Rumor, 36 -year -old pregnancy was stopped in pregnancy, women’s fault?Men’s situations are the original fierce

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Introduction: Pregnant children are the primary goal of most husbands and wives after marriage, but as society grows more and more, our ability to give birth is slowly declined, some can’t be pregnant, and some are pregnant.

A Feng is a classmate in my junior high school. At the age of 36 (exposed to his age), he was pregnant. The husband and wife were older. After conceived, I was very happy. At that time, I was still thinking about sending some pregnant women’s milk powder to her. I haven’t waited.When I bought it, she cried and called me and said that the fetus stopped.

And I keep comforting her, many people have had tires, and people who have a healthy child are abound for one child, but she was still anxious during the period of stopping.Fate, he was dragged until the age of 35 before getting married. After getting married, she was very easy to get pregnant, but she had a miscarriage. My mother -in -law blame her. Her husband didn’t say anything, but she felt that her husband also blame her accidentally.

When the fetus stopped, she was very under great pressure. Later, I helped her make an appointment with the director of the obstetric department so that Afeng took her husband to see A Feng’s mood better.

Because the obstetrics director and A Feng explained the relevant knowledge about fetal stop, Afeng was so comfortable, and her husband also knew that it was not just A Feng’s reason. The director also said to her husband: At this time, If you have a good health, you will be pregnant with healthy children faster.

The director of obstetrics said that tire stop is a kind of abortion:

We are also called Queen’s abortion, that is, the fetus has stopped developing in the mother’s body but has not flowed out of the body. Generally, if there is a problem with the fetus, the fetal stops need to be aborted artificially.Take some medicines that promote the fetal discharge and then clear the palace.We will be cleared as soon as possible for the fetal stop, so that the mother can be pregnant with the baby faster.

Not long ago, a 91 -year -old grandmother in India found that a 61 -year -old fetus lived in her belly and stopped her fetal, but her grandmother’s belly was also calcified.Grandma said that she had always wanted a child when she was 30 years old, but she couldn’t give birth.It seems that the medical conditions in these places in India are still too bad. It is estimated that it has not been checked.

In fact, many people have miscarriage, and some are active abortion. For example, if they are not married, some are natural miscarriage, such as fetal development problems, so they are naturally miscarriage.But most people can recommend giving birth to children in the future.

According to statistics, less than 5%of women will abortize it twice in continuous abortion, and only 1%of women will have three or more abortion.

Many unrealistic people will feel that they are pregnant and stopped again. It is definitely a problem with women, and our rural areas also know that when planting land is not only related to the soil, but also has a lot to do with the quality of the seeds.

And half of our small embryo comes from dad, so the reason for the stop of fetal stop may be dad.The seven reasons for men can cause fetal stopping.

1. Chromatology abnormalities

There are chromosomes in sperm, and our eggs are also chromosomes. The reason why life can be inherited is mainly because of the presence of chromosomes.All the reasons that will occur, abortion, or severe abnormal deformities are on the chromosomes.

For example, the Don syndrome we said is a project that every pregnant woman’s maternity examination must be tested. Generally, it is not written in the list.In the case of chromosomes, there is only one pair of chromosomes, but if abnormalities occur, three chromosomes will appear in the 21 pair of chromosomes.

The chromosomal abnormalities on men’s sperm also cause 21 trisida syndrome.

If you really check the problem of chromosomes, it is generally recommended that the third -generation IVF chooses the proposed embryo.

2. Men’s semen is infected

A friend of Jing Mu wanted to have a second child, and she couldn’t be pregnant for a year. At that time, because the woman had a mild pelvic inflammatory disease, she always thought it was a woman’s problem. Later, the doctor suggested that the man also checked the semen.Chlamydia.After treatment, I was pregnant quickly.

Men’s semen may be infected by chlamydia or mycoplasma. Men are not as secretions every month. In addition, men are large and different, and they are rarely checked, so it is more difficult to find.

These pathogens are attached to the sperm. After fertilization, the chlamydia or mycoplasma may affect the normal development of the embryo and cause tire stop.

3. Sperm shape is abnormal, such as big head sperm

Generally, there will be hundreds of millions of sperm in men’s 5 ml of semen. In the process of going to the fallopian tube, these sperm will be screened.Some old, weak and disabled, the shape is not good -looking, and the running is not fast. Basically, they were destroyed in the front. When the fallopian tube found the eggs, the sperm was generally only 200.And it is still the test of protecting the nourishing cells of the eggs. Generally speaking, it is healthy and smart sperm that can be fertilized.

However, if there is basically no good sperm in this session, some residual products may also be fertilized, but it is easy to occur.

In this case, you can consider the second test tube baby, and pick out some sperm compared to normal healthy sperm for conception.

4. Men with weak sperm

That is, the activity of sperm is relatively weak. Normally, the chance of conception will be relatively low, but it may also win the lottery, but the chance of this fetus can be born smoothly, and the chance of tire stop will be higher.

5. Sperm DNA fragments are relatively high

Sperm DNA fragments high means that the internal genetic integrity of sperm is poor. Some studies have found that the level of DNA is higher than 30%, resulting in a higher possibility of women’s infertility abortion and fetal stopping.

6. Smoking

A Feng’s husband had two packets of cigarettes a day, and he did not stop while preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy. Smoking would affect the quality of the sperm, which led to the occurrence of fetal stopping.

Nicotine in cigarettes will produce oxidation stress, and lipid peroxidation induced by free radicals is the main cause of sperm morphology abnormalities.Studies have proven that the endogenous DNA chain in the sperm of smokers has increased, and the sperm nucleus has a high level of oxidized DNA synthesis, such as 8-hydroxyxydraxia, which may be a signal of gene damage.

If the mother is still smoking after pregnancy, especially at home, then the mother will smoke second -hand smoke, and second -hand smoke will cause fetal malformation murderer.

7. Drink

Generally, many people should not force drinking on the wine table, because alcohol will also affect the quality of sperm. If you do not pay attention when preparing for pregnancy, drink a lot of alcohol every day, which will also affect the quality of the sperm, which will lead to the quality of the sperm, which will lead to the quality of the sperm, which will lead to the quality of the sperm, which will leadIt is also easy to stop after pregnancy.

If you drink too much alcohol, you can poison the testicles and reduce the level ofrogen. The poetry of Li Bai loves to drink.It is said that a silly son was born because of drinking too much and decline in sperm quality, which caused a problem with the child.

Mother Jing said: The child will see if it is like a dad, and if the child is half a problem, there is half of the reason for the child. Therefore, it is not just a woman when preparing for pregnancy. Men must also participate.

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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