Story: After marriage, my husband has always been indifferent to me. I wondered a paragraph in March during pregnancy. I hate him

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For the first time, Wang Ying saw Song Yan at a blind date for his family.

The Wang family and the Song family were in the right house. Wang Ying was invited to the master of the Song family and went to the official residence to visit. A group of female women laughed at the banquet.

After the tea after the three tour, the mother of the Song family mentioned inadvertently: "Look at me, I almost forgot, should Ziyi be back today? I don’t come back to see my mother, what does it look like?"

Naturally, someone went to talk. After a while, the noise came, and a group of people surrounded by individuals and walked here.

The pride of heaven, the teenager has the ambition, stands upright in the pile, just like a white poplar in the wind, straight.

Song Yan was probably just back, still wearing a suit, straight pants, like a knife, a casual smile in his eyes, walking slowly, looking at Song’s mother and mother, "Mother, you call me me.? "

The mother of the Song family looked at him and laughed. After gossiping a few words, so many female relatives, she pointed to Wang Ying alone and introduced, "This is the pearl of your master’s palm, Miss Wang Ying and Wang."

He looked down and looked over, and the light in his eyes was unknown. Wang Ying didn’t know why, and suddenly he was panicked. She stood up with no hands and sneered at him slightly, but he squinted and laughed., Langlang with a smile on her lips, saying to her, "Miss Wang, hello!"

At that moment, there seemed to be silent and silent. Her eyes were full of smiley eyes. Behind him was the screen of rosewood, and the hollowed out of the rosewood was carved on the peony.Gently put on my hand and said softly, "Hello."

Song Yan didn’t stay for a long time, and left slightly after sitting, but anyway, what he had to do had done.

When Wang Ying came to the official residence of the Song family, her father had a vaguely mentioned, and the Song family intends to marry. Song Yan returned from abroad and asked the two young people to meet.

But a blind date banquet.

After he left, Wang Ying was sitting in front of him, his face was hot, and his palm had a layer of fine sweat. Mrs. Song had talked about other topics with others.

She tilted her head and looked at a glass floor window next to her. There was a large piece of peony behind the window, which was charming and trembling in the wind.

She pursed her lips, and there was a smile from the dimples on the lips. She thought, it turned out that he was like this.

Such a god of coolness.

Three days later, Song Yan personally visited the government in person, and the parents of the two were happy.

He made an appointment with Wang Ying’s outskirts to see flowers. There was a piece of peach blossom forest. In the middle of the mountain, April was the good time of Fang Fei. From the foot of the mountain, half of the mountain was hidden in a pink pink.

Song Yan’s family religion is very good, very graceful, and also speaks good. From the proper distance, he takes care of Wang Ying’s emotions in detail. She lowered her head and listened to Song Yan to speak, and occasionally responded to him gently. It was not embarrassing.

When I went down the mountain, Song Yan saw the clue. Although it was early spring and April, but the spring was cold, Wang Ying wore a silk dark cheongsam inside and the coat of the ingot collar in the outer cover.of.

Half of the mountain climbed up, the calf was sour, and the heels had probably grinded the skin, but she was very patient, and the smile on her lips was not weakened.

Song Yan seemed to look at her with a smile, and then instructed the guard officer who had been behind him. He took her to rest in the gazebo on the downhill road.The guards of the guards were very fast, but they came over with a handbag in a while.

Song Yan personally took out the shoes to her, and was very graceful: "This is on the mountain, the shoes are not easy to buy, you should be aggrieved first."

Wang Ying stunned, and then looked up at him. The dimple was looming.

She took the small leather shoes with a soft bottom of the cowhide and put on a trial. She accidentally folded her head.


Their incident was settled quickly. They had just met in the early spring, and Song Yan asked her to go out several times. This relationship got the greatest support in the heart of both sides.

The chaos in troubled times was chaotic. The Song family occupied the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, supported the army, and expanded to the north. However, it is said that the Wang family was said to be in business from the Yongzheng period.Large households.

Their wedding was set at the eighth day of June. Xia Guang was booming, green, and good at the good time. This wedding was extremely grand.

When Wang Ying married the Song family, he walked water transportation. On the sparkling moat under the sun, the wedding ship carried the dowry for dozens of miles. Wang Ying wore a red wedding dress and stood on the head of the river.The sides of the Song family were pulled out of the long warning line by the Song family, looking at the lively people.

