Skin care cheats during pregnancy are still water spiritual

Due to the impact of hormones during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have many physiological changes, including pregnancy, edema, back pain and various discomfort.Among them, the skin of some pregnant mothers also changes. How should I maintain the skin during pregnancy?

Skin problems during pregnancy ‧ cannot be completely preventive

Is there any way to prevent all kinds of skin problems during pregnancy?The dull pigment and deepening of the spots during pregnancy are due to the increase in female hormone and melanocyte stimuli during pregnancy, resulting in increased melanin. Therefore, Avals, Navels, Axillary, A perineal, and vertical black lines (commonly known as: black line or child’s mother line) under the navel. At the same time, many women during pregnancy will deepenAt this time, liver spots appear.

However, these spots and skin tones caused by hormones during pregnancy deepen the problem of deepening skin tone. At present, there are no absolutely effective ways to completely prevent it. What pregnant women can do are in the face, neck, hands and feet that cannot be covered by clothing, and physical properties.Sunscreen, avoid pigment spots or skin tone, and because of the effects of ultraviolet rays other than hormones, the original pigment spots or skin color problems worsen.

The treatment of pigment and spots is generally recommended that pregnant women wait until the production is over before fading the medical beauty and laser. It is recommended that pregnant women avoid receiving unnecessary treatment during pregnancy.

TIPS: What is liver spots?

Liver spots usually appear in the forehead, cheeks, eyelids, lips, chin, etc. It is easy to expose to the sunlight, and irregular and symmetrical gray -brown pigments appear.Because these pigments have the color of the liver, they are called liver spots, but they actually have nothing to do with liver disease. Instead, they are changes in hormones (the use of pregnancy, oral contraceptives), genetic, ultraviolet exposure, cosmetics, optical drugs or drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical drugs, or optical toxic drugs.Stress related.Most of the liver spots occur in deep skin tones (such as: Asian, African Americans or Spain), and about 90 % of patients are women.Once hepatic spots appear, it is not easy to treat. Even if the laser is used to remove spots, it takes a lot of effort. Therefore, it is necessary to do a thorough sun protection to prevent liver spots.

Stretch marks ‧ Duke is related to physical fitness

As for the stretch marks that pregnant mothers care about most, Dr. Cai Changlin pointed out that in terms of current medicine, it has not found methods that can be effectively prevented.In fact, the formation of stretch marks is related to physical and genetic.In addition, the weight and speed of weight gain during pregnancy is also closely related to the formation of stretch marks.

It is a pity that there are no products or medicines at present, which can prevent the "each" pregnant woman from using stretch marks after use; as for the treatment or dilute the stretch marks produced during pregnancy, some laser can fade the color and have some laser.It can improve skin texture, but generally requires multiple courses.

Skin problems during pregnancy ‧ not suitable for medication

Although skin problems during pregnancy are mainly caused by hormone changes, can it be improved from hormones?Some people want to use drugs to slow down the skin problems during pregnancy, but the major principles of medication during pregnancy are: non -necessary medicines, no need to use it to reduce the impact on the fetus.Although the skin problems during pregnancy are all related to hormones, the hormone changes during pregnancy are the process of breeding new life.

At present, in response to skin problems during pregnancy, dermatologists do not advocate prevention in a positive way. Using drugs because of preventing skin problems during pregnancy will not only increase fetal risk, but there is currently not sufficient empirical support. If you do the treatments, you will do what treatment.Can prevent skin problems during pregnancy.Therefore, during the pregnancy period, the health of the fetus is definitely the primary consideration of pregnant women and doctors.

Pregnancy urticaria ‧Explained in the late pregnancy

In addition to spots and stretch marks, itching often has itching during pregnancy. Pregnancy urticaria is a kind of benign skin itching that often occurs in the late pregnancy (last three months).The skin is related to the excessive expansion, and some studies believe that it is related to the rise in blood pressure in pregnant women.Observed from foreign studies, there are men, babies, twins, and mothers who are pregnant for the first time.

Typical pregnancy urticaria will appear in the third phase of pregnancy. From the abdomen stretch marks, the chief of the chief will itch and will not disappear naturally. These rashes may only appear in the abdomen, or the thighs, buttocks, and even the whole body.EssenceMost pregnant women with pregnancy urticaria will gradually improve after production, but there are also a small number of pregnant women who only have pregnancy urticaria after giving birth. Symptoms vary from person to person.

