She was not pregnant, but she was inexplicably secreted, but it turned out to be a brain tumor!Originally caused infertility, and then miracle gave birth to 3 dolls

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Amy Anderson, a 41 -year -old British woman, is a scientific teacher.

She and her husband raised three children, and the family of five lived a lively every day.

However, it is not easy to have a life like this now.

Things start from 14 years ago.

In 2007, Amy often felt headache. At first, I thought it was just physical uncomfortable and small problems.

It wasn’t until she discovered that she started to secrete milk when she had not had a child and was not pregnant at the time, and she felt that the situation was not good.

So Amy immediately came to the hospital for examination and was diagnosed with brain tumors.

The doctor said that AMY’s pituitary adenoma is too large, and the nerves behind the eyes have been compressed, and surgery needs to be arranged as soon as possible.

The doctor also said that this also means that Amy can hardly have children, and it is likely to cause infertility.

After hearing this news, Amy felt frustrated.

She and her husband just got married for only a year, and were working hard to make a baby, looking forward to ushered in the baby.

It seems that this desire is afraid to end.

As time came to February 2008, Amy unexpectedly found that she was pregnant, and was excited for this.

She was preparing to undergo surgery of resection, but because of pregnancy, she still decided to postpone the surgery:

"I feel very excited to be able to get pregnant, but I must accept frequent scanning and blood test during pregnancy. Because pregnancy will produce hormones, it may increase symptoms and even cause tumors to become larger."

In November 2008, Amy successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

She plans to feed breast milk for a while and arrange surgery in May 2009.

When her daughter was almost 6 months old, breast milk was broken, and Amy began to prepare for surgery.

But before the day of the surgery, Amy suddenly lost her vision and felt a severe headache. She was rushed to the hospital by the ambulance.

The doctor found that her tumor had ruptured and performed emergency surgery for it, and the tumor was removed as much as possible through the nasal cavity.

Fortunately, the operation was successful.

After a period of time, Amy recovered her vision.

The doctor told again that the chance of infertility is still very high.

In this regard, Amy feels that she is still a bit hit, because she and her husband want to have a big family.

Unexpectedly, what Amy thought, what really came.

Only 3 months after the operation, she happily found that she was pregnant again.

After her birth in October, she gave birth to her son on April 9, 2010.

Such a calm life has not been maintained for too long.

In May 2011, AMY felt a headache again. After going to the hospital for examination, he found that the tumor grew again.

At that time, the doctor suggested to continue observing.

By 2013, the tumor had affected other brain tissue and wrapped the carotid artery.

However, history repeats again. In January 2014, Amy was pregnant with a third child and decided to postpone the operation.

On October 13, 2014, she successfully gave birth to her younger daughter.

Half a year later, in May 2015, Amy underwent a second operation and successfully removed 90%of tumors.

After recovery, Amy and her husband raised three children to witness the happy growth of the children.

Matthew Price, the manager of the Brain Tumor Research Center, said, saying that

Generally speaking, brain tumors can occur in all ages of human life.

People with brain tumors have been diagnosed, and less than 20%of people can survive for more than 5 years.

Today, Amy is grateful to the life now, and actively collects love donations for brain tumor research:

"Although I have experienced these hardships in these decade, I feel that I am really lucky …"

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