Six days of diagnosis of recovery and discharge, a pregnant woman shared her cure experience

Recently, the topic of the disease of Omikon’s mutation strain has received widespread attention.What is the real situation after the infection of Omikon?A employee who had just been discharged from the Economic Development Zone about her healing process.Let’s listen to what she says.

I was discharged on the sixth day of the new crown on the sixth day of the new crown

I was discharged from the sixth day when I was diagnosed with the new crown. Looking back, from the onset to the medical treatment to the transport isolation, I slowly changed my mind from helplessness. I did n’t forget to record this experience. I hope that I can learn from other patients.Essence

My husband was diagnosed, and I almost collapsed in the early stages of pregnancy.

On November 30, the community notified that the positive husband’s positive husband was transferred to the tumor cabin hospital in the afternoon.At that time, I collapsed. Although the antigen detection was negative, I had symptoms of fever and joint pain since morning. If he left, I was alone, what should I do with pregnancy?

But people in a unit building are waiting for her husband to move away before they can collectively make nucleic acids before they can be unblocked … After one o’clock in the afternoon, after my husband’s transfer, my various symptoms broke out.The body’s joint pain is as if to break, the head pain is dizzy, the eyes are painful and hot, and then the symptoms of vomiting began to appear.The slight abdominal pain, the antigen detection has also changed.At that time, I didn’t know what to do. I could only drink water. I wanted to drop my temperature quickly. I wanted the doctor to listen to the fetal heart and confirm that it was okay.

Multi -help, I transferred to the hot adopter

I am afraid that I will continue to update my situation with communities, work units, and resident units, hoping to help.

All three are trying to help me seek medical treatment.After many help, I coordinated the doctor of the obstetrics of Tongren Hospital to call me. After the initial diagnosis of the baby, I had a stabilizer in my heart, and replaced the sweaty clothes according to the doctor’s instructions.Perform physical cooling.The social workers in the community may be afraid that I will lose my contact. I have to ask me about the situation at a time. At about nine o’clock in the evening, I notified me to pack my daily necessities. I arranged 120 closed loop to send me to Tongren Hospital for medical treatment.Protective gloves, N95 masks and other supplies.

On December 1st, around 1:30 am, I successfully transferred to Tongren Hospital to send a popular kidney clinic. The doctor on duty helped me monitor my body temperature, blood pressure, blood routine, fetal heart, etc., and collected nucleic acids.At that time, although other physical symptoms had not fell back, the temperature had dropped to 36.8 degrees, and the fetal heart blood pressure was normal. The doctor helped prescribe antipyretics and cephalosporin for later use.

Positive diagnosis

5 days of hospitalization under the guidance

At 7 am on December 1st, my nucleic acid result came out and was diagnosed.Later, the staff of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention asked my basic disease, hypertension, genetic disease and the current signs of the current telephone, and arranged the 120 ambulance to transfer me to a correction oncology hospital at 2 pm.On the 5th, the nucleic acid was discharged from the hospital and was spent here.

Every day, doctors monitor health indicators such as body temperature, fetal heart, and urine, stool, and blood routine.Except for a short period of body temperature on December 1, all other symptoms are gradually getting better.I feel that the disease of this time is very similar to the course of cold. First, fever, causing symptoms such as soreness, vomiting, and throat pain. The symptoms of soreness and vomiting after fever gradually disappear.White sputum and snot may have brief gums, ear pain, and eye pain. Immediately after, these symptoms gradually reduced, and the results of nucleic acids also turned from yang to yin.Because of pregnancy, I did not take much medicine except for health monitoring throughout the disease, and basically relied on myself to heal itself.

