Shenzhen Fuhua Medical: What will happen to hair dye during pregnancy?

Hair -dyeing hair during pregnancy has an impact on the mother and the baby.Shenzhen Fuhua Medical stated that it is best not to dye hair during pregnancy. Although there is no direct evidence that hair dyeing and perm causes harm to the baby, for insurance, novice mothers should not perform hot hair dyeing during the early pregnancy, because the baby’s organs development at this stage is the best at this stage.The key is to avoid the intake of all harmful substances, otherwise it will cause fetal malformations.Does the hair affect the baby?

Most of the hair dye currently contains chemical toxic substances that have negative effects on the mother’s body. Although it has no direct impact on the fetus, it has a irritating effect on the skin.During pregnancy, the skin of expectant mothers is fragile, which can cause headaches, eyelid swelling and so on.Perhaps the chemicals contained in these hair dyes will penetrate into the scalp and affect fetal development.

Hair dyeing during pregnancy may cause the baby to grow children’s neuroblastoma. This rare childcare cancer affects children’s nervous system and other body tissues.However, this study has not been proof.In addition, there are also saying that although the hair dye has components that cause defects, this will not occur in non -large doses.

How to reduce the risk of hair dyeing during pregnancy, hair dyeing in the middle of pregnancy: In order to minimize the risk of hair dyeing during pregnancy, you can choose to dye your hair in the middle of pregnancy.In order to reduce the occurrence of fetus, it is best not to dye your hair in the critical period in early pregnancy.In the later period, the hair of pregnant women will be relatively fragile. After childbirth, more hair will be dropped, and hair dyeing will exacerbate this phenomenon.

Use plant hair dye: Plant dyeing agents are the least damage than general chemical composition, such as nailwood, Ho Shouwu and other flower stem extracts. This kind of hair dye can reduce damage.

Avoid development of root dye: Hair dyeing does not have to be all color, do not start with the root of the hair, does not contact the scalp, can reduce the damage of the chemical staining agent to the body, and avoid the body’s direct contact with harmful chemicals.

What will happen to hair dyeing during lactation? It is confirmed by experts from expert research that lactating ladies dyeing hair will cause children and women to cause unimaginable damage. At this time, many women also sound alarm bells.Satisfy a while of love and beauty endangers mother and child health.

If you accidentally dye your hair during breastfeeding or pregnancy, you must first calm down. Generally, it is only a dyeing of hair, which will not cause excessive harm. If a large number of hair dyes are exposed to hair dye, it will cause serious consequences. Monitor the fetal condition.After lactating women, be careful of breastfeeding hair dye after dyeing hair. Do not breastfeed children to avoid damage.You can take detox under the guidance of a doctor to restore health as soon as possible.

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