Smoking will also affect expectant mothers to have a baby.

Tobacco dependence is a chronic disease.Tobacco hazards are one of the most serious public health issues in the world.Smoking and second -hand smoke exposure seriously harms human health.In November 1987, the World Health Organization recommended at the 6th International Conference on Smoking and Health in Tokyo, Japan.EssenceSince 1989, the World Smoking Day is changed to May 31st each year.Choosing May 31 as the World Tobacco Waves is because the next day is International Children’s Day. I hope that the next generation will be exempted from tobacco hazards.

On December 13, 2021, the World Health Organization announced that the theme of the World Tobacco Niough Day in 2022 was "Tobacco: Threat to Our Environment" and made a series of publicity activities

In clinical practice, there are also expectant parents who want children, saying to me, "Doctor, I really can’t leave cigarettes. But for the sake of children, I can bear it. I used to smoke a pack a day. Now I only smoke half a package every day.Isn’t it a good performance? "This was what a expectant mother told me.Everyone knows that "smoking is harmful to health", but does smoking affect the reproductive system of both men and women?Before the world of smokeless days, Dr. Na came to tell you.

1. For women, smoking has a great impact on women’s fertility ability

Studies have shown that smoking women are 2.7 times higher than infertility compared to women without smoking, and the fertility of smokers is 72%lower than those who do not smoke.Smoking can seriously affect ovarian function and the quality of oocytes.The chemicals in tobacco can damage the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis that regulate ovarian function in women, which may be disturbed by the process of hormone production, follicle production, and ovulation, which will affect fertility.

Studies have shown that the follicle stimulus value of smoking women is significantly higher than that of non -smoking women (of which the basic follicle stimulus level of active smokers is about 6%higher than non -smokers, while passive smokers are higher than non -smokers than non -smokers.39%, the harm of second -hand smoke is greater than first -hand smoke).

At the same time, tobacco also affects ovarian mother cells, making its quality, maturity, and subsequent embryo quality that will be adversely affected.Smoking will also accelerate the loss of follicles and reduce ovarian reserves, so that menopause can be advanced.Some studies have shown that the chance of smoking women with premature ovarian failure increases significantly compared with non -smoking women.

2. It is also damaged to male reproductive systems for men and attracted people’s attention.

The results of the study show that the mutant substances contained in smoke, such as phenyl, 蒽, and nicotine can affect the maturity and proliferation of sperm cells, and can also directly act on sperm and its enzyme system, which affects JZ’s JZ’s.vitality.

A study of white healthy volunteers shows that daily smoking is negatively related to the density, total number and JZ vitality of JZ, and is positively related to the JZ deformity rate.

3. Smoking has a very bad effect on the fetus

Compared with women -no -smoking women, smoking women are easy to produce premature and miscarriage. The incidence of "slow development in the palace" of the fetus has increased, the birth rate of low body weight has also increased accordingly, and the mortality rate of newborns has also increased significantly.

Female smoking during pregnancy, tobacco in tobacco can directly endanger the developing embryo through the placenta, which increases the dysfunction of fetal chromosome.Especially during the early period of embryo development, tobacco toxins can also interfere with fetal development by affecting gene regulation and changing metabolism. In severe cases, fetal malformations, abnormal function, slow growth and even death.

A study led by Yale University shows that early exposure to Nicotine can trigger widespread genetic changes. After a long time after birth, these changes will also affect the formation of the connection between brain cells.Studies have shown that the chances of infants born to smoking women have a significant chance of suffering from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Therefore, for yourself, it is even more necessary to quit smoking, isn’t it?

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