Since I am pregnant, I have dreamed every day, and I am exhausted every day!

Qiao Qiao was pregnant last month. She was still happy and did not react in pregnancy, but was annoyed by another thing.That is: dreams, dreams every day, and dreams are particularly vivid and real; sometimes it is a sweet dream and can wake up happily, but if it is a nightmare, you often wake up and sweat.For example, the day before yesterday, she dreamed that she had gathered in her labor, but she found her husband and other women ghosts. When she found out, she even chose not to want her and her children. She cried while dreaming, and her husband woke up. She soothed for a while.

Dreaming every day, Qiao Qiao’s sleep quality is very bad. When he goes to work, he is often muddy and uncomfortable.Why is this?What should I do?Today, I will answer your questions.

Out of physiological instincts, the body of the pregnant mother is preparing for the bred baby.Not only is hormone secreting constantly, the baby is also growing at all times, and the pregnant mother in this state is difficult to sleep steadily.Pregnant mothers will gradually discover that the time of deep sleep (non -eye movement) is getting less and less, and more and more time to sleep sleep, and eye movement sleep is a dream state of dreaming and waking up.

In addition, the changes in the mental state of pregnant mothers are also one of the reasons.The baby’s upcoming is a great change for every family.Both husband and wife transition from the sweet world to the role of the father and mother, and to deal with related family relationships. In fact, it is not a small challenge.Pregnant mothers may also breed psychological pressure, think about it, and dream of night.

Generally speaking, the content of dreams is different at different stages of pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, dreams are mainly concentrated in the symbol of reproductive, and often dream of potted flowers, fruits, seeds, water, sea waves, etc.;Snakes, etc., some pregnant mothers dreamed that they were not pregnant at all, and then woke up; during the third trimester, pregnant mothers may dream of their baby unhealthy, or dreamed of being difficult to give birth, and even dreamed that someone was stealing her baby.

If you want to sleep well during a long pregnancy, the most important point is: pregnant mothers should not over -analyze the content of dreams.Because many mothers still remember the general content of dreams, they are superstitious to find some online dreams. If they want to speculate on what their dreams mean, sometimes they find bad explanations or statements.Pregnant mothers can try to do so, write down bad dreams, and give it a beautiful ending. This is actually a best psychological suggestion.

Exercise is also an extremely useful method.Exercise can activate the body, not only can decompress, but also extend non -eye movement at night, making pregnant mothers sleep more sweetly.The best exercise time in the day is morning and afternoon, and it is not recommended to exercise severe exercise a few hours before going to bed.

One hour before going to bed, do not use mobile phones and computers as much as possible.Not only because the severe operation of the brain will make it difficult for you to fall asleep, but light will stimulate serotonin secretion, darkness can stimulate melatonin secretion, and the secretion of melatonin is directly related to sleep quality.In addition to not playing with mobile phones, you can take a hot bath before going to bed, or listen to light music to relax yourself.

In addition, food -rich foods can help the human body to create serotonin and melatonin, and slow down the neural traffic of the brain.The following foods can be used as a choice of dinner and sleeping snacks: beans, cheese, nuts, salmon or tuna, tofu, yogurt, oats, eggs, chicken.

Some pregnant mothers like the sense of ritual, and the pregnant mother can also give themselves and the baby a bedtime ritual. You can listen to a favorite song before going to bed, or let your husband press you with a sense of ritualSettle sweetness.

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