Song Yan stood on the shore of the moat on the shore of the guards under the surrounding guard. Wang Ying’s wedding boat leaned on the shore. He stretched out his hand with a faint smile and laughed: "Give me a hand."

There are thousands of weeping willows on the shore. A green color of the river surface is like a good green brocade, and he is handsome, and said to her in this greenery, "Give me the handle.","

She put her slender hands on his hand. His palm was holding a gun, with a thin cocoon, and the temperature of his palm was hot. He held his hand and took it with force to bring her from the boat to the shore.

There was a car that had been prepared on the shore. He took her into the cushion on the back seat of the car.

Wang Ying looked at him over his head. The outline of his side face was firm as sculpting, but his brows were light, his eyes were slightly stubborn, and his eyes pressed the temples. He was probably tired. Of course, he would be tired.The status of status is there, how many trivial things need to be personally.

Wang Ying sat next to him, stunned the screen, and looked at the scene where the window was flying out of the window. He silently thought in his heart that when he got the Song family, remember to instruct the kitchen to make a white lotus porridge.At the same time, I thought, the newly -married mother was so daughter -in -law, I do n’t know if the Song family ’s subordinates will laugh at her …

Xia Yi is full of sound, and Song Yan’s breathing sounds. She looked at the hot summer light from the window. The girl’s heart was sweet worries.Bailian porridge with fire and worry …

However, Song Yan was very busy. After the wedding, Wang Ying rarely saw him. He did not return home all day. He returned early and walked early. Wang Ying woke up every day and touched him. The mattress was cold.

One night she slept confused. When she heard the whistle of the car in the middle court, she walked to the floor -to -ceiling window when she suddenly woke up.

A black car parked next to the fountain under the window. The two car lights were as big as fighting, and the lights broke through the dark night.Seeing Song Yan got out of the car.

She stood by the window, opened the floor -to -ceiling windows, and a gust of gusts came in. The white screen was blown into the night breeze. She looked down at the carved railings and looked down."

The corner of her mouth fluttered, the man who got out of the car paused, and then raised his head. The crystal lamp under the corridor of the Yanglou corridor just shown it on his face, and his expression was at a glance.

His brows frowned, only glanced over, the corner of his eyes was not in line with the chill of the evening breeze, which was not in line with the gentle and considerate memory she met him at the beginning.

Song Yan quickly leaned his head, and he followed a car in the back. A few people dragged a person on the middle of the middle of the dragging and dragged to Song Yan.

When he was doing things, he didn’t want to avoid Wang Ying. Wang Ying watched him squatting in front of the person who was dragged to the ground. He patted it on that person’s face lightly.His feet flying on the man’s chest, and the man spit on his sleeve.

Someone next to him handed him a handkerchief. He took it slowly and wiped the blood on the cuffs slowly, and his hand stretched out.

The trained guards took the half -dead person and went down.

Song Yan looked up at these, and the figure in front of the floor -to -ceiling window on the second floor was gone. He thought about it and turned into the private house behind.

On the second floor along the spiral ladder, the lights of the entire house were turned on. As light as day, he walked to the door of the bedroom and knocked on the door. The door was not locked.In the sewing, Wang Ying’s voice is quiet: "Please come in."

Song Yan opened the door and had some surprises, and there was no scared panic picture. Her face was even a little pink under the candlelight, and she was relying on the bedside to read a book.Seeing that Song Yan came in and looked up at him, his eyebrows were quiet and soft, and asked with a smile: "Come back? Are you hungry? I asked Zhang Po to cook some millet porridge for you, and then it would be fine after a while, took a bite?"

Song Yan opened the buttons under the neck of the military uniform, and walked towards her while holding his head.? "

Wang Ying wrote a book to him, and it was Liu Ye’s "Literature Carving Dragon" in the Southern Dynasties. He stunned and laughed and asked, "Do you like to read this?"

Wang Ying was a little annoyed by him, and packed the book without showing him.

The two were in trouble. Zhang Po came up with the boiled millet porridge. With some sauce, Wang Ying had eaten, but still used Song Yan.

The blood stains in the cuffs of Song 迹 did not dry, dried on the cuffs, and the stars were like a dry ink.


