Several kinds of pregnancy discomfort, every torment or even collapse, people who come here have a deep understanding

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Pregnancy is a very hard process. The mothers who have experienced experience have a deep understanding. Throughout pregnancy, there are almost constant worry and suffering. However, often learning some common sense during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers prevent and relieve it and these discomforts.Essence

@: Seven and a half months of pregnancy, I have never dreamed every night since I did n’t sleep. Now I ’m uncomfortable how to lie on my stomach, and the baby in my belly is still old, the boss is strong!It’s really uncomfortable and can’t sleep [Cover your face]

@: I can’t sleep at 8 o’clock at night to start to sleep and turn around to 11.2 points.I want to sleep in the morning.But she couldn’t sleep hungry.Don’t be too active at night [Tears] [Tears] [Tears Ben]

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormone levels, frequent toilet, gastrointestinal discomfort, greater belly, frequent fetal movement, prenatal anxiety, etc., pregnant mothers have poor sleep.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, it will become more and more serious.

If you don’t sleep well during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can try:

① Do not eat too full dinner to avoid causing gastrointestinal discomfort and affecting sleep; but you can drink a cup of hot milk, eat whole wheat bread or biscuits before going to bed, and reduce sleep at night.

② It is not recommended to drink too much water before going to bed, otherwise it may increase frequently to the toilet;

③ You can listen to soothing music before going to bed, do some soothing yoga movements, etc., which is also conducive to sleep;

④ The larger and larger belly will also affect the quality of sleep. Then pregnant mothers can buy a pregnant woman’s pillow, support the belly to support the stomach, which can help relieve insomnia;

⑤ Adhering to a certain amount of exercise every day during the day can help consume energy and make pregnant mothers more sleepy at night;

⑥ If a nap during the day will make the pregnant mother can’t sleep at night, then you can reduce the nap during the day;

⑦ Different pregnancy, there will always be different concerns, but try not to want too much, let the emotions relax, and help relieve insomnia.

@Sula: There is no constipation in the front wall to be born in the front wall. The second child placenta is on the back wall. From the beginning of pregnancy to the current 5 months, fruits and vegetables are eaten more. Drink honey water every morning, and occasionally drink mung bean soup and honeysuckle., Still serious constipation.

@5 What to do: I have been constipated for a long time, I won’t pull it once a week, I don’t know where to eat

Pregnant mothers may lead to constipation of pregnant mothers due to physical hormones, compression of the uterus, inadequate diet, small amount of exercise, and emotional factors, etc., or increase constipation.You can try the following suggestions:

① Develop good habits of regular bowel movements. You can be after getting up in the morning, you can eat breakfast after breakfast;

② Persist in exercise of about half an hour a day, such as walking, swimming, making pregnant women, gymnastics, etc., but not excessive exercise, otherwise it may affect yourself and fetal health;

③ In terms of diet, on the basis of balanced diet, eating more vegetables containing dietary fiber and fruits with seeds will also help alleviate constipation.

@Winter warmth: Once an hour, you have to drink more than two hours at night, it is more than two hours, it is on time than the alarm.

@: After dinner, drink very little about the water, but it is still half an hour at night.

After pregnancy, it is also the oppression of hormones and increasing uterus, which will make pregnant mothers go to the toilet to urinate very frequently. Each pregnant mother should be deeply appreciated, and the more severe the third trimester.

Then you can try these methods to relieve frequent urination during pregnancy:

① Control the amount of drinking water in the day, adjust the drinking time, and try not to drink water within 1 to 2 hours before you sleep;

② Eat less diuretic food;

③ Try to choose a side sleeping position, so that it can reduce the compression of the ureter and avoid harmful substances in the urine.

@: I started my chest in four months, and my belly began to grow in six months. Now there is still a long thigh that I have to have a thigh for the last month.

@: I am a doctor said that the skin is too thin, and the pregnancy stripes have grown a lot. Now for more than seven months, the baby obviously feels the pain of the belly.

Stretch marks, not every pregnant mother, nor is it only president on the stomach. Except on the belly, the chest, thighs, waist and other parts may also appear.On the one hand, it has something to do with the system, such as poor skin elasticity, and it is also related to too much weight gain during pregnancy.Therefore, if you want to prevent stretch marks, you can do well in the following aspects:

① Persist in exercise and eat reasonably during pregnancy (increasing the intake of collagen and vitamins) to increase skin elasticity;

② Control the growth of a reasonable weight at a reasonable speed. Generally, women with normal weight should increase the average increase of 12.5kg throughout the pregnancy;

③ Moderate massage, you can use moisturizing products such as olive oil to make local massage to enhance skin elasticity and hydromics, thereby preventing the emergence of stretch marks.

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