Skin care, makeup, hot head, nails, what can’t pregnant women touch?

Many expectant mothers or new treasure moms have such questions: I am preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy, or at breastfeeding, can I not use skin care or makeup?Many women, especially the workplace mothers, are afraid of using makeup and even skin care products because of pregnancy.On the one hand, they are worried about skin care products and makeup products composed of chemical ingredients, which will affect the baby.On the other hand, the work of the workplace does not allow themselves to face the sky.

Moglobin changes need skin care more

In fact, pregnant women are also normal. As long as the skin barrier function is complete, it is possible to use skin care products.General skin care products, whether it is general hyaluronic acid moisturizing cream, whitening cream, or genetic eye cream, stem cell repair essence, etc.Because we have a natural human body barrier, the general skin care ingredients basically cannot affect the body under the epidermis, let alone the fetus.Besides, compared to the whole body, the face absorption area is small, and the amount of absorption of the skin’s skin is small.In fact, due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the skin of expectant mothers often occur in oil, dryness, allergies, color spots, capillaries, and other problems. At this time, it is necessary to take good skin care to maintain a healthy skin condition.If at this time, because of excessive prevention of chemicals, the basic moisturizing and sun protection will be abandoned, so that the skin is completely naked in the external environment, and it will deteriorate and affect the mood.

How to choose skin care products

Pregnant women need skin care, but can skin care be hundreds of taboos?You need to pay attention to skin care ingredients.

Vitaminic acid

An ingredient for acne therapy belongs to vitamin A substance.Some pregnant women suffer from acne, but oral vitamin acid can cause fetal malformations and are not recommended.In addition, in some wrinkle skin care products, the vitamin A substances are also vitamin A, which promote the division of cellularization and protect the skin.It is said that entering the blood circulation affects the fetus.As an external skin care product component.Salmonic acid, fruit acid and other ingredients are safe for mothers, but they are not recommended.

Hair dye perm supplies

Chemicals in hairdressing products, such as aniline compounds, heavy metals, hydrogen peroxide, etc. there are teratogenic risks.And these substances are irritating to the skin and respiratory tract of pregnant mothers, which can easily induce dermatitis.In addition, the hair quality of mothers in the late pregnancy will become fragile and easy to fall off, and hair dyeing perm will exacerbate this condition.


Perfume is listed as a pregnant woman taboos because it contains phthalates and is likely to cause fetal malformations. However, a small amount of spray has not reached a deformed amount. Therefore, pregnant mothers can use them in small quantities.However, it is not recommended to use mothers during breastfeeding. After all, the impact of perfume on newborn babies has not been determined.In addition, the baby still prefers the mother’s original taste.


Because a series of products used in nails may contain phthalates and formaldehyde.Therefore, the beautiful expectant mother should endure love and stop nails after pregnancy.

Available makeup

It should be emphasized that skin care products and makeup usually contain more or less heavy metals, but these heavy metals are not artificially added, but they originally existed in raw materials.The national content of heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc.) of makeup products is limited, and products with excellent content are considered unqualified products and cannot be listed.So as long as it is a qualified makeup, there is no problem with the use of pregnant mothers.

What needs to be reminded is:

First, choose a formal and national makeup and skin care products.

Second, don’t melt too thick makeup.

Generally, commute makeup does not affect the baby, but thick makeup can easily cause adverse components to accumulate, and the skin condition is not suitable for makeup during pregnancy.In addition, the lipstick of many makeup products will add heavy metals such as lead because it needs color rendering.Specific mothers are better on non -necessary occasions.

Special reminder to pay attention to sun protection

Sun protection is also required during pregnancy.Because of the effect of hormones during pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to pigmentation, and various spots appear in the nose and sacrum. These spots will be more conspicuous without any protective measures, so it is necessary to apply sunscreen and umbrella.The ingredients that can penetrate the skin and the amount of absorption of the skin through the skin is very small, so the general sunscreen is safe.If Baoma specializes in the "chemical sunscreen" composition, you can choose physical sunscreen.Such as wearing a sun hat, wearing sunscreen, or sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which is equivalent to wearing a sunscreen.For prospective mothers, it is safe to use lip balm containing sunscreen. If you must have lipsticks that are colorful, you can choose a brand with ore -free oil and preservative ingredients extracted by plants and fruits.

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