After that night, Song Yan began to detect Wang Ying’s goodness. She was the hostess of all the official residences. The family was good, and she was usually docile and frugal.

The most important point is her follow -up, and this kind of rules have added a kind of "nothing to do."

The silent pretends to be silly, can control his curiosity, just like the main mother of all the previous deep houses he had seen.

It’s reassuring.

The third month after their marriage was Wang Ying’s birthday. Song Yan couldn’t hold this kind of thing. It was an Amm next to his mother and reached out to hand him a delicate packaging box.

He took it over and opened it. It was a huge and round Nanzhu, and there were two votes. The Alm also watched him grow up and was entrusted by his mother, so he was quite important.

"Mrs. knows that you are busy, but this is the first birthday after you and Miss Wang’s marriage. You still have to pay attention to it. The lady knows that you have no time to pick a gift. Nan Zhu was chosen by him."Two tickets on the case next to the case, "Miss Wang likes opera. The two tickets are the Grand Theater of tomorrow night. You took the time to take a look at her.There is a box in Fangli … "

Song Yan looked up with a smile, and Amu was embarrassed. He paused, looked at his face, and explained: "You are now entangled in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. If you want to expand, you still have the help of the Wang family."

Song Yan smiled, and the guards behind him said, "Give me a little time tomorrow night."

Then Amu was relieved, and he didn’t wait for a long time. He sat back and returned to his old house.

The next day Song Yan went back very early. As soon as he entered the official residence, he heard that his wife was in the flower room.

He went to the flower house when he stepped up. In fact, it was already the sky in September. Even if the sun is booming, the sun is still slightly cool. The flower room is actually a huge glass room.Wang Ying likes Indus, so the leaves did not let the lower people clean up.

Wang Ying did not notice him. The temperature in the flower room was high. She wearing a small blue skirt at home alone, the waist was empty, her hair was not good -maybe it was scattered after it was raised, and a strand of hair hanging on her face was hanging on her face.side.

She took a pot of rosewood from the next person next to her, put it on the table, picked a moon white, cut it and insert it into the glass bottle next to it.

The exquisite glass bottle, the flowers inserted in were cold -colored, lined with white fingertips, Song Yan raised his brows.

Song Yan found that from marriage to the present, he didn’t seem to have had his eyes on his wife. Now it seems that his eyebrows are gentle, his posture, and his waist is not good.

At this time, Wang Ying looked up from the flower room and saw him froze for a moment, and the surprise in his eyes passed, but quickly converged. The people like them had to be calm.

Song Yan smiled, walked into the flower room, and picked up the bottle of flower she had just inserted, and then put it down. Wang Yingjiao said: "Why come back so early today?"

Song Yan looked down on her face and laughed: "Mrs. Song, I don’t know if I can enjoy me to invite you to go out for one night?"

Wang Ying’s eyes looked at him at a fixed look, flushed with a blush on his face, and leaned over his head, holding his lips without talking. After a while, Song Yan saw her even her ears.

Wang Ying changed her clothes, darkened cheongsam, and her identity was not stable.

Song Yan smiled and opened the door to let her sit in, and her eyes covered the disappointment in her eyes. The color of the old -fashioned autumn reminded him of his mother.

Of course, Mrs. Song’s arrangement is very appropriate. They have just entered the Grand Theater. The dean has taken people outside, probably the box.The atmosphere prepared.

Wang Ying glanced at him with his head, and his eyes were amazing in the light.

After they were seated, the singing and dancing began. It was a well -known song "Begonia Red" recently.What, when I came to the stage, I stomped my feet, but stopped for a few seconds, and reacted as usual.

Wang Ying smiled and said to Song Yan around me, "This is the best game I have seen." She admired the opera on the stage, and did not notice the appearance of the people around him.The emotions are in place, rare young … "

Song Yan did not answer her, Wang Ying watched the fascination and didn’t care.

After "Begonia Red" was over, the guards drove them to Yan’an Road. Wang Ying was a little excited today and said a lot.

Song Yan was a little bit happy. Until the dishes came, Wang Ying noticed his emotions. He couldn’t help but converge, and asked with anxiety: "What’s wrong?"

Song Yan smiled and said, "Nothing."

