Sister Zhiling suddenly announced the marriage!44 -year -old "old age" she still got a baby?

At 7 pm yesterday (June 6), Lin Zhiling posted on his personal Weibo saying: Love and Courage, I am married!I have always been lucky and support for everyone. I am really lucky.

To commemorate this beautiful moment, Sister Zhiling personally wrote a scattered pen to express her attachment to love. She said, "I hope that every you who believe in love can have your own happiness." It seems that the goddess really married this time to marry toLove!

Akira, the husband of Sister Zhiling, is 37 years old and is a member of the Japanese men’s group Exile. There are not many people who know him in China.He debuted in 2004 and worked with Zhiling in the Japanese stage drama "Chibi ~ Love ~ Love ~" 8 years ago.Surprisingly, they just established a couple relationship at the end of last year, and they did not expect that the two would join hands to enter the marriage hall this year.

Hong Kong Zhen, Xiaobian didn’t think how handsome Akira was, and his appearance was not worthy of our goddess of Zhiling!But be able to get the favor of Sister Zhiling. Otherwise, she is not talented, or her personality is unsatisfactory, otherwise Sister Zhiling is older, so she can’t wait to have a baby?

After all, Sister Zhiling is 44 years old. For fertility, it is already "old age."As a health, we can’t help wondering. Can she still get a baby after marriage?

This is to talk about the relationship between women’s age and fertility ~

20-24 years old

When a woman is 20 years old, the chromosomes of her eggs are basically normal (unless there is a genetic disease), and each ovulation cycle has 25%of the chance of conception. If she tries to get pregnant every month at this time, then she will be pregnant within a year.The total probability is 96%, and fertility is at its peak.

25-29 years old

After a woman was 25 years old, the "annualized pregnancy rate" fell to 92%, and the surrogacy rate was still 86%at the age of 30. It was quite high.EssenceIf it is not pregnant for more than a year, you need to seek the help of a doctor, but most of them are the men’s problems.

30-34 years old

Women’s fertility continues to decline, and the chance of pregnancy within one year is also about 70%. It is not difficult to conceive children, but the chance of abortion has risen to 20%.

At this stage, a woman should go to the doctor if she has tried it for a year but has never been pregnant.However, some doctors suggested that they should go to the clinic for 9 consecutive months to get pregnant in order to find problems as soon as possible and treat them before 35 years old.

35-39 years old

At the age of 35, the fertility power further decreased, and only 66%of people could get pregnant within one year. It was a critical point for the decline in fertility rates in medicine.The most common reason is that the quality of eggs decreases, and the chromosomal defects of eggs affect their survivability.

About 30%of 35 -year -old women may take more than one year to get pregnant, but doctors generally don’t recommend waiting for so long, otherwise they will wait a year to know that it is 70%of the infertility, and the price is too high.Therefore, women of this age are difficult to get pregnant after 6 months, and they have to go to the hospital to consider the auxiliary reproduction.

If you don’t want to get pregnant right away, this is also the last opportunity to frozen eggs in your life.If it is frozen at this time, there will still be a good chance of pregnancy after a few years.

40-44 years old

By the age of 40, 90%of women’s eggs were abnormal chromosomes, and only 44%of people could get pregnant and continue to produce within one year. The remaining people may never have childbirth.In addition to egg problems, endometrial problems have also increased, the endometrium becomes thinner, and the blood supply decreases, making it more difficult for egg implantation.

Moreover, one of the women under the age of 25 will have one of the Don syndrome babies every 1,500 people, and the ratio of 42 -year -old women will rise to one out of 65 people.

45 years old and over

At the age of 45, the possibility of women’s pregnancy is already very low, no more than 3%or 4%.To give birth, the auxiliary reproductive technology is almost necessary, and the eggs may have chromosomal abnormalities, so the screening of in vitro is very important.

Therefore, most doctors recommend that people who want to get pregnant between 46-50 years old use the eggs donated by young women.If the eggs come from a healthy 25-30-year-old woman, even if she is in menopause, the success rate is between 60%-65%.

The goddess’s behind

Although Sister Zhiling looks like she is in her 20s, she can have a fertility but not easy to frozen age. Is she really unable to give birth to a baby?

Don’t worry!Xiaobian dug a old news. It turned out that Sister Zhiling was prepared a few years ago!

If the news is true, I believe that the goddess will come out in the near future, we might as well wait and see!

How to increase the chance of pregnancy

Everything is ready, only the east wind is owed, and the old goddess must pay attention to methods.

No matter how old a woman is, we can calculate the exact time of ovulation to maximize the chance of conception per month.

No matter how long the menstrual cycle is, ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the next menstrual cycle.For example, if your menstrual cycle is 34 days, you ovulate around the 20th day; women with a menstrual cycle of 26 days on the 12th day.Regardless of your ovulation period, you plan to conceive two days before ovulation and two days after ovulation.

When you start secreting transparent and slippery cervical mucus, you know that you are about to ovulate.This mucus began to secrete 1-4 days before the release of the eggs.

Another good prediction indicator is the ovulation kit.When it shows that you are ready to ovulate, you will have a conception in the next two days to seize the chance of fertility.You have 24-36 hours of conception to reach the best state.

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