shocked!Infertility for condoms?Use frequency to control

Compared with contraceptives, many people choose to use condoms to achieve the effect of contraceptives.It will lead to infertility. You may be a little dazzling when you hear this. Let’s take a look at what is going on.

The pH value is a weathervane for measuring women’s health. If the pH value is imbalanced, it will affect women, especially women’s private parts, and then cause diseases.Why is the pH value of the human pH why? What are the serious consequences of pH imbalance? Answer you immediately!

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For women, the PH value in the body is a standard for measuring health, and the loss of pH value has become an important reason for women’s illness.Especially for private parts, if the acidity of the private part is damaged, gynecological diseases will be organic.

Generally speaking, normal human body has two characteristics: "acidity" and "alkaline".Human blood, skeletal, muscles, heart, liver, liver, kidney and other partial alkaline is a symbol of the health of the body.

However, there are several places in the human body that must be healthy environment. For example, the most ideal environment of the vagina is weakly acidic.For women, the change of vaginal pH value is like a barometer of reproductive health, but it is often ignored by most women.Some external factors and bad habits will cause subtle changes in the pH value, which will cause various gynecological diseases and affect women’s reproductive system health.

The pH value is a vane of women’s health

Under normal circumstances, there are a large number of microorganisms in the vagina, and more than 90%of them are lactobacillus, and lactobacillus is also known as vaginal guards.The pH value of women’s vagina is weakly acidic. This weak acidic environment can inhibit the growth and devouring foreign bacteria of harmful bacteria, kill harmful pathogenic bacteria that enter the vagina within 24 hours, and play a role in preventing pathogenic microorganisms.

Conversely, when this acidic environment is damaged by alkaline media, the normal pH value of women’s vagina will change. The reduction of lactobacillus has greatly reduced the natural defense ability of the vagina, causing a large amount of bacteria to reproduce, and cause various gynecological inflammation.

Relevant authoritative agencies have reported that nearly 90%of adult women’s reproductive systems in China are in a sub -health state.In addition to the hidden dangers of gynecological diseases, the pH value is also affected. When the pH value is between 2-9, it is not conducive to the "activity" of sperm and may even cause the possibility of infertility.

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The pH value is imbalanced, and the condom is difficult to quit

In daily life, some bad living habits may cause the vaginal pH value to be imbalanced, causing the reproductive system to be on the verge of morbid state.What bad living habits will affect women’s vaginal acid and alkali balance?

1. Frequent alkaline laundering supplies

If the vulva is cleaned with alkaline soap, the vagina is overwashing the vagina or abuse of antibiotics with alkaline liquid, it may inhibit and kill lactobacillus, which will damage the acidic environment of the vagina.

2. Sexual life is too frequent

The pH value of semen is 7.2-7.8, and sexual intercourse is frequent, which will cause pathogenic anaerobic bacteria and Gatna bacteria in large quantities, causing vaginal micro -ecosystem disorders.

3. Frequent alkaline lubricant condoms

Compared with the above two, condoms are daily consumables in people’s lives, but most of the lubricants among condoms on the market are methyl silicon oil.Metic silicon oil is weakly alkaline. During use, it is not intriguing with the human body. It is also difficult to volatile, insoluble in water, etc. It is not easy to clean after use, which will make people have a strong greasy feeling.

Therefore, after using this type of condom, methyl silicon oil will remain in the vagina for a long time. While destroying the acid -base balance, it will launch a disaster for triggering the reproductive system disease.

PH value imbalance is the first cause of gynecological diseases

The imbalance of the pH value creates a chance to cause pathogenic bacteria, which may induce vaginal inflammation such as bacterial, moldy and trichomonas vaginitis.

According to the statistics in the "Report on the Health of Women in my country", the incidence of common gynecological diseases in women in my country is more than 87.5%, and more than 50%of women with a history of sexual life are more than 50%of the patients with reproductive systems.

So, how is the pH value of the vaginal environment and these three common gynecological inflammation?

1. Bacterial vaginitis

Vaginitis is the most common in bacterial vaginal disease. Women with bacterial vaginitis have a vaginal pH value of 6.0.The main symptoms are the vaginal discharge of the uniform leucorrhea and the bad smell.Related studies have shown that the pH value of vaginal pH will be reduced from 5.2 to 4.2, which takes for a few months, which shows that the disappearance of the symptoms of vaginal inflammation takes a long time.

2. Mold vaginitis

Symptoms of moldy vaginalitis are manifested in leucorrhea, itching of vulva, redness around the surroundings, and edema. It can occur very shallowil pimples and eczema erosion.Women with fungal vaginitis have a vaginal pH value of 6.0.

3. Trichomonas vaginitis

The vaginal furmer is a parasitic raw worm. The most suitable pH value for breeding is 5.5-6.0. It is not easy to survive in the vaginal environment with a pH <5.0 or pH ﹥ 7.5.Trigger vulvitis.

Trichomonas vaginitis is also one of the common vaginitis. It can spread through nature. After a disposable life with women, about 70%will be transmitted, but men do not show symptoms.More than 80%of the probability causes secondary communication.

Of course, there are also many women in doubt, can it be cleaned if you use the women’s private care solution every day?Of course, this is not possible. We advocate cleaning the private parts every day. It is reasonable to use the nursing solution of women’s private parts two to three times a week. Frequent use will only destroy the private parts’ resistance to bacteria.After the underwear is cleaned every day, please dry it in the sun to avoid dried in a humid place in the bathroom, which is easy to breed bacteria.

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