She broke up with her girlfriend, but she called and said that she was pregnant. What should I do?

Yesterday, a boy sought suggestions for me.He said he had encountered something particularly distressed and didn’t know what to do.

He has been with his girlfriend for more than a year.Last month, because of disagreement, they chose to break up peacefully.

When he was about to start a new relationship, the ex -girlfriend called him and told him a shocking news: the ex -girlfriend was pregnant.

Both of them loved for the first time and had no experience.Faced with this sudden change, he really didn’t know what to do next.

They broke up because they felt uncomfortable with each other.If you continue together, can you live happily in the future?If you go to the hospital to kill your child, some people can’t bear it.After all, it is a small life.

In fact, it is normal for couples to divide and combine when they are in love.If a couple breaks up impulse for a while, the complex is simple.

However, this boy considers that he breaks up with his girlfriend again and again. It is really difficult to get the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy after breaking up.

But no matter how difficult it is, as a responsible man, you must face and deal with it.After all, your girlfriend gives you the most precious things, and you can’t easily take a small life because of your selfishness.

Therefore, at this time, no matter what you do, there is no best plan.The most perfect ending is that there is still a certain relationship between you. The other party is willing to give birth to this child, and you reunite.

But if you really don’t want to be together and are not ready to get married as parents, then you need to discuss the least disadvantages.


So how to face and deal with this?I hope the following steps can help you.

First, face the girlfriend’s pregnancy and accept it frankly.

Since things cannot be reversed, it is better to face up and accept what has happened.After all, the two sides are responsible for pregnancy.

Second, do not blame each other when things happen.

At this time, accusations with each other and discuss who is wrong.At this time, the most important thing is how to solve this problem.No matter how annoyed, it is too late.After all, you make your girlfriend pregnant, and you have to bear this responsibility.

Third, discuss with your girlfriend to give birth to the child.

After all, children are both of you and the most innocent. Do you want to give birth to this child?

If you decide to have a child, it shows that you still have feelings. You have to bear the responsibility of a man, take care of your girlfriend, and keep her a happy mood so that a healthy baby can be given.

4. If you do n’t have an idea, you can also find your parents to discuss.

We often say that if you don’t listen to the old man, you will suffer in front of you.After all, your parents are experienced people. No matter what the result, you need your parents’ support, especially the decision to give birth to a child.

So don’t be afraid of your parents blame you.Parents will give you the smallest suggestion.

5. If the relationship is still there, get married and have children directly.

For girls, after all, unmarried pregnancy is not good for fame after all.In comparison, pregnancy is more harmful to girls.

If you have feelings for each other and don’t want to hurt your children, then it is better to get married and have children directly.Even if the three views fit and the relationship is good, the husband and wife need to continue to run in in marriage to get long -term happiness.

Therefore, for this responsibility, you also have to work hard to operate this relationship well.


Here, we have to mention another result, that is, in the end, you choose not to get married and kill your children.Is this irresponsible?of course not.

If you no longer have feelings, but get married because your girlfriend is pregnant, it is also irresponsible to your two, and it is also irresponsible to your children.

Because it is difficult to get married, pregnancy does not mean true love.

If you still love each other, of course you can consider the compound, but if your heart is no longer on her and you have no choice, you can only get married, then your future marriage life will definitely be full of complaints.

This is the greatest harm to each other. When you choose to divorce, the child becomes the most disadvantaged party.

Therefore, boys must be responsible for girls when they are in love.If you have never thought about it for a lifetime, please don’t hurt her.You know that suffering is always a woman.

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