Staying up late during pregnancy is equivalent to "abuse of the fetus". After reading these, do you dare to boil?

Staying up late has become synonymous with contemporary young people. Because young people are tired of their life during the day, the nerves are tightened. Only at night can I relax. For this reason, pursue a taste of nightlife has become a fashion, but some people are really really people.Not suitable for staying up late, especially pregnant mothers, there will be serious consequences if you are not careful.

This a few days ago, Xiaoli almost appeared "abortion".It turns out that Xiaoli has been pregnant for more than 5 months. At the beginning, she was very careful about doing things. She was always worried that the baby had an accident.Frequent late at night, early morning.

When the drama was rising the day before yesterday, Xiaoli suddenly felt severe abdomen pain. The family immediately sent it to the hospital. As a result, "threatened abortion" appeared. Fortunately, there was no accident in time.Now, Xiaoli will never dare to be willful.

In fact, women are really not suitable for staying up late after pregnancy.

1. Slow fetal development

Throughout pregnancy, expectant mothers have to go through multiple check -ups, mainly to understand the baby’s development. If expectant mothers often stay up late during pregnancy, playing mobile phones will cause the fetus to develop slowly. This is because the growth and development of the fetus are also hormones.The influence, the expectant mother’s staying up late will cause the hormone secretion in the body;

At the same time, the quasi -mother rest is too late, and the rules of the fetus will be disrupted, which will cause development.

2. Fire baby cannot rest normally

Some women have developed the habit of staying up late. Even if they are pregnant, although there is nothing wrong with this behavior on the surface, the damage to the baby is really there.

Staying up late will make the body unable to take a fully rest, which will cause abnormal hormone levels and make the baby feel uncomfortable. At this time, they often protest, showing that the frequency and amplitude of the fetal movement will increase.If it affects the baby’s development, it may also occur.

1. The right sleeping position

I often hear expectant mothers complaining that when I was about to give birth, I was too tired. I ca n’t sleep well at night. In fact, this is a situation that most expectant mothers will encounter, because this is also helpless.

In the late pregnancy, the expectant mother will be more bulky, and it is not easy to turn over. In addition, the incorrect sleeping position may also make the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck.Especially in the month of childbirth, mastering the correct sleeping position is really important for mother -in -law.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers adopt a side sleep in the third trimester, which can not only reduce the compression of the uterus to pregnant mothers, but also help expectant mothers to fall asleep.

2. Healthy eating habits

If you want to sleep well, you must first ensure that you eat well.During pregnancy, expectant mothers should eat more vegetables and fruits to ensure vitamin supply; at the same time, eat high -protein foods in an appropriate amount, which helps the baby’s brain to develop, and eat as little high -fat and high oil foods as possible. These foods are not conducive to digestion and absorption.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should learn more about some relevant knowledge, so that they can better avoid the wrong behavior.

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