Specific mothers drink alcohol, the baby is fainted for 9 years!How harmful to drinking during pregnancy?

Not long after Xiao Zhu and Xiao Wang just got married, they had not prepared for children.They are in the honeymoon period of the wedding, and after eating drunk at a time, because they did not take contraceptive measures, they accidentally conceived their children!The two in -laws were anxious. Before others prepared for children, they had to seal the forestry, quit alcohol, and quit all unhealthy living habits, and strive to give birth to a healthier baby.However, they did not prepare for children’s preparations, or were they pregnant with their children when they were drunk. What should I do?Can we keep this child?

Can children who are drunk in the state of being pregnant?

Generally speaking, the substances that may affect the development of the fetus in the early pregnancy include drugs, alcohol, rays, etc., but how to judge whether these substances will adversely affect the fetus?There are two factors, one is the time for contact, and the other is the dose of contact.

If the time to contact the fetal development with drugs, alcohol, rays, etc. is within one month of pregnancy, that is, during the period when the menstruation has not been formally menstruation, during this time, due to the small number of cells of the embryo, and the embryo is divided with cell division, the embryo is divided with cell division.Mainly, the degree of cell differentiation is not high.Once the embryo is affected by the abnormal factors at this time, only two results will occur.One of them was severe damage to the embryo, causing an early abortion to death, which is what we call embryos.The other is that the damage is not serious. The embryo can completely repair the damage by itself, and can continue to develop without sequelae problems.This is the "all or no" effect.

In other words, Xiao Zhu and Xiao Wang are pregnant with their children when they are drunk. If alcohol affects the fetus, the fetus will stop developing and miscarriage.And if Xiao Zhu did not have a miscarriage, it means that the embryo had been repaired and developed. At this time, alcohol had no adverse effects on the fetus.

Can pregnant women drink alcohol?

There is a saying in the folk that expectant mothers have been drinking, and the baby is fainted for 9 years.Scientists have confirmed that regular drinking will affect the development of the fetus.When you drink, alcohol will quickly reach the baby in your belly with your blood circulation.

Pregnant women drink more than 6 units of alcohol every day, which causes the baby to have a danger of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).Babies with congenital fetal alcohol syndrome will have intellectual and slow development, behavioral problems, and facial and heart defects.

Compared with the babies born of the expectant mothers who completely quit drinking during pregnancy, the babies born to pregnant women who drink more than 2 glasses of wine every day have more problems in learning speaking, maintaining attention, language, and polympidation.These features are concentrated together called fetal alcohol effect (FAE).Although the fetal alcohol effect (FAE) is not as serious as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), it is still harmful.

What should I do if my expectant mother accidentally drinks?

If pregnant women accidentally drink alcohol, don’t be too panic, because the body has the effect of self -regulation. Some alcohol bodies will decompose themselves. As long as there is no wanton drinking, the impact on the fetus is not great.Because if it is too worried, it will reduce physical resistance, and it will also have a negative impact on children.

Do a detailed physical examination. If you drink alcohol before, it is best to do a detailed examination immediately to consult the doctor if you have an impact on the fetus, including the time of drinking, drinking the amount of alcohol, etc., so that the doctor can apply the right medicine.Reduce the harm of alcohol to the fetus.

Add more vitamins and folic acid. Many women will add more folic acid after pregnancy, because this substance can reduce fetal neuropathic deformity and cardiovascular disease, which can effectively prevent fetal congenital malformations.Fruits and vegetables are done to reduce the probability of defects and promote the healthy development of the baby.

Can pregnant women drink alcohol?During pregnancy, you must not drink.

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