Sleeping on the left during pregnancy, nightmares are constantly fetal movement?Doctor: The right tire raising posture is like this

Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy, and the nightmare is constantly moving?Doctor: The right tire raising posture is like this

Women will be extra careful after pregnancy, especially when sleeping, fearing that the sleeping position is wrong, affecting the growth of the child.However, some people also have a nightmare because they pay too much attention to sleeping positions.

Mengqi is a pregnant woman who has been pregnant for more than 7 months.But she found a recent nightmare.When she suddenly remembered the inspection before, the doctor told her to sleep on the left, so she chose this sleeping posture. After that, she dreamed every night, sometimes dreaming of her abortion, sometimes she dreamed of dreamingThe baby said goodbye to herself, which made her very frightened.

So she went to the hospital again. When she was checked, she told the doctor that she had a nightmare after changing her sleeping position. The doctor asked Mengqi’s recent sleep posture. Mengqi said that she had been sleeping on the left.

The doctor replied that Meng Qi did not figure out why he had to sleep to the left during pregnancy, so that the nightmare would continue and let the fetus frequently move in the abdomen.Therefore, for Mengqi, it is the most important thing to master the correct nourishing and sleeping position.Otherwise, it will not only affect Mengqi’s sleep quality, but also cause harm to the fetus in the abdomen.

When many pregnant women receive a checkup, doctors will recommend pregnant women to sleep on the left, but pregnant women do not know why they do this just because they believe that the doctor said, so that the nightmare will occur.So, what is the reason for sleeping on the left side to make nightmares?

Women need to be pregnant for 9 months, and for the fetus, the fastest development rate should be about 7 months, when the fetus has developed well.

Therefore, the speed of their development will also increase, and they will become longer, and they will feel that the fetus will grow day by day.At this time, the fetal movement is relatively frequent, and it is common to disturb the pregnant women in sleep, so you don’t need to worry too much.

When I was more than 7 months pregnant, amniotic fluid was also the most for a period of time, and the fetus also had infinite vitality.He is no longer drowsiness when he just develops, and sometimes play in his mother’s belly, and naturally makes his mother feel frequent fetal movements.

Sometimes, you can feel the baby’s punch and kick through the belly of a pregnant woman. This is normal.

The doctor believes that pregnant women sleep on the left in the late stage is correct.It is related to the right rotation of a woman’s uterus. As the pregnancy time increases, pregnant women will be more powerful.Therefore, doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on the left, the purpose is to change such a phenomenon.

Early pregnancy

The doctor believes that when the three months is about the early pregnancy, the pregnant women usually have no obvious arms, so the correct tire posing posture is more casual.Regardless of sleeping, sleeping on the side or lying flat and sleeping is okay. With the mood of pregnant women, as long as you sleep comfortably.Mid -pregnancy

At this time, the pregnant woman’s stomach had obvious bulging, but it has not completely increased.Therefore, pregnant women can no longer take a sleeping posture. Usually, doctors will recommend pregnant women to sleep, and they can also make pregnant women feel more comfortable.Late pregnancy

By the time of pregnancy, the sleep quality of pregnant women will decline. After all, fetal movement will obviously affect the normal rest of pregnant women.Coupled with the right rotation of the uterus, the doctor will recommend that women in the third trimester take a sleep on the left.However, if the right rotation is not serious, it is okay to sleep where you sleep.

I have to say that it is really difficult for women to 9 months pregnant.Not only do you have to pay special attention to diet and mood, but even your sleeping posture cannot be dominated by yourself.However, for women, the moment she gave birth to a child, and when she saw the child’s peace and sound, she instantly felt that the pain of her 9 -month experience was completely worth it.

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