Stomach always flatulence?Doctors sharing the summary of bloating tongue and proprietary Chinese medicine, learning is yours

If your belly is always flatulence, after eating, a shot is like a drum, and banged, then today I teach you to find the cause of bloating through the tongue elephant, and teach you to use proprietary Chinese medicine to adjust it well.

First of all, we think about why it is bloating?Is the breath in the stomach not smooth? What causes the stomach to be uncomfortable?

First of all, let’s look at the first case. If you often feel that your bad breath is obvious, you can obviously smell the smell of stinky eggs when you are snoring and snoring, and the stool taste is also very heavy.Just like the picture, the tongue coating in the middle of the tongue is yellow and thick. This is more common that the abdominal distension caused by the accumulation of food. After the accumulation of food, it will hinder the rising of the spleen and stomach gas machine and cause bloating.What should I do at this time?If you are the food accumulation caused by spleen deficiency, you can refer to a Baohe pill. If you just say that the food accumulation appears after the overeating, you can refer to a big hawthorn pill.

Then we say that the second situation is that if you usually not only bloate, but also always have sticky stools and not forming, limbs are heavy, lazy and lazy, and usually have a bad appetite., Look like this, like this, the tongue is fat and large tooth marks, and the tongue coating is thick and greasy. This situation is common. The abdominal distension caused by phlegm dampness hinders the rise and fall of the spleen and stomach gas machine, so it is easy to occur easily.What should I do at this time?You can refer to a fragrant sand Pingwei Pill, which is made of Pingwei Pills and amomum.It has a good effect of dryness, dampness, spleen, and qi and swelling.

We continue to say that the third type of abdominal distension. If you often feel sullen, you do n’t want to eat in your life. Even if you do n’t eat, you will bloated and snoring. You always feel full of chest and ribs., Bloating in the middle of the tongue.This is more common that the abdominal distension caused by liver qi and stomach, and liver qi stagnation leads to poor spleen and stomach qi machine, so it is easy to cause bloating. What should I do at this time?You can refer to a Muxiang Shunqi Pill, it has a good effect of morale and stomach relieving liver and dampness.

In the end, if you say that I am always the last fourth type of spleen and abdominal distension

The first Chinese medicine that we want to interpret is Xiangsha Liujun Wan, which we want to interpret. It has the function of nourishing qi and spleen and qi.Suitable for abdominal distension, vomiting and stool, shortness of breath and weakness.

The second Chinese medicine is called Dangshen Jianpi Pills.It is suitable for weak spleen and stomach, weakness in burnout, indigestion, abdominal fullness, do not think about diet, stools, and other symptoms.

These two Chinese medicines are suitable for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, which causes insufficient transportation function.

Do you learn to distinguish between these 4 deficiency?Do you learn how to refer to common Chinese medicine?

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