Wang Ying’s body was stuck, and her face blushed and said, "Is there anything wrong with it?" She smiled with her lips, "You can be with me today, I am very happy. If you are busy, let me go.Xiao Li came to pick me me. "

Song Yan thought about it, and he was not polite. He got up and walked to her, bent over and kissed her cheeks. The gift was pulled out of the table in front of her, saying, "Happy birthday."

Wang Ying opened the box, a huge Nanzhu, she looked up and smiled at him, thank you softly: "Thank you, I like it very much."

Song Yan was full of apology for the next departure, and then apologized before leaving people.

Wang Ying walked to the window, and the car stopped below. After a while, Song Yan appeared with people. She got on the car light and shot a turn. She cut through the lively night and gradually disappeared into the neon light.

Wang Ying took out the Nanzhu in her hand. In fact, this was the first time Song Yan gave her a gift. I don’t know if he found that Nanzhu tentacle was warm. She did not control the deep smile of the corner of her mouth.I thought, and then looked up at the window, as if I could see the person who was sitting in the car through the bright long road.

Unfortunately, she looked back at the table full of dishes, and there was a bun in her smile.


Wang Ying was diagnosed with pregnancy in December that year. Both Song Wang was happy. Wang Ying was caught by Song’s mother. When the news was passed out, Song Yan was first passed out.Come back.

He returned that day was really fast. Wang Ying sat on the sofa in the living room to talk with his elders. He saw him coming from the transparent floor -to -ceiling glass window in his head.

After walking closer, I saw the smile on the corner of his mouth, and she rarely saw him laugh -it was the kind of laughter or sneer. Today, the smile penetrated into his eyes, apparently very happy.

Wang Ying’s heart was put down, and his elders blushed again under the interest of the elders in the room.

Song Yan saw such a scene when he entered the living room. Wang Ying was sitting around by his elders, blushing, his eyes bright, and when he came in, he looked up at him with a smile.Because of pregnancy, there was an obvious attachment in his eyes. He stunned and turned his head to say hello to his mother.

Song mother beckoned with a smile and said, "It’s all a dad, why are you still like this? Come and see, the doctor said that it has been two months.Call the doctor to see, maybe when the two of you discovered? "

Song Yan smiled and asked Wang Ying, "How are you?"

Song mother intends to let the two of them stand alone, so they took someone to find an excuse to go out. When only the two of them were left, Song Yan noticed that Wang Ying was very relieved, and the state of the whole person relaxed a little.

He walked over and took out an apple from the fruit plate, cut the skin in person, and then asked her: "Mother is like this, if you feel annoyed, let’s go back to the official residence."

Wang Ying’s sight was attracted by the apple turned between his long fingers. She noticed that he was using us, and he had a sense of intimacy than us, which made her a little pleasant.Forget it, my mother is also kind, let’s talk about it … "She stroked her belly," Besides, the mother knows a lot, and the doctor said that the first three months was unstable.

He cut the apple into a small piece and sent it to her mouth. Wang Ying opened his mouth and ate it. He smiled: "This is good, if you are boring, then we will find an excuse to go back."

The aroma of Apple was squeezed between the lips and teeth, which was very sweet, and spreading along his throat to his heart. Wang Ying looked at him with a smile and said, "Okay, then we will find an excuse to go back."

Song Yan was sitting beside Wang Ying, and the sun in the afternoon came in warmly. Wang Ying was a little sleepy. Song Yan sat next to her and took her to the bedroom after feeding the whole apple and let her sleep for a while.

During that time, Song Yan often returned to the main house. The time to stay every day was different, but he would go back and take a look at Wang Ying.

Every time he came, Song Mu pointed at him and smiled at Wang Ying: "You see, when you are not here, I failed to meet him for ten days and a half months.Diligence. "

Song Yan laughed: "Mother, look at what you said, do I come to see you every day?"

Everyone laughed and didn’t speak. Wang Ying was sitting and silently sitting aside, pretending to see the scenery. Later, Wang Ying thought of that scene occasionally. At that time, he really thought that he was happy.

She used to be as close as it was as close to it, as if the sun was shrouded in her body, warming, but you could never hold the sun in your palm.You did not get that sunlight. It was only an occasional pity.

One day, you will clarify the truth, and the sun can become a hot flame to burn you.

