Six weeks of Beijing women’s pregnancy, her boyfriend secretly took medicine and caused controversy!

Recently, a woman in Beijing posted a video on the Internet claiming that she was more than six weeks of pregnancy, but was secretly placed in the fetal drug by her boyfriend.According to women, her boyfriend has been arrested by the police and is currently being tried.The woman also said that her boyfriend’s family contacted her through the police, hoping to discuss compensation.However, women said that not all problems can be solved ahead.

Women insist on retaining their children, but doctors point out that the fetus is risk of deformity and is recommended to fetch.Although tires have a great impact on women’s bodies, they are considered more suitable choices than hazard children.Netizens have different opinions on this, and some of them support women’s decisions that children are also a life, but most netizens advise women not to retain their children, because there is a risk of deformity, such decisions are also irresponsible performance.

From the description of the woman, it can be seen that her boyfriend is not a husband, and the two are not married.Boyfriend does not want the child’s attitude to show that he does not want to get married.In order to achieve his wishes, he took the behavior of applying medicine to the woman.Even after the child is born, many problems will be faced.From the perspective of women’s behavior, her consideration is not for the sake of children, but to satisfy her wishes.

First of all, the behavior of her boyfriend is illegal. He added a fetal drug without the woman’s consent. This is an infringement of the woman’s body and life, and also the infringement of the rights and interests of unborn babies.Of course, the police have arrested and returned to justice, presumably he will face legal sanctions.The woman’s choice is also a difficult decision.It is a very personal choice to retain or terminate pregnancy. Everyone’s situation is different. We cannot judge her decision.However, doctors’ suggestions are based on the health problems that may exist and the impact on women’s bodies.The woman needs to consider and consult a professional doctor carefully to understand the risks and consequences she faces.

In addition, the incident also involved the issue of the man’s family who wanted to contact the woman to compensate.The issue of compensation needs to be dealt with according to local laws, which may include medical expenses and mental loss compensation.However, the woman said that not everything can be solved by money, which may mean that she is not satisfied with compensation, or she is angry and disappointed by the man’s behavior.

In this incident, the man’s behavior is undoubtedly unacceptable, and his behavior involves infringement of women’s rights and illegal acts.Forcibly to the woman’s medicine to stop pregnancy is not only harmful to her body, but also an infringement of her autonomy and dignity.This behavior is not only moral errors, but also illegal, and should be sanctioned by law.

The woman is a very difficult decision, and the retention is still terminated.This is an extremely personal choice. It is necessary to consider your physical and mental health, as well as the health of an unborn baby.Although the child may have risks, this is also part of the woman’s rights. She has the right to decide her body and fertility plan.

The man’s family members want to solve the problem by compensation, which also causes some ethical and moral issues.Regardless of the amount, money cannot make up for the pain and injury experienced by the woman.Compensation should be a reasonable way, but it cannot be an excuse for indulgence and evasion of responsibility for men’s behavior.This incident also highlights the importance of society for gender equality and legal protection.Women should have the right to determine their own body and fertility plans, and the law should provide sufficient protection and sanctions to ensure that women’s rights and interests are guaranteed.

Finally, the incident also reminds us that we need to strengthen the efforts of moral education and sex education to increase people’s awareness of respect for the rights and interests of others and abide by the law.Only through comprehensive education and awareness changes can we build a more fair and respectful society.

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