Short -effect contraceptives, which one is better?

Oops, don’t misunderstand. Enci is not a gourmet, and has not taken short -acting contraceptives, so I can’t say which one is better and the taste is better and delicious.Friends who have eaten can leave a message.

According to statistics, in 2014 and 2015, the number of people in China exceeded 9 million, and some data showed that more than 13 million per year.According to WHO data, the global abortion surgery worldwide from 2010 to 2014 was about 56 million units.

Needless to say, we China won the world championship!

We can see that when the painless and visible advertisements are flying, the real scientific contraceptive methods, including short -acting contraceptives and contraceptives, can not get correct publicity.

Oral contraceptives are roughly divided into three categories:

Short-acting contraceptive pills are taken every day. As long as they do not miss, the contraceptive effect can reach 98-99%, and the adverse reactions are extremely small.

Long -term contraceptives are basically not recommended now, and the adverse reactions are relatively large.

Emergency contraceptives, only afterwards, the contraceptive failure rate is about 20%. It is suitable for easy impulsive people. It is easy to cause irregular menstruation. It is not recommended as conventional contraceptive measures.

The first short -acting contraceptive pill was called "ENOVID". It was born in 1957. U.S. FDA still approves them to go on sale in the case of insufficient clinical data. Their basis is that "accidental pregnancy is greater than the disadvantages of contraceptive pills."Soon ENOVID swept the United States and let women liberate from endless fertility.At that time, people were also called "Magic Pills".

In 1999, "Economist" rated contraceptives as the most important scientific progress of the 20th century.On the 50th anniversary of the birth of contraceptive pills, the American "Time Weekly" pointed out: "Today, more than 100 million women in the world use this small pill to greet the new day. Contraceptive pills are so small, but they are so small, but they are also small, but they are so small, but they are so small, but they alsoSo powerful. "

Nowadays, short -acting contraceptives have been born more than one man, and still have strong vitality.It is also confirmed from the side that it is safe and effective, otherwise it will have been swept into the dust of history.

Short -acting contraceptives are composed of estrogen and progesterone. Foreign hormones will give the pituitary a signal "The hormone in the body is enough", and then the pituitary will give an order to the ovaries. Do not produce hormones or follicle development.In contraception properly.

Moreover, because short -acting contraceptives can well simulate the regularity of female progesterone in the body, the effects of self -regulating menstruation and hemostasis are often used in the treatment of menstrual disorders and abnormal uterine bleeding.And "hemostatic medicine".

Short -acting contraceptives have been updated to the third generation.Scientists are always pondering better medicines. In the case of ensuring contraceptive effects, adverse reactions are getting less and less, so it can be said: the newer the better.

Several short -acting contraceptives commonly clinically arranged according to the time of listing: Daying 35, Mom Fulong, Xinma Fulong, You Siming, You Siyue.

The estrogen components of the five short -acting contraceptives are the same: elastosterol.This is a synthetic estrogen that is widely used in short -acting contraceptives. The estrogen content of short -acting contraceptives has dropped from 150UG starting to 20ug or 30ug.The risk of thrombosis is greatly reduced.

Moglin is different, and it can be divided into three categories:

(1) Da Ying 35 contains cycloidone, which is currently the best progesterone to reduce the effect ofrogens.Acne, hair and polycystic ovary syndrome.

(2) Mom Fulong and Xinma Fulon’s progesterone are oxygening. There are no brilliant places, which are regular contraceptives.However, Mom Fulong is definitely a star product, and it is cheap, and is the most well -known contraceptive pill in China.

(3) The progesterone of You Siming and You Siyue is a new type of progesterone, which is very close to natural progesterone.The key is that it also has a valuable quality that will not stay sodium, that is, it will not get fat, yes not get fat!Moreover, the effect of albulone reduction androgen is also the second place, and it is not even more important.

Take tips, not afraid of leakage

The routine way to take short -acting contraceptives is to take 21 days in a row, and then take no medicine for 7 days, and then the next box.While the latest Yusi Yue is adjusted by dose and formula adjustment, it also changed the way to take medicine: 24 days in a row, another 4 blank blank slices, and take the next box directly, which can partially help reduce the occurrence of missing clothes.

The back of the short -acting contraceptive pill is marked on Monday to Sunday, taking help memory in order.If you are afraid of forgetting, put the medicine next to the bedside table or mouthwash cup. After 1-2 months, you will naturally develop a good habit, and you will never be afraid of missed clothes.

How to choose so many short -acting contraceptives?Simple contraception: Mom Fulong and Xinma Fulong; contraceptives have the benefits of controlling weight and skin smoothness at the same time: You Siming, cost -effective choice; bad memory, but not bad money: You Siyue, you need to prescribe doctors;Polycystic ovary syndrome or severe acne: Da Ying 35 is the best choice and requires a doctor.

In short, no matter what kind of oral contraceptive pills have a good contraceptive effect, it is better to choose which one is better than people.

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