Star Li Ai wholesale "Kaiseru" is a large number of. What does it affect the fetus during pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, some changes in the body will show some changes due to hormones. Some pregnant women will have strong vomiting, and there will be symptoms of constipation.

So, many people ask, can the constipation during pregnancy be used?Does it affect the fetus after use?

In a program -breed program, novice mother Li Ai shared some of her experience during pregnancy. One of the most troublesome and embarrassing problems -constipation during pregnancy.

She said, "I have never thought that I will wholesale Kaisai in my life in my life!"

Constipation during pregnancy, within a period of pregnancy and postpartum, is often a topic talked about by pregnant mothers.They said: People who have not experienced it do not know at all, and constipation during pregnancy is particularly painful.

However, the pregnant mother cannot blindly use Kaisylu during the constipation during pregnancy.

It will cause the abdomen and pelvic muscle atrophy, and cause changes in abdominal pressure;

Kaiseru is an effective laxative measure. Especially for patients with weakness and weakness, pregnancy or postpartum constipation patients, but often use Kaisu, which will form dependencies and cannot be used as drugs, otherwise premature birth will be induced.

Long -term use of Kaisali will cause the contraction function of the large intestine and anus of pregnant women and the ability of self -regulation. Once it is stopped, the constipation will be more serious, so the use of pregnant women must not be frequently used.

Pregnant women with constipation have low appetite and have no appetite, which causes intestinal dysfunction and aggravate the condition. The severe treatment induces her own poisoning, because many metabolites in the body must be discharged.If it is severe, a large amount of metabolites in the intestine will be absorbed and causes poisoning, which may be absorbed by the fetus.

Constipation will also cause pregnant women to go to the toilet, which will press the fetus.If the doctor is informed by the doctor in advance as a pregnant mother who has a "abortion sign", try not to work hard at defecation.Otherwise, it is likely to cause miscarriage once hard.

If constipation is always constipated and not discharged, it will affect nutritional supplements, which will definitely affect the fetus.

Pregnant mothers who are troubled by constipation, see what they say–

@ 鹿: After 28 weeks, it is often excreted more than twice a week. Every time I go to the toilet, I squat on my legs. When I come out, I have to hold the wall. What should I do?

@ 特: I am particularly worried that my constipation will affect the health of the fetus in the stomach!What should I do?

@: Drink a lot of water every day, as well as honey water, the stool is still dry, so annoying.

@: To improve constipation methods, fruits and honey are completely used!

1. Pay attention to diet conditioning

In terms of diet, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, increase the cellulose in food, drink a glass of honey water every day, eat more potatoes, corn, taro, lentils, etc., to promote digestion, so as to moisturize intestinal laxative.

2. Time to defecate in the morning

Waking up every morning to defecation is best.You can drink a glass of honey water first, and then eat breakfast to promote the gastrointestinal reflection after getting up.

3. Appropriate activity

Take an extra walking to help gastrointestinal exercise.Avoid sitting, standing and lying for a long time to prevent gastrointestinal motility from slowing down.

4. The triangle of yoga

To relieve constipation during pregnancy, some simple yoga movements will also help the symptoms of pregnant women’s constipation.Pregnant mothers also need to pay attention while making yoga. For example, when choosing the right clothing, they must be under the permission of doctors.

In practicing yoga, it must be based on personal needs and comfort, and it must also be coordinated with human physical condition.Pregnant mothers must be vigilant, must not be excessively practiced blindly.

If constipation during pregnancy cannot be relieved, you must seek medical treatment immediately.Do not arbitrarily abuse drugs such as unknown prescriptions, especially in the late pregnancy.

The abuse of drugs is not only harmful to the baby, but also the possibility of causing uterine contraction. This can easily cause miscarriage or premature birth.Some drugs also have certain side effects, affecting the growth and development of the fetus, pregnant mothers must be cautious!

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