Story: He has a nightmare at night, dreams of being chased by the python, and the next day, Peach Blossom Find the door

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There is a shop specializing in oil paper umbrella, called "Sending Qing", which is not big, but it is very famous in the local area.

The umbrella shop shopkeeper Yan’s book was a scholar, and he became a talented talent when he was young, but he was not in the exam after the test, and he also had a headache that he had a headache as soon as he entered the examination room. Since thenEssence

Yan Yanjian is warm, and he always calmly speaks.Although it will not be exquisite, it is not impatient to anyone, and it is very popular.He also practiced a good calligraphy and painting, and the umbrella surface he used to add is a little more charm elsewhere. Many wives and ladies love to come here to buy umbrellas.

After a few years, the reputation and business of Shop have been even more layered.

Daily reading and painting takes into account the business that takes care of the door. There is no shortage of food and clothing.

There are many rain in autumn, and every time, you have to take a while.The umbrella shop has no gangs. When he was busy one day, Yan Yanshu was a little bit unbearable.

Sending the last guest to leave, Yan Jinshu was relieved, stretching his body to close the door, looked up, and saw a white woman standing opposite the street.She didn’t hold the umbrella, and the rain pushed her soaked in her body. She hid under the eaves without leaving.

Yan Jinshu looked at her, and seemed to be waiting for someone, but looked around and saw anyone who came.

At this time, it was too late, and the left and right shops were closed, and there were fewer passers -by.Seeing the rain in the day, there is an increasing trend of rain. Who will meet in this kind of weather?

For a moment, Yan Jinshu supported an umbrella, took another umbrella in his hand, and walked to the opposite side.

When I approached, Yan Jinshu found that the woman was not wearing white clothes, but the color was similar.Her clothes have light green patterns, like bamboo, but they are not embroidered like embroidery, but they outline like ink pen.

Yan Yanshu handed the umbrella in his hand and said, "Girl, it’s too late, go home quickly."

The woman did not pick up the umbrella, but looked at Yan Yanshu and asked, "You, can you know Xu Xianggong? He is like you, and he is also a scholar."

Yan Yanshu wondered, there are more scholars in this world, can he know it?

Looking at the woman in front of her eyes, she was a little persistent, and Yan Shushu’s eyes floated from her scattered hair. She didn’t hold her hair bun. Her age was about 28 years old, and most of them were not married.

The women of ordinary people will not ask the man if they speak like this. Yan is shocked. Is she running out of the house from the house?

I have doubts, but it ’s not easy to say it. Yan Yanshu tentatively asked:“ Girl, but do you have an appointment with others? ”

The woman frowned and thought: "Where? The West Lake meets, the broken bridge meets, it should be in that one, but I have been looking for a long time and I can’t find anyone."

It was Xu Xianggong and the West Lake Bridge. It was Xu Xian who met this condition. Yan Yanshu joked and asked: "Are you looking for Xu Xian?"

Who knows, the woman’s eyes lit up instantly. She grabbed Yan’s sleeves and asked happily: "Do you really know Xu Xianggong? Where is he, the owner asked me to ask him a word."

"Who is your master?"

"White Lady."

Yan Yanshu couldn’t laugh and laughed, and it was not a crazy person. Why do you say such crazy words?He just watched her unbearable.

Although the bookmaker told this shemale love, it was just a story, it was impossible to be true.A few years ago, a good person ran to the West Lake and went to Leifeng Tower. If you want to find out, there is no trace.

Even if it is true, this story is less than 300 years.For so long in the past, people at that time did not know how many reincarnations. How could she find Xu Xian?

I heard that some books are most likely to move their temperament. I don’t know where this woman hears this story and falls into it, some crazy.

Yan Jinshi felt that it was a bit tricky, but he couldn’t let go of the people, and looked around. People who did not see the government passed by.


Yan Jinshu had a night’s dream. A big python in the dream was born handsome and chased him for one night, and he couldn’t help calling him to "Xianggong".

After waking up, Yan’s book laughed dumb.But listening to a few words of nonsense, why did he have such a funny dream?

A few faint chickens, Yan Yanshu looked at the sky across the window, and estimated that the next time, he was about to return to the bed and sleep, and seeing a personal shadow in the yard, he couldn’t help but startled.After holding a moment of breath, I felt like the woman he brought back.

She shouted across the window, and it was her.

He had a nightmare at night, dreamed of being chased by the python, and the next day Taohuayun came to the door.

When I walked into the yard, Yan Jinshu said, "Girl, it’s too early, you go to sleep for a while. When it is dawn, I will take you to the government to explain the situation to see if you can find your family."

There was no way. Last night, he asked many questions, but he didn’t ask anything.She didn’t even know her name, only to know to find "Xu Xianggong".

After listening to this, the woman laughed: "By the way, Xu Xianggong also has relatives in the public."

Well, there are still this, although there are some small differences, the plot of the White Snake Biography is right.

After last night, Yan Fanshu gave up inquiring. At this time, he also followed her words: "You can find it if you may have a good spirit.

When lying on the bed, when she was sleeping, she was so beautiful that her eyes were really good -looking, clear and bright, and she was pure.

This uninteresting eyes should be available to be able to take care of it. I really do n’t know how her family is so careless that she is alone. Perhaps her family is not knowing how to be anxious.

However, when Tianming went to the gate, he really didn’t know where to say this.If she really wants to find Xu Xian, it is estimated that she has to be regarded as a lunatic.

As he expected, when he explained the situation, the two princes looked very weird to see his eyes.

One of them is familiar with Yan’s book, and knows that he is doing his best on weekdays. Seeing that he is not joking, pulling him aside, glanced at the person standing next to him, and whispered: "Yan Gongzi, you must not be kidding.How can we report this kind of speech? "

Yan Fanshu said helplessly: "But that’s it, you bother, help find the girl’s family."

"But I do n’t know how to find this question, I ca n’t post a notice who wrote a lady who loves to see the white snake biography?It was boiled, and the girl’s family was almost destroyed. When her family found it, it is estimated that we were still complaining about us. "

Yan Yanshu said: "What should be good? You can’t let people care about it."

The tactics were thinking again and again, and came up with an idea: "Yan Gongzi, otherwise, I think this girl is also close to you, let her live in your house first.Find someone, nor do you destroy the girl’s reputation. "

Yan Jinshu thought, does not prevent her from clearing her reputation?

Seeing that Yan’s book was concerned, he smiled: "You say she is