Six shrimp contradictory contradictions

Zhang Zhenggang and his wife Ye Lan are ordinary workers. Zhang Zhenggang’s salary is only more than 2,000. He also rented a house and lived tightly.Two months ago, Ye Lan was pregnant, and Zhang Zhenggang proposed to move back to his mother’s house, so that at least one rent could be saved.

Zhang Zhenggang’s father died not long ago, and his mother left his mother alone.This time, the young couple wanted to move back to live, and the mother was happy.

On this day, Zhang Zhenggang paid his salary and passed the seafood market when he went home from work. He saw that the shrimp was very fresh. He thought that his mother and herself liked to eat shrimp, and the wife was pregnant again. It was when it was time to supplement the nutrition.Ready to open the home.As soon as he entered the door, Zhang Zhenggang held a shrimp bag and shouted: "Mom, wife, I bought six shrimp, we eat shrimp tonight!" The mother heard the sound, and then entered the kitchen after receiving the bag.Taste, I was lying in the bedroom after work.Zhang Zhenggang wanted to go back to the bedroom to say a few words to his wife, and received a call from the unit and asked him to go back. When his mother heard it, he quickly shouted, "Eat the meal and go!" Zhang Zhenggang said that he couldn’t do it.Rice, come back hot.As he said, he went downstairs.

After a while, the meal was ready.Ye Lan was going to help her mother -in -law, and her mother -in -law did not let her do it. She just told her to sit and wait for dinner.Ye Lan felt that although she had not reconciled with her mother -in -law before, since she was pregnant, her mother -in -law has taken care of herself, and her mother -in -law relationship has gradually eased. Thinking about it, her heart was warm.

After a moment, my mother -in -law first brought the shrimp and let Ye Lan eat while it was hot.Ye Lan just wanted to clamp the shrimp, but found that there were only five shrimp in the plate. The husband just said he bought six and he heard it.She thought, probably the mother -in -law had left one for her husband, but her husband liked to eat shrimp so much, leaving only one for him, and always felt that he had left less.Did you stay?

My mother -in -law said that she had dinner, and she hadn’t stayed yet. Ye Lan was a little unhappy now. Since she did not leave her husband, why did you have a shrimp?Is it a mother -in -law who ate in the kitchen?I thought so, but I was embarrassed.

At this time, my mother -in -law brought a plate from the kitchen, ready to leave vegetables for her son. When her mother -in -law was pinched shrimp, she also found a problem. I thought, my son obviously bought six shrimp, and when I put it in the potSix, why are five now?Could it be that the daughter -in -law ate one earlier?Thinking of this, she clamped two shrimp and left it for her son.In this way, there are only three shrimp left in the market. The two mother -in -laws and daughter -in -laws see that no one eats it, only to eat other dishes.This meal seems to have been used for a long time than usual, and the rice is almost finished. Ye Lan and mother -in -law did not speak.In the end, Ye Lan moved first. She clamped a shrimp herself, and clamped the remaining two to her mother -in -law. He said, "Mom, I eat one for one, these two for you." The mother -in -law stunned.After a moment, my face was gloomy and said, "No, I am old, and I’ m not easy to digest. I ’m eating one.” Then, she clipped one of them back to the plate of Sheng Shrimpinside.This is good, the scene is completely rigid, the two of the mother -in -law have finished eating the shrimp in their bowl, and no one means to pack the tableware, so they return to the house. Only the shrimp left on the table and lying quietly on the plate quietly.inside……

My mother -in -law was sullen in the house: I did not agree to marry such a daughter -in -law at first, and the family conditions were not good.I think you are pregnant, let you come back to live, serve you to eat, wait for you to drink, and do not let you do anything.If you eat such a shrimp today, let ’s not say that you do n’t wait for my mother -in -law to eat first. If you eat it, you have to pretend to be confused. What do you say to eat one? What is this?This is the irony that my mother -in -law is treating you or not … Old man, why do you take a step early?The rest of my old lady was helpless, and she had to look at her daughter -in -law’s face … thinking about it, she cried.

Daughter -in -law Ye Lan is also full of grievances: Although you are mother -in -law and elders, we should respect you as children, but you do n’t have to hide in the kitchen, as if I am the kind of vicious daughter -in -law to do n’t let you eat.No wonder I let me help you meals. It turned out to hide and eat shrimp!Actually, you just eat it if you eat it. Why do you say you eat one yourself?Could it be that I stolen it first. Is it pretending not to eat it?Ye Lanyue wanted to get angry, and couldn’t help thinking of the interference and opposition of her mother -in -law when she was in love with her husband.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Zhang Zhengang came back. As soon as he entered the door, he saw that the tableware on the table did not clean up. There was a shrimp in the plate.

Zhang Zhenggang felt a little strange. The situation today is a bit abnormal. When you enter the kitchen, you can keep me on the stove. There are two shrimp. What is the shrimp on the table outside?Zhang Zhenggang went to ask his mother. As soon as he opened the door, he found that his mother was wiped out with tears. Before she waited for her to speak, the mother said with a face, "It’s all a good wife you are looking for.I didn’t eat it, can I eat it? "

Zhang Zhenggang quickly hit the circle: "Isn’t she pregnant!" He quickly changed Faer to persuade his mother. For a while, his mother’s face was peaceful, so he went to his room to see his wife.Ye Lan was unhappy with his mouth, and when he saw her husband came back, he shouted, and said all the dissatisfaction in his heart, just like the Yahuan complained.

Zhang Zhenggang also committed doubts. Who did the two not tell the truth?A shrimp can’t tell yourself the truth!

It was almost ten o’clock at this time. Zhang Zhenggang has not eaten since get off work until now. He has a hungry stomach. He thought it was so much.He saw that the soup left in the pot was not poured off. The soup was fresh, so he was ready to drink a bowl of shrimp soup.A iron spoon was scooped down, as if something was "Gaba" in the pot, and took a look at it. It was a shrimp that his wife and mother looked for one night!

Zhang Zhenggang was busy calling the two to the kitchen, and his mother -in -law was guilty after watching it.It turned out that the lamp of the kitchen was dark. In addition, the shrimp soup was turbid. The mother -in -law used a colander to fish the shrimp and did not catch it. I didn’t look at it in the plate. It was not a misunderstanding until the table was on the table.

Afterwards, Zhang Zhenggang said to the two: "They are all a family, what can’t be said? Just a word, just as soon as possible, why is it still stinging for such a small matter?Isn’t it so troublesome? "

The mother -in -law didn’t speak, and the face was red …

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