Generally, itching in pregnancy does not have to be used as soon as possible, and you can use physical methods such as cold compresses and beats to improve; if the effect is not good, or itching seriously affects the quality of life, you can use some listing to be more listed.For a long time, more safety data or oral itching drugs, so that itching pregnant women can breathe slightly.

TIPS: Small common sense of medication

At present, the drugs are divided into X and A, B, C, and D. The pregnant mother must not touch the X -level drug. These are prescription drugs. Generally, mothers will not touch it.Obstetrics and gynecologists are provided to pregnant mothers with C and D safety drugs, but avoid purchasing drugs by themselves.

Maintenance during pregnancy ‧ clean + moisturizing + sunscreen

Can pregnant women be maintained?In fact, pregnant mothers can still have tender skin!The skin care during pregnancy should be based on simplicity. Dr. Cai Changlin pointed out that as long as you do clean, moisturizing and sun protection, other functional maintenance products (such as whitening, anti -aging, etc.) can be put on hold.In addition, it is a good time to maintain after taking a shower. The water retention of the whole body is better. At this time, you can choose a moisturizing product with a high oil content content. Immediately after wipe the skin, lock the water in the skin in the skinNaturally, it looks full and shiny.

In terms of external care products, the ingredients of them will enter the body of pregnant women and have a low chance of affecting the fetus. Therefore, the care products used during pregnancy are actually separated from before pregnancy.There is no need to try the new demand products.

There are many choices in the maintenance product market. You can choose products that have been sold in the market for a long time during pregnancy. Basically, there will be no big problems. If you are worried about allergies, you can first test the skin behind the ears and the inside of the elbow. IfThe product lasted for a week without redness, swelling, pain, or any appearance and feelings such as itching, peeling, pigmentation, etc., and you can confirm that the skin will not be allergic to the product and can be used with peace of mind.

TIPS: Thorough cleaning must vary from person to person

Unless the skin has obvious dirty odor, it is necessary to completely wash the dirt with cleaning products. If it is just general skin sweating and oil out of oil, you do not need to rub and massage for too long when using skin cleaning products.Wash the skin oil and cause the risk of dry skin.After washing the skin, it should not be dry, peeling, tight, and even itching. If there is the above situation, it is necessary to apply the moisturizing products with high oil content to apply it to the required parts.

During pregnancy, avoid contact with A acid

At present, drug clinical experiments will not include products with non -therapeutic and dangerous products such as pregnant women’s ethnic groups, skin care products and cosmetics, and it is unlikely that pregnant women -related safety materials will be available. ThereforeThere are very few evidence.At present, it is generally believed that skin care products containing A acid or A -acid derivatives are best avoided during pregnancy. In addition, products containing salicylic acid are used to avoid a large and large area of use.

Correct maintenance and lifestyle ‧ raising the tender muscles

In addition to the maintenance of the skin from the outside, the internal conditioning is also important. Dr. Cai Changlin emphasized that many pregnant mothers have ignored. Balanced nutrition and sufficient sleep are very important for the skin!

Most of the modern people hold the correct concept of skin care products. Instead, they are upside down, staying up late, and the eating habits of high -fat, high sugar, and lack of fruits and vegetables. As a result, the skin does not have good raw materials to make cells.Is the key to making pregnant mothers tender.

Buy products from abroad ‧ Pay attention to risks

Make -up products generally have little chance to penetrate the skin into the human body, so the makeup products used during pregnancy do not need to be distinguished deliberately.Due to the convenience of online shopping and buying, and many countries sell makeup and skin care products that emphasize pregnant women, foreign products are trendy in the pregnant woman’s world, but in fact, there is no special makeup care product specification for pregnant women in the world. UsuallyIt is the manufacturer’s very natural sales technique. In terms of buying overseas products, there are other risks.

The first is that there may be a risk of collision and changes in temperature and humidity during transportation; secondly, overseas products may not be in line with domestic regulations, and problems in the process of use are less guaranteed.It is recommended that pregnant mothers do not buy cosmetics that are not available abroad. After breaking this myth, Da Ke can rest assured that you can buy products suitable for you from the domestic market.

(This article is exclusively provided by a good pregnant mother. Please indicate the source for reprinting.)

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