Share the experience of early pregnancy

The first experience I want to share is that, three months ago, except for family members, try not to tell the news of your friends and relatives, otherwise, you will receive a variety of tires from all directions in a short time in a short time in a short time.Care suggestions.These suggestions will make it difficult for you to distinguish between true and false, and some even make it difficult for you to accept it to extinguish the surprise of pregnancy and affect your mood.

The second suggestion is that through books and reliable parenting platforms, such as paying attention to the childcare topic of Zhihu,

, Parenting experts, download the well -known parenting app baby knows that Baby Tree, Baby Bao and other learning and bred knowledge, so that three months later, inform relatives and friends, you can have your own ideas to identify their suggestions, and better understandVarious issues of the checkup and the doctor inform your precautions.

I can particularly understand the various cares of my relatives and friends, because I am the kind of people who especially like to take pregnancy to share a lot of people who have given birth to their experiences, hahaha.The following is a big wave of experience that you know the bred experience of novice mothers, please take the trick ~

Choose the same one as much as possible in the production inspection hospital and the production hospital to avoid special circumstances during production.

2. Choose a hospital that can provide painless delivery.

I chose a hospital near home but did not provide painless delivery.After 2 fingers up, it was painful, and it took 6 hours by 10 fingers.

3. Understand whether local/hospitals have preferential policies.

In Shenzhen, qualified, pre -pregnancy (before marriage) check is free.

As long as the family planning certificate is issued, the entire pregnancy check will be exempted from the registration fee!I have a lot of conditions during pregnancy. I ran the hospital once in 2 weeks and three times a week. The exemption fee really saved me a lot for me.In addition, checks such as NT are free.

4. Choose a good doctor.

There are too many doctors who have to see the birth check. A good doctor will give you very good help from the body and mind.

Choose a good doctor’s tips: 1) Look at the title. If you can choose "Director", don’t choose "Indications".2) Look at the real evaluation of this doctor on the Internet. 3) In the process of waiting for the production check -up, what do she have seen in this hospital and what do she have seen in this hospital and what are the evaluations of the doctor?

5. Keep only one doctor.

The same doctor will know your long -term inspection, so as to give the most suitable treatment plan.

6. Consult the doctor through the network channel and save a trip to the hospital

During pregnancy, it is uncomfortable, but it is not particularly obvious abnormal symptoms. If you do n’t go to the hospital to ask the doctor, you ca n’t rest assured that you can consult through the online consultation platform where your doctor is located (common health 160, Penguin doctor).Especially convenient for pregnant women who are not suitable for walking too much.

I have been consulted once in the early stages of pregnancy.At that time, brown -brown discharge, without walking without walking.

The doctor still remembers the importance of my birth checkup and keeps the importance of the same delivery doctor!

7. People with bad health, try to be accompanied by everyone.

In the process of waiting for the call, the expectant mother next to me suddenly fainted after standing up, and the nurse hurried over.She was a person who came to the birth and was always sad.

8. If you feel very uncomfortable when you go to the birth checkup, ask the nurse boldly to take your number in advance.

In the early stages of pregnancy, I vomited severe pregnancy, and weak enough to walk.Once I went to the nurses to register for the conventional prosecution, the nurse saw that my face was wrong and asked if I felt very uncomfortable, and then put my number in advance to the nearest one.Before the nearby production, the doctor of delivery also told me that if I encountered special conditions such as bleeding, the amniotic fluid was broken, and said hello to the nurse’s nurses and intervened in line.

9. Pay more attention to your body before 3 months.

The embryo has just been bed and is still unstable. Try to avoid doing heavy work, raising things, strenuous exercise, traveling, and shame; pay attention to avoid foods that pregnant women avoid eating;Essence

10. You can take cold medicine during pregnancy, but follow the doctor’s advice.

I was hospitalized in the early stages of pregnancy because of severe pregnancy, and a girl in the same ward came in and aborted.A young age at the age of 22. In the 5th week of pregnancy, when he knew that he was pregnant, because he had a cold and cough too uncomfortable, he drank cough water on his own. He went to the hospital for a B -ultrasound in the hospital on the 8th week and found that the fetus was only 5 weeks.Although the fetus is still alive, doctors from major hospitals recommend not to stay.After her 30 -year -old husband knew the news, she cried thinly.

I unfortunately had a fever at 29 weeks. I dared to use antipyretic stickers and drinking ginger water to cool down, but it was invalid. After experiencing a headache to explode, I went to the hospital early the next day.Poster to pregnant women can also take an appropriate amount of fever and cold medicine.In addition, the doctor informed that the antipyretic post should be cautious, because there are many drug components of the antipyretic sticker, which can affect the fetus through skin contact.

11. Low progesterone and brown secretions (bleeding) are not terrible.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the two most important check -up indicators were HCG and progesterone.Pregnant women with low progesterone basically have abnormal performance of brown secretions.Brown secretions are bleeding.Novice mothers are usually nervous, and I am no exception. Later, I learned that many female friends around me had the same symptoms in the early pregnancy.The doctor opened progesterone and fetal guards. I strictly followed the doctor’s advice. The brown secretions lasted until 3 months, and suddenly one day gone.

After pregnancy, brown discharge is not too panic, but you can’t look at it.Take as much as possible to rest, don’t walk around.At that time, the doctor directly gave me a week of sick leave to prove that I was absolutely resting at home.

12. I was a little constipated before I was pregnant, and there were slight hemorrhoids.After pregnancy, as the fetus grows bigger and bigger, the constipation worsens.In the early pregnancy, it was difficult to go to the toilet occasionally. Fortunately, I kept controlling diet, drinking plenty of water to eat more fruits, and it was not too difficult to live in the early pregnancy.Just when I thought I had overcome constipation, I never thought that I would bleed because of going to the toilet in the second trimester.One day in May, the weather was still hot that day, and I didn’t know how long I went to the toilet.I just remember that I was red with red cheeks, my clothes were wet, and I couldn’t get up when I was very hard. In fact, I should give up at that time, but!IntersectionIntersectionI don’t know if you have that kind of experience, that is, when you are constipated, you feel that you can hardly, and then you can come out … I just die … I have been working hard, uh uh .. FinallyIt’s out!IntersectionIntersectionAnd the tragedy happened like this … I looked down and found that I bleed … My God!IntersectionIntersectionAt that time, I thought it was bleeding from the butt (because I had a slight hemorrhoids), and then I found that it was not the bleeding of the butt … I am a two -arrow and a blessing.The utensils of cleaning and fumigating bathing after the inside are all available, and there is a healing pillow to promote the healing pillow. It has been solved by the problem of going to sleep on my left side to sleep, and it is worth it!IntersectionIntersection

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