Shanxi’s 10 -year -old loss boy is the latest: my mother is pregnant, I think my son hinders killing the heart, I may not be able to die

It is said that the tiger poison does not eat the son.

Zhang Shua, born in September 2012, was just 10 years old, just 11 years old, only 11 years old. What a young age, he looks clear and looks like a sensible good child.

However, it was such an outsider who could not help but like it, but was killed by his mother and his dad, and the body was discovered 20 days later.

It was almost angry.

What kind of mother is so poisonous and can be so ruthless to be born in October.

According to informed people, the news broke the news.

The woman was derailed during the marriage. In 2022, she married her ex -husband. In 2021, she hooked up with the current Wang Mou.

In fact, this king is not a good person at all. He has been violent in his two marriage character, and he is angry with his mother. He just matched the mung bean with Xie Mou Wang Ba.

After Xie’s divorce, he took away all the property and was not satisfied. He also left a foreign debt of more than 100,000 yuan for his ex -husband.

Xie Mou and the ex -husband had two children. The daughter sentenced her father and son to the mother. This also laid a foreshadowing for Zhang Shuoqiao to kill Huang Quan at a young age.

Overseas Chinese has been brought to her grandmother since she was a child. Xie’s feelings for this son were not deep. After remarried, the child lived with her, and was tortured by her and currently tortured.

Not only did the child beat many fractures, but the small body was green and purple, and he also used boiling water to pour the child from the head to the toe. The body was scalded with a large area of blisters.

In the eyes of Xie Mou and Wang, overseas Chinese are a burden.

Later, Xie Mou became pregnant, so that overseas Chinese became a piercing meat in their eyes, and simply did not do anything, and buried the ancestral tomb of his hometown after killing the overseas Chinese alive.

After cruel killing the child, in order to escape the crime, Xie Mou pretended to go to the police station to call the police, saying that the child stole 800 yuan and was punished by the post -dad, and then left home and could not find it.

In order to make the play more realistic, the pair of men and women also posted a tracing video on the Internet. Wang shed tears of crocodiles in front of the camera:

"I am a post -dad. Only found out the baby is the biggest clarification of me."

Not only that.

Xie Mou also sent a message with his friends on the social platform, saying that he was very anxious and planned to go to various orchards to find it. He also said that there was a wind blowing at night and thought that the child was back.

In addition, she and Wang also sent a reward for the tracing notice, and also spent money to hire the rescue team. In short, she coaxed netizens.

Xie Mou had been able to deceive others, but he couldn’t lie to his ex -husband. For so many years in the same bed, he knew this woman too much, and the grandmother’s grandmother was full of doubts about Xie.

However, the father and grandmother of the overseas Chinese thought that Xie Mou had run away, and he did not expect that Xie Mouneng killed his biological son.

Fortunately, Skynet was restored without leakage. Under the unremitting investigation of the police, Xie Mou and Wang quickly showed their feet.

At this moment, Xie’s friend also found a strange phenomenon, that is, Xie Mou, who was anxious to ask for his son, even had a mood to play mini -games and led the chicken in her manor.

This surprised her for a while.

Maybe it was aware that the bad dew was revealed. Xie Mou and Wang ran to one of Inner Mongolia to fled in Shaanxi, and in the end they were arrested one by one.

It is said that the stepmother has a step -dad, and the mother of a mother is a treasure.

In the past, he knew that there was a man named Zhang Bo. In order to marry Xiao San’er Ye Chengchen, he pushed a pair of children from the 15th floor.

For this reason, I was also lamented. If it was changed to the mother of the child, I would rather be lonely and old.

Unexpectedly, not every child is the mother’s heart, nor is that every mother is the child’s guardian angel, and the mother may also become a demon.

After the incident, the people of the country hated Xie and Wang, and the social platform accounts of the two were also picked up by netizens.

From the video, I can see that Xie Mou is young and beautiful, loves dancing and loves dancing, and loves spicy eyes and shows love videos, but there is a video that exposes her vicious nature.

That video should be sent to the current Wang Mou:

"When you spoil me, I can die for you. When you are fierce, I think about it."

This kind of woman who can kill her biological son is not even more handy to kill her husband. The agent of overseas Chinese and honestly divorced her to escape from her death, but unfortunately overseas Chinese.

Life cannot be resurrected. Now I hope that the blood debt is compensated and all the two people are shot to comfort the overseas Chinese spirit.

Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen were sentenced to death in the first instance. The second instance maintained the original sentence. Finally, it was deserved, but Xie was afraid that it would be difficult to be sentenced to death.

my country’s laws stipulate that women are not sentenced to death during pregnancy or lactation. Although they have committed the heinous crime of extinction, Xie Mou is likely to live in the world.

The whole incident is really painful, and I really don’t know what to say.

I just hope that if Xie is really not dead, she will ask God to make her better to die. She also hopes that overseas Chinese will go all the way, and when she picks her mother in the sky, she can pick a good mother.

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