Several common situations of belly itching during pregnancy. The fourth type of belly went to the hospital for examination in time.

It is said that the baby is the cutest species in this world. Every parents want their babies to be born safely, but it is not easy for the mothers to wait for the baby to be born smoothly for ten months!Recently, some Baoma in the Bao Ma group reported: "It’s really hard to get pregnant, and I dare not scratch the belly. It is really uncomfortable."Scratching, it is best to go to the hospital for medical treatment.I don’t know how many Bao moms have such a situation?What are the specific reasons that cause itching during pregnancy?

1. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are the most common cause of the itching of the baby’s belly during pregnancy. It is caused by the increase of the uterus and involved the skin. It will feel itchy or even pain.In this case, gently massage the belly with massage oil or olive oil, which can be greatly reduced or prevented.

2. Dry skin

Dry air causes dry skin is also a common cause of itching during pregnancy. In this case, the humidity of the indoor environment can be adjusted, that is, putting a humidifier or eating more moisturizing things at home to relieve and prevent.

3. Eczema, mules

About 2%of pregnant women may usually occur between the 4th month of pregnancy and the 9th month of pregnancy. Small rashes and tweezers appear on the skin.In fact, it is caused by the mother’s body from the genes and chromosomes from the father’s body. In addition to the itch of the belly, eczema or mule may occur in the limbs, and some will also have pigmentation.This situation is common for sweating, metabolic pregnant women, or obese pregnant women, can choose body lotion suitable for pregnant women, etc.

4. Pregnancy Pymalistea syndrome

Poor stasis during pregnancy can be explained popularly that a large amount of bile returns into the blood due to poor excretion, which causes some adverse consequences.Medically, the pregnancy period of pregnancy is due to a large amount of androgen produced by the placenta during pregnancy, which has changed the transparent function of the cytosochemical membrane and the weakening of the excretion of bile, which causes bile stasis to form.Inflowing the blood, leading to a series of clinical symptoms that are itchy in the late pregnancy.

The itching caused by this situation is more sustainable. It is light day, exacerbation at night, and the time rules of the attack; itching caused by it generally starts with the palm and foot of the feet, and then gradually extend to the proximity of the limbs, and can even develop to the face to the face to the face., But rarely invade the mucous membrane.The average symptoms of itching are about 3 weeks, and those who reach several months will quickly relieve and disappear within a few hours or days after childbirth.If this is the case, it is recommended to go to the hospital to consult a professional physician for treatment.

Regardless of the reasons caused by itching during pregnancy, Baoma should take relief or treatment measures in time. Remember not to drag again and again!Here I hope that all the mothers during pregnancy can give birth to their lovely babies ~

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