacteria infection is higher, and bacterial infections are more prone to occur after eating.

Pregnant women with severe fatty liver and other diseases should be eaten as little or not.

Healthy pregnant women who have eaten crabs before pregnancy and have no problems (do not have symptoms such as allergies and do not cause diarrhea), can be eaten at all. Of course, this is also under the premise of healthy food.point:

1. Cook thoroughly.Crab continues to cook for 20-30 minutes at high temperature at 100 ° C.

2. Do not eat drunk crabs and cold crabs.

3. Choose fresh crabs and wash it before the pot.

4. Eat in moderation, you can match some vinegar and ginger, and don’t drink.

As mentioned earlier, the cause of the problem of pregnant women’s eating crabs is mainly allergies and infections. In fact, in addition to crabs, other food -based diseases can also cause maternal diseases and congenital diseases, natural abortion, premature birth and fetal death.Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of food -oriented diseases, pregnant mothers who are pregnant need to do the following:

● Develop good personal hygiene habits (often washing hands)

● Only eat completely cooked meat, fish and poultry (including eggs)

● Avoid eating dairy products and fruit juice/vegetable juice without Para -Paas disinfected

● Wash thoroughly under the flowing water before eating fresh fruits and vegetables (about 30 seconds)

● Avoid raw sprouts (including purple flowers, three -leaf 苜蓿, radish and mung beans).Bacteria can enter the seeds of the sprouts through the cracks on the pod shell, and these bacteria can hardly be washed away.

● Washed the hands of raw meat, poultry or fish, the surface of the poultry, poultry or fish, the surface, chopping board, tableware and cooking utensils.Add 1 teaspoon liquid chlorine chlorine bleach every time you boast, and then wipe the tables on the table with this solution to disinfect and dry for 10 minutes.

● Do not eat sea fish with high mercury content.The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearly clearly listed by pregnant women has 4 kinds of mercury content with high sea fish: swordfish, king catfish, square fish/horse head fish, shark.Other mercury content is also: Tuna/catfish, golden lion fish, Malinn.

● Do not eat lead -containing foods, such as turntable popcorn and pine eggs.

After reading, you should be able to eat crabs happily. If you still dare not eat, what should I do?Bears, don’t look at others when others eat, wait for next year!Anyway, I want to follow the friends of pregnant women to Yangcheng Lake.

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