Thousands of words, not just a thank you word

This time I can get medical treatment quickly and transfer to the hospital isolation, so that I deeply feel the difficulty of all parties. I have received a lot of telephones in the middle, including community social workers, illness control centers, Tongren Hospital obstetricians, 120 ambulances, transfer groupsThe leaders and colleagues of the unit, most of them are busy in the front line. They are their care and care, which has led to my fast medical treatment. Many of them have never seen it. The names are too late to ask, let alone how to thank.For me personally, it arrived from home to the hospital for half an hour, but how many people in the entire epidemic prevention system are working hard for this transportation, and how many people are in danger for our safety.Like me, they are sons, husbands, father, daughter, wife, and mother.EssenceAnd now they (she) are running on the front line of epidemic prevention and built a protective wall for me.

Looking back on the whole process, I summarized a few points

For reference

First, physical cooling is performed during a fever, and the forehead, underarms, and thigh roots are wiped with warm towels.At the same time, drink plenty of water (be sure to drink a small mouth and avoid beef drink) to prevent it from being thicker.

The second is to talk less to protect your throat, massage your ears (including surroundings) and facial relief with your hands.Don’t use force to wipe your nose, just rub it.Sleeping nose is not ventilated or dried can be washed in the bathroom with water.

The third is to stabilize your emotions, sleep more, sleep is helpful to recover, and you can keep your eyes closed.Depending on your physical condition, gradually strengthen your movement to help defecation.

The fourth is that the diet should be light and eat fruit appropriately.

Fifth, if home isolation can prepare some antipyretic medicines, clearing heat and detoxifying, sweating and solving, treating sore throat, dry throat, phlegm and cough.

Strengthen the new crown protection

What are the problems of pregnant women?

At present, the situation in my country’s new crown pneumonia is still severe and complicated, and some local cases continue to grow. Although the pathogenic and poisoning power of the Omikon mutant strains is significantly weakened compared to primitive plants and Delta, there are pregnant women at home in the family. There are still a lot of concerns in the public. The State Council’s joint defense and control mechanism organizes experts in related fields to answer questions about everyone’s concern.

Is it more serious if the mother is infected with the new crown?

Experts said that pregnant women are infected with new crowns or have been infected with new crowns. They generally do not pass to the fetus through childbirth.What is the difference between pregnant women infected with new crowns and ordinary people?

Qiao Jie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Medical Research Center of Obstetrics and Gynecology,: In terms of the overall population, there are three similar maternal and ordinary people.(Symptoms), it is also close to the ordinary population, around 10%; in addition, the type of symptoms in her symptoms is very close, such as dry throat, cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc., usually getting better in three or four days, almost the same as possible, almost the same asThe course of the disease around seven days has not increased the health of pregnant women.

Which pregnant women should pay special attention to

Which pregnant women need to pay more attention to their condition than ordinary people, and how to protect them?

Qiao Jie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Medicine Research Center: It should be noted that pregnant women with basic diseases have hypertension and diabetes.), So it is also reminded that these pregnant women must strengthen their protection of themselves.Therefore, for maternal women, it is particularly important that first, it is best to be able to vaccine before pregnancy to increase their own immunity; second, prevent basic diseases, try to adjust as much as possible before pregnancy.The most important thing for pregnant women to protect herself is to wear a mask when going out. Be sure to wear a mask in the public venue. If you go to the hospital to go to the hospital, you must wear the N95 mask.In addition, pay attention to your home and office locations, and you must wash your hands frequently when you come back.

Experts: It is important to keep the phone call for the delivery institution in time

Experts remind the majority of maternal mothers that they must keep the calls of their maternity assistance institutions where their birthdays are located, and problems with problems occur in time.

Qiao Jie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the director of the National Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Medicine Research Center: It is particularly important that in this case, maternal mothers have encountered a closed case.The time for appointment can not go on the same day, don’t worry, do not need to be anxious, and contact your own delivery agencies in time, so the phone call for the maternity institution is particularly important.Now the delivery institution has formulated a series of standardized and standardized methods to solve the problem of maternal and friends. If it is a regular medical examination, you can change the time. If you need to be an emergency, communicate with the community in a timely manner, you can go to the doctor through a special channel.EssenceIn addition, all provinces and cities have arranged new -crowned maternal patients for hospitals, so pregnant women are now relatively timely treatment.

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