For Wang Ying, it was found that it was not so difficult, and it was not concealed for too long.

When she was three months pregnant, there was only a little bit of arms, and Song’s mother was worried earlier: "The child is long, and the waist will be thicker until the fourth month.When I can wear it, when I was Huai Song, I started to show my arms in the third month, and the tossing me … "

Wang Ying listened with a smile, and Song’s mother said, "Don’t go to Buzhuang to quantity first, and make a few body clothes first," he paused, and said, "Forget it, let the master come to the house."After finishing, Wang Ying did not dare to move in the first three months, and was burn up in the house. He stopped Song’s mother and said, "Mother, let me go, just want to go out and turn around."

Song mother asked someone to play cards in the afternoon. After hearing the words, she thought about it and said, "Well, walk around and walk for the child."

In fact, it has been in March. Wang Ying has been chilling since she was pregnant, so she was slightly thicker. She put a big cricket outside before going out. The whole person was wrapped warm and thick.

When I arrived at Buzhuang, I went to the box first. The owner of Buzhuang personally waited for him. The guy below moved the cloth in and asked her to choose the flower.

She was dressed thickly, and she was somewhat stuffed in the box, so she opened the door and went out. The environment of Buzhuang was very elegant. A large vase that was tall and half -tall was a four -in -four hall.The curtain is separated from two spaces.

Wang Ying was sitting on a rosewood chair and poured a cup of tea for herself. The compartment next to her was two young women, gossiping.

A voice with envy: "He is attentive to you, but I’m afraid he hasn’t been at your heart like this?"

Another woman’s voice was like a beads and jade, and she was charming and crispy: "Men, how many are this? What is your intention, what is not yours?"

"But did he not go back to the old house recently? I heard, the one is not pregnant? You are not afraid …" He stopped talking, but anyone can hear the meaning in the words.

"Well–" With a disdain, he paused and tone was an unacceptable sarcasm: "Afraid? What are I afraid of? I tell you, do you know, his family’s birthday on the same day, on the same day, on the same day.He took her to see the song "Begonia Red" that I jumped. As soon as I came on stage, I deliberately stomped my feet. That night, he didn’t even eat meals with her, and rushed over to accompany me. What do I be afraid of?It’s so good to have a background. "

"Ah?" Another was a little surprised.

The woman said addictive, and lowered her voice and said, "Not only that, do you know what he gave her during her birthday?" The woman was a little proud of her, and she said, "It is a Nanzhu.Her birthday was the one who bought a good gift at home, and the votes in the theater were settled to the official residence. "

Another voice brought some compassion: "So pitiful."

"Isn’t it, it’s so pitiful."


The boss of Buzhuang personally picked up the cloth back to the private room. Wang Ying was sitting there to drink tea, and his face was pale. The boss bluffed and asked in a hurry: "What happened to the lady? Where is uncomfortable?"

Wang Ying wrapped the big puppet on his body, and smiled at him as usual: "It’s okay, it’s probably a bit cold."

The boss was busy instructing someone to go to the brazier. Wang Ying stopped, and finged with his fingers, and said, "Just a few colors, the boss is busy, I won’t bother."

The boss naturally did not dare, and always sent her to the door to watch the car before finishing the car.

She stepped back to the old house one step away. Song Yan did not know when she returned. She sat in the main hall to drink tea. She saw her from a distance, squinted her eyes and laughed, and asked, "Why is this good interest today?"

Wang Ying stopped, stood outside the door, and pale face, looking at him, his eyes were dark.

After marriage, my husband has always been cold to me. I wondered for a while of pregnancy, and I hated him.

Song Yan stunned and asked, "What’s wrong?"

Wang Ying laughed back and laughed, just as usual, his face walked in calmly, "Is probably tired?"

Song Yan smiled again, and came over to reach out to pick up the big cricket she put on her body. She was stunned, and she avoided it subconsciously. He was empty in the air, and looked at Wang Ying a little wondering.

Wang Ying wrapped his big stubborn, his teeth trembled slightly, avoiding him to explore the sharp sight, and said, "It’s cold," he paused, and said, "I go up and rest first."He didn’t have a good attitude, and looked up at him with a smile, "I feel a little uncomfortable."

Song Yan whispered and looked at her upstairs.

