Spiritual incident: Mom and grandmother dream of the same woman

My hometown is in a small mountain village in Hubei. When I was a kid, I often heard adults surrounding the fire to pile some strange things. In my opinion, these incredible things that the older generations talked about.The horrible horror in the movie is even more terrible. Every time I listen to the old people tell these ghost stories, I feel that I am cold behind my back.Don’t dare, don’t say much, let’s go directly to the topic

Listening to my mother said that there is an unknown grave behind my house that is a female grave. I heard that this grave should be a bit old, and it should have it for more than 100 years.My grandmother said that having children in that house was very unsuccessful, and she did not succeed. Every time I was pregnant, I dreamed that a woman wearing a blue cloth shirt and a white cloth towel was a small bamboo basket in the dream.In the small bamboo basket, there are scissors and so on (in the past, rural people had children at home and went to the hospital to go far, so there would be a child who was introduced to a child).Grandma slept on the bed and watched the woman floating towards my grandmother in the basket. The grandmother was shocked, and she was scared to dream of this woman several times.Every time I fell asleep, I dreamed that this woman came to find her in her dream. Grandma pushed the grandfather who slept next to him and told the grandfather. The grandfather dug the grave behind the house the next day, and put the coffin.They all opened him and burned it. According to the people present at the time, the woman’s hair in the coffin was still okay, and it was not bad at all. When I was young, I picked up the woman’s hair and played.Make a stick and insert your hair on it.

The next night, my grandfather also dreamed of the exactly exactly exactly what the woman described as the grandmother, but this time in the dream of the grandfather’s dream, the woman was very fierce, and my grandfather was young and fierce.But you, when you are old, I will clean up you again. The grandfather said that if you dare to harass my family again, I will ask a Taoist priest to let you never give birth to something. The woman will scare away.After dreaming of that woman, my grandmother gave birth to my uncle, and after a few years, I gave birth to my mother!

My mother said that she often dreamed that the woman appeared in her dream before she was twelve years old. The woman took my mother to the high altitude.I cried straight, and then my grandmother asked my mother what happened. My mother couldn’t say it, but I didn’t remember what was going on.My grandmother said that she was scared by that female ghost before, and was exactly the same as my grandmother dreamed of it. After she was twelve years old, my mother never dreamed of that woman. When she gave birth to me, the woman appeared again.

That night, my father’s grandmother was not at home. Only my mother and the third aunt were in my house. The three aunt had a good relationship with my grandmother.Dreaming of that woman, a small bamboo basket, a white cloth towel wearing blue clothes appeared in my mother’s dream, and walked from a distance to my mother to sleep in the room. My mother was frightened from the bed at that time.He yelled and woke up the three aunt who slept next to him. The third aunt said what was going on, and my mother said at this time.

The next day my dad was back, and my mother told them this matter, and then my grandfather found the famous local gentleman to see it. The gentleman said that the grave was buried in this grave.Woman, she is to find a stand -in. You will kill you when you are pregnant, and then she will be born, and then the Taoist priests do the scene and send the woman away, and then I will be born safely.

Anyway, I have lived in that house for six or seven years and never dreamed of that woman. It is estimated that the woman was really gone!

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