Should skin care during pregnancy?

Now mom, ten mothers and eleven will worry about becoming ugly when they are pregnant. Perhaps social requirements are too high. Women are not beautiful. They must also take care of their family and can make money. Therefore, more and more female strong women have appeared …

When I was just married long, I was yellowed by my husband’s face, because I never cared for skin care, and I might have worked at the computer for a long time to work.I do n’t suitable for myself. Anyway, I have all acne marks. I have all of them. One day I went back to my parents ’house, and my sister graduated. When I came home, I was lazy as a sister, and I wanted to make love to dress up.My sister helped me apply the mask and saved herself, and then she said, do you apply the mask if you don’t wash your face?Then I used her facial cleanser, anyway, I didn’t know what brand, and then I accidentally tilled my face -washing milk, but I did n’t have spicy eyes, and I was super comfortable after washing, so I was particularly happy to ask her.This facial cleanser is so expensive, so easy to use, I didn’t expect her to say it was cheap, only dozens of pieces, I didn’t believe it, I said you can buy it for me, anyway, I said it, and I don’t remember this afterwards.Be

After being pregnant, I thought about what to do if the baby was born in the future. I might have to prepare a sideline for myself. Think about the poor skin. If there is a product available for pregnant women, I can one dayI saw this facial cleanser that my sister had used it once, and I went to ask the price. It was really as cheap as my sister said. Can I use more than asking for pregnant women?I was always said, I bought the products sold by your friend, I bought it and tried it. It was pretty good. Have you used it?My sister said: I have used it!Then I continued: She also said that pregnant women can use it, and I really want to try it, because this can be cheaper, maybe it really changes my skin!My sister said, then try it, and then try it. Really the skin is getting better and better. Her husband has never said that the three words of Huang Fan Po have also helped many people improve the skin, so no matter what time,Girls are really skin care, especially skin care during pregnancy, and supplementing collagen, because the collagen is lost too much.Skin care is very effective, but the skin care during pregnancy must be safe, don’t be blind, so don’t worry that you can’t use skin care products. You can use skin care products when you are pregnant. I tested it for everyone when I gave birth.Many mothers have become more and more beautiful during pregnancy!So love yourself well, no matter what time others can love you better!Skin care strategies during pregnancy can be shared with you next time, okay!Good night

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