She went upstairs to sleep at night. After Song’s mother came back, she didn’t worry. She went upstairs to see her. She wrapped it tightly. Song mother went up to find her forehead and was hot.Song’s mother was shocked, and quickly called people.

When Song Yan was called back from the outside, the whole mansion was brightly lit. The doctor hadn’t left yet. Song mother sat on the living room and was sitting on the opposite side of the driver and the owner of Buzhuang.

At a glance, Song Yan knew it was bad, and asked calmly, "What happened?"

When Mother Song saw him sighed: "I went out for a while today, and I just went up, and I saw it red." Saying red eyes, "Poor children, I went out in the morning, it’s your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child, this is your first child,I am very careful, now I have seen red, but fortunately something happens. "

After asking a few people, there was nothing particularly noteworthy. Song Yan went upstairs to see Wang Ying. She hadn’t returned yet. It is estimated that the consciousness is still faint.Khan, wet her hair, he reached out and pulled her hair away, but she cried in the dream.

The skewers rolled down the corner of my eyes, lined with a big slap face, and looked a little pitiful. Song Yan moved slightly, walking up and holding her hand, and whispered, "What do you want?"

He asked a few times in a row, Wang Ying cried very pitifully, shook his head, and finally asked anxiously, and murmured in a faint sense: "I’m going home … I want to go home …"

"Back to the official residence?"

"Mother … Mother …" Speaking of the last sobbing, it was very wronged: "I want my mother …" This mother is naturally not Song’s mother, Song Yan looked at her, probably she was so pitiful, it was so pitiful.What’s more, she was still with his child. He pityed in his heart and lowered her head to coax her: "I will go to the Wang family to call your mother–"

He stood up and went out, and when he was going to leave, her hand was holding his palm deadly, and the weight passed from the fingertips to his heart.Just leave.

When Wang Ying woke up, the Queen Mother sat beside the bed and burst into tears. She saw her wake up. Half of the distress was half a blame: "You, you, how big you are, you want to be a mother, how to go out and not be assured."

Wang Ying turned her head. She was on the second floor and looked out of the window from here. You can see the top of the camphor tree planted in the hall. The leaves are rushing. She is silent. When she turns over again, the Queen Mother sees herEven her complexion changed, Shen Ling took a moment. She grabbed her mother’s hand and said, "Mother, I want you to do it for me."

Her expression was silent, the Queen Mother froze, knowing that it was not a trivial matter. Wang Ying raised her head, touched her belly, and smiled abruptly, saying, "This matter must be secretly, let the elder brother do it."

These days, she is not really coma. In the deepest part of the mind, she always remembers that day, through the bead curtain, Fang Qingye’s cheongsam wrapped slender body, Yan Rong’s charming and delicate girl was full of disdain, dyed, and dyed her face, dyed her face.The red fingers of Dan Kou were long and long, and a cup of tea was lifted, and there was a high compassion in the disdain.

When Wang Ying was floating, she was thinking: she was the daughter of the king’s family, and she couldn’t help such a person to be pitiful.


Song Yan came up with the newspaper more than ten days later. Wang Ying had scared the two of Song Wang when he saw the red, pressed her to raise a tire in bed, and did not even give the bed. When Song Yan slowly came up,Wang Ying will finish drinking a bird’s nest.

Song Yan took over the empty bowl and put the newspaper she had been pinched in front of her eyes, and could not hear the emotion: "For this for this?"

Wang Ying went to see, the genuine newspaper, the big label "shocked! Gu Yuanyuan, the owner of the Jinghua Theater, died in a car accident last night."

Wang Ying didn’t speak, but Song Yan laughed and raised her chin. Wang Ying was forced to look at his eyes. He smiled at the corner of his mouth, but he brought a fierceness deep in his eyes.I have seen this: "If you told me that day because she was dirty of your eyes, I would handle it without you let the Wang family do it, but Wang Ying, you made a big taboo,"

His voice was dark, "I hate people the more and more, do you understand what I mean?"

"You have to understand your identity, what can you do, and what are you not doing?"

Wang Ying pulled the corner of his lips and laughed: "What should I do? Help you prepare to hire you to give you a nap, take your home and put it under my eyelids?"

