Seven weeks of pregnancy, no fetal heart buds are seen. Is this a precursor to fetal stopping?


A preparation group was added before, which is convenient for everyone to exchange pregnancy and parenting experience, which also gives some places to some pregnant pregnant mothers.The rules in preparing for the pregnancy group are that they will send a red envelope when they are pregnant, and everyone will get a good pregnancy.A few days ago, a sister shared the news of her pregnancy with everyone in the group, saying that she was pregnant at home. When I went to the B -ultrasound at the hospital for a few days, I went to the hospital to return today.Everyone said that it was not that the fetal heart buds were not seen when the B event was not seen.

So, is there no fetal heart and fetal buds in 7 weeks of pregnancy?

When I was pregnant, I also had the same situation as this sister. At that time, I was 40 days of pregnancy. I had a little flow coffee. The doctor was afraid that ectopic pregnancy would make a B -ultrasound. As a result, I did not see the yolk sac.EssenceWhen I was holding the result, I really didn’t taste it. The doctor said that I might have hurt the fetus and let it go to the hospital for review for a week.Although there are only seven days a week, I really have a torment!

The week was finally here. When I went to the hospital, I went to the hospital again. The doctor told me that the fetal heart buds were seen. It was really excited at the time.Many Baoma saw the fetal heart buds in 6 weeks, and she had no 6 weeks before she doubted whether she had stopped childbirth.Later, I specifically asked a friend of obstetrics. She told me when I actually saw that the fetal heart buds and menstrual cycles had a certain relationship, because our pregnancy was calculated at the end of menstruation.

We all know that the ovulation day is fixed, about 14 days before menstruation, then if the menstrual cycle is calculated in 28 days, the sisters who usually have accurate menstrual periods can be seen at 6-7 weeks.EssenceHowever, if the menstrual cycle is advanced in advance, the ovulation will be advanced in advance. This is why some sisters can see the fetal heart buds in 5-6 weeks.And if the menstrual retreats, the ovulation will follow, and the embryo bed will be left behind. It is natural that the fetal heart buds can not be seen at 6-7 weeks.Seeing fetal heart buds.

If this happens, don’t worry about it immediately. We can check HCG first. If HCG doubles the next day, it means that the baby is growing healthy in the stomach.I do n’t want to go to the hospital to draw blood, but the sisters who are worried about can use the pregnancy test stick to test at home. If the color test stick is significantly deepened the next day, it also indicates that the baby is healthy!However, HCG does not double or stops long, or the color test stick has not deepened, we must consider whether the fetus is stopped.

In fact, as a pregnant mother, our main thing is to maintain a good mood so that it will help the baby’s development, and we also have to believe in the baby, and the baby will cheer.Good pregnancy!

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