Some of the pregnant mothers have recess after pregnancy, but some are bulging. What is the reason?

Some of the pregnant mothers have recess after pregnancy, but some are bulging. What is the reason?

It is not easy to get pregnant in October.Many women, when they know that they are going to be a mother, are mostly happy.During pregnancy, there are some interesting things.Some people pay particular attention to their belly, especially their belly button.Because the navel is closely connected to the placenta, the nutrition required by the baby in the abdomen is obtained through the connection between the navel and the placenta. The navel can be said to be a proof of the child.But observing carefully pregnant mothers will find that some people’s navels are recessed, but some people’s belly button does bulge out.What is the reason?

There are several reasons for the drums of the navel. The first is that the belly is swollen for too fast, and the skin is too tight.In the past, Xiaoman waist suddenly turned into a large belly. The elasticity and tension of the skin were not enough to support such changes, so the meat of the navel was obviously stretched out, which was to make the fetus grow enough to grow and develop.

Secondly, the fetus came out too much.The fetus will gradually increase over time, so the phenomenon of fetal movement will gradually move in the direction of the navel.This uterus is oppressed. When it increases to a certain degree, the navel will be squeezed out due to pressure.So many expectant mothers, in the third trimester, can easily bulge out.

The third is too tired.Many expectant mothers do not stop working even if they are pregnant. Even if they rest at home, they will do some housework. This will easily make the body fatigue, which will cause the pressure in the abdominal cavity to rise, and the navel will easily bulge out.After all, you should not work too hard. For the sake of your child, you can stay at home and stay at home. Don’t do any physical work, let’s leave it to your husband!Giveting children is never a matter of one person, and her husband should be more considerate of his wife.

The problem is easy to solve. It is not easy to be a mother, so please seek medical treatment in time during the period. You can usually read more about Xiaobian’s article, learn more about parenting knowledge, and prepare for your children!

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