Song Yan seemed to be shocked by her innocence and said, "I think you know …"

Wang Ying knew what he meant. A few days ago, her mother also persuaded her: "Everyone like us, just open one eye and close one eye. Song Yan did not put people on the bright side, which shows that it should be given to youFace, just pretend to be good, your family is here, who can see who can live more than you? No matter how you play outside, you always have to go home. "

But Wang Ying didn’t want to do such a psychological construction before. She had been dazed since she was a child. Naturally, she knew what was nothing to do. She was silent. Her parents and outsiders were in love.I don’t know if I pretend to be. What is the meaning of such a marriage contract?

Especially when she remembered their first seeing, he was surrounded by the crowd to her, careless, and her eyebrows.

How can I bear it if I really love someone?

Probably her complexion, he couldn’t bear it, but he still told: "In the future, this kind of thing will not be the only one. I hope you care about yourself."

After pause, his complexion was soft, and he raised his hand and touched her hair, just like a affectionate husband, a good father of the child, and said, "Keep your fetus, I will take time to see you tomorrow."

After leaving, he was sitting on the bed. The shadow was obliquely west, and the room was dark in the room until the maid came up, and the darkness in the house jumped, turned on the lights, and shocked:"Why can’t your wife turn on the lights?"

The room was suddenly bright, and Wang Ying watched her head and looked at it. The maid only felt that her face was white without blood.

The servant thought she was crying, but no, she had no tears on her face, and she even smiled gentle and tenderly under the gaze. She said softly, "I just woke up, but I didn’t expect it to be so dark."

The maid thinks that the lady is different from before, but she can’t say it, so she stunned and asked, "What happened to the lady?"

"I had a dream when I slept. It’s too long, just wake up now." The maid looked at her and didn’t dare to answer again.

Song Yan still came back to see Wang Ying every afternoon. When she was five months pregnant, she finally raised her body, but she should pay attention. When Song Yan came, she laughed.Looking deeply, Song’s mother and Wang family were very satisfied.

Song Yan thought that it may be the effect of previous conversations. He looked at Wang Ying. The smile on her face hung on her face like a mask, sitting there, and the lower abdomen was slightly convex.Raise a little guilt.

Honestly, he was satisfied with Wang Ying. He remembered that when she was in the flower room, he was a little moving, especially that night she pulled his hand and wept, but he really did not like others to intervene in him.Especially after his marriage with the Wang family, the Wang family gradually wanted to insert people even in his guards, which exceeded the permissions they should have.

Through the death of Gu Yuanyuan that day, he said to Wang Ying, in fact, he also said to the Wang family, but he was too harsh to Wang Ying, to be honest.

Thinking about it this way, next time I went home, I brought some gifts back and handed it to Wang Ying. She took it with a smile, put it on the case next to the case, and then thanked him.

She didn’t take it apart, Song Yan frowned for a moment, and suddenly remembered that she seemed to haven’t looked at her face for a long time, and she looked at him without eyes.

When he went out, she was still sitting there, looking at him gentle and gentle, and asked him with a smile: "Be careful on the road."

Different, when Song Yan went out, he thought that it was not the same. This was his expectation wife. He followed the rules, and he knew that he had a silly dress, and his face was so reassuring.

He sat on the back seat, and suddenly remembered that on the day of her birthday, he took his gift with a smile, and then thanked him with joy, his eyebrows fluttered, the whole person seemed to be glowing, his lips were curved, and said:"I like it very much." It was a little slightly stunned.

He closed his eyes, pinched the temple, and stopped him from thinking about it.

Wang Ying saw Song Yan outside again. It was her confinement after giving birth. A sister -in -law on the Wang family accompanied her to go shopping. She saw that he was with a woman."That is?"

Wang Ying turned around, smiled, and denied: "No, you read it wrong."

The sister -in -law didn’t ask anymore, and shifted the topic and looked at a bunch of beads on her wrist and asked, "This is Nanzhu? It is very lined with your skin tone."

Wang Ying smiled and said, "Thank you, I like it too."

This string of beads is her shame. She has to wear on her wrist to remind herself from time to time, silently open her eyes, in fact, it is not as difficult as I think.Can’t bear it?

Life is still long, as her mother said, who can cross your head?

She pulled her lips and smiled.(Original title: "It is difficult to eliminate")

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