Song Zhongji "gets married and is a dad will lose his performing arts work" Hanwang battle: Many top actors are married

Reporter Zhang Xiaohan / Comprehensive Report

Han Xing Song Zhongji announced on the 14th that his son was born. At the end of last month, he interviewed "being the most important thing in life", but in the same interview, because he said, "In this entertainment industry, he became a father.The husband means that you will lose a lot of job opportunities. "

Song Zhongji and his wife Catty Les Sanders.(Photo / Vision China CFP)

On the 16th, the Korean media "Sports North Korea" on the 16th, the title "Song Zhongji of the Men" "Become a Dad" will lose his job, but I’m not afraid "" to report Song Zhongji interview with Sina Han Entertainment last month.After this news was reposted to the QEQOO of the forum, it caused heated discussion. Some netizens were quite dissatisfied with this. "Li Bingxian, Xuan Bin, and Song Kanghao of our national actors are all happy families with married children. What are you talking about?""His ex -wife is an actress. The impact of marriage and children will interrupt the experience of work. It is too light to say these words."

Another netizen went to find the original interview content, and made all Song Zhongji asking about the answers of this question: "Sometimes it becomes a father or husband means that he will lose a lot of job opportunities. In this entertainment industry, he becomes a father.With a baby and marrying a wife, I seem to lose a lot of job opportunities, but if you divide the situation, I am not very worried about this. For me, my family is always more important than my career. I love my work very much.Make a lot of effort with my family, but I can be a good actor or a good man. As a good father, a good husband, a good son, I can do it. "

Song Zhongji interviewed the dispute.(Photo / Copy from Weibo / Sina Korean Entertainment)

Thousands of netizens poured into the discussion.There are more cases of being cut off "," It’s not you are born, it’s funny to say this ", some netizens have slowed the frequency" You can’t pick up some characters after being a dad, why are you so angry? ""He may have lost job opportunities by himself, not very understanding why everyone is so angry."

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