Specific mothers have long -term insomnia, anxiety and depression refuse to have baby, expert: nearly 10 % of pregnant women insomnia, should intervene early

Jimu Journalist Liu Xun

Correspondent Wang Chen

Photography correspondent Zhang Muguo

In October in October, I ca n’t sleep well with depression. After giving birth to a baby, I used medicine and sleeping for four hours. Ms. Li, who was able to sleep and charging, sincerely thanked her anesthesiologist who made her “sleeping safely”.

Ten months ago, Ms. Li, who lived in Jianghan District, was pregnant. She did not expect that with the joy of pregnancy, insomnia has since wrapped her into her, making her miserable.When I was pregnant, Ms. Li was very severe during pregnancy. She had to vomit more than ten times a day. Whether it was lying down, sitting, standing, she was disgusting, and her eating and drinking water were affected without a stomach.Suddenly, she often lost her temper because of a small matter. Her physical discomfort caused her to sleep intermittently for three or four hours in a night.

After finally surviving in the early pregnancy, the problem of insomnia did not improve due to the growth of the gestational week. As the pregnancy weeks increased, they often had back pain and back pain.It’s hard to fall asleep.Ms. Li, who was originally taking antidepressants, is becoming more and more likely to conflict with her family. Whether it is her husband or a parent, there are always many things that make her uncomfortable and gradually develop to emotional mania and unwilling to communicate with her family.

Director Feng answered questions for insomnia pregnant women

At the Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital for production, near production, Ms. Li did not sleep for three days and nights that made her exhausted and very irritable, painful, lost confidence in production, and even resisted. She was unwilling to communicate with her family.Ant on the pot.Ms. Li’s special circumstances aroused the attention of the chief physician of the Department of Anesthesiology. Director Feng patiently talked with Ms. Li. Not only did she persuade her to cooperate with the doctor to help her baby be born smoothly. At the same time, she formulated a postpartum sleep plan and solved Ms. Li.Knot.After the cesarean section, Director Feng followed the agreement with Ms. Li to help her sleep for her sleep. Ms. Li finally slept well.

In the insomnia and pain outpatient clinic of the Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, half of them came to consult with pregnant women.According to Chief Physician Feng Chun, Ms. Li’s insomnia is caused by sympathetic nerve excitement. The effect of adjusting the use of medication is obvious. Some information shows that nearly 10 % of pregnant women have insomnia, which is related to the physical response and psychological changes brought about by pregnancy.It is difficult to find the appropriate sleeping posture, increasing uterine compression of diaphragm, intestines, esophagus and bladder, and unbo -legged syndrome all affect pregnant women’s sleep. The sudden movement of the fetus may also wake up mothers.The incidence reached 27%.In addition, a variety of anxiety, such as fear of childbirth, new characters of parents, breastfeeding, choice of nursery, etc., will also bring psychological pressure on pregnant women, which will intensify sleep.

Insomnia has a great impact on physical and mental. Director Feng Chun suggested that they should fully attach importance to the insomnia of pregnant women, and do not simply attribute emotional irritability after insomnia to poor tolerance and coquettishness.Psychological intervention or related treatment, such as plant nerve regulation, prevent the development of chronic insomnia from one excessive short -term insomnia.

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