Rumor: Do you really have a miscarriage?There are these questions, all of them are clear

Pelvic ultrasound examination is an important test of obstetrics and gynecology, because many gynecological diseases need to be used, and compared with magnetic resonance, CT and other inspection items, ultrasound prices are obviously much cheaper.But there is also a weird statue. Many women are unwilling to do vaginal ultrasound. They have to do abdomen B -ultrasound and desperately drink water to urinate, especially pregnant women.There are even such rumors: doing yin super -miscarriage.

Then let’s talk about vaginal ultrasound today.

Vaginal ultrasound is a way to check the B -ultrasound. Putting a probe with a film (usually a disposable condom) is placed in the vagina for checking the uterus, ovaries, and pelvic cavity.This is the probe in the picture below.

There are many advantages through vaginal ultrasound examination: it is mechanical examination, no radioactive damage, high safety, compared to the abdominal ultrasound, closer to the uterus and ovarian, the image is clearer, and it can also dynamically display the function and blood flow dynamics of the organ in real time.EssenceDo not need to urinate during inspection, it is more convenient.When checking the obese patients, the abdomen avoids the interference of more fat in the abdomen, which is clearer than the abdomen.

Vaginal ultrasound tests also have disadvantages: during examination, if there are more gases in the gastrointestinal tract, gas reflection will affect the imaging effect.Larger uterine fibroids or multiple fibroids, large pelvic wolves or tips with high positions with high positions are high, and the vaginal ultrasound cannot be displayed in the whole picture. It needs to be combined with the abdomen and vagina to more accurately help diagnosis.Virgin and vaginal deformities cannot be used when they are not put into the vaginal probe.

Vaginal ultrasound examination is the main examination technology for diagnosis of female reproductive system diseases and pregnancy monitoring, and it is also an important item for women’s health checkups.The vaginal ultrasound can clearly display the structure of the uterine, ovarian, and pelvic lumps, such as uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, ovarian cysts, etc., which can be diagnosed with intrauterine and cervical lesions, abdominal ultrasound, etc.Can increase the diagnostic rate.When doing follicle monitoring, it is usually a meridian vaginal ultrasound, which is clearer than the abdominal ultrasound display.

However, if there are more vaginal hemorrhage, post -abortion, infectious vaginitis, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, and sexually transmitted diseases, it is best to avoid vaginal ultrasound examination to prevent infection.

During the examination, the probe is placed in the patient’s vagina, but it just touches the cervical outer mouth, will not enter the cervical canal or uterine cavity, and will not touch the fetus.The vaginal ultrasound examination during pregnancy will not only have any impact, but can find atmospheric pregnancy, threatened abortion, fetal stop, front placenta, and incomplete cervical function.

Yin Chao’s probe diameter is about 2-3cm, and don’t look at it so long. In fact, it will not be stuffed into the vagina when used.During the examination, the doctor will put a condom on the probe. Some contain lubricants, and the coupling agent with no lubricant will play a lubricant.In general, if there is no special disease, there will be a little discomfort, and there will be no obvious pain.Individual patients are too nervous during the examination, they are not well matched, or they can’t see it clearly. Doctors use a little more strength. Due to different personal feelings, they will feel pain when checking.The feeling of pain, this is normal, because the probe moves in the vagina, and it can be recovered after checking the rest for a while.

Before checking, go to the toilet to urinate and empty the bladder to prevent the bladder from affecting the observation.It is recommended to check after the stool to avoid interference of intestinal factors.You can eat normally without an empty stomach.

After the vaginal ultrasound examination, clean the vulva with toilet paper, and pay attention to whether the vulva is stained with the residual condom during examination.

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