Select abortion or medicine?Don’t decide at will, and decide carefully after reading it!

Many people now have a need for fetal abortion. This is because with the development of society, people’s ideas are different.In the past, it was only after the marriage. At this time, there were children, and they would usually give birth.Now, many people are pregnant when they are not married, and out of all aspects of consideration, such as career and age, they choose to abortion.

So how much do you know about abortion?Maybe everyone knows that abortion is not good for the body, but what is the case, maybe everyone is not very clear.

The first thing to say is that whether it is an artificial abortion surgery or a drug abortion, as long as it is abortion.It is best not to accept more than twice, which is very damaged to the body.If the number of times is more, it will become a habitual abortion, and maybe he will never be able to conceive the child anymore in the future.

Therefore, our female friends must make a decision after pregnancy, do not make a lifetime regret ending due to wrong choices.

When it comes to artificial abortion, there are generally two ways to surgery.The first is called suctioning. This method of surgery will be smaller. It is a process that sucks the embryo in the uterus with tools.However, this kind of surgery has high requirements for doctors, and it is easy to be infected by accidents.

For example, improper operation during surgery causes what infections are caused, or the embryos in the uterus are not cleaned at all.Caused a secondary infection. This harm is the greatest. It needs to be performed again to clean it up, and it may not be completely cleaned up again.

This still depends on the ability of a doctor who is surgery, so if you want to have a miscarriage.It is also necessary to go to a regular hospital to go to some black hospitals and small delivery rooms, which is really irresponsible to your body.

Another way is to scrape dwerly. This is to take out the embryo in the uterus with pliers.It is more troublesome than the above, and it is also suitable for the embryos that have grown up.Because the palace suction can not be sucked at this time, it can only be taken out directly with tools.

The last thing to say is the abortion of the drug. Many people may think that this method is much better than performing surgery, so I like to use this method.In fact, this is not necessarily the case, because the effect of drug abortion is not allowed. If it does not work, the effect of miscarriage will not be achieved.

However, if it has a function, it may also make the things in the uterus do not clean up, and the possibility of such a situation is very high.Therefore, many people have to choose to perform the Qing Dynasty surgery again, and the harm of Qing Palace surgery is even greater than abortion surgery, and it is even more painful and uncomfortable.So you must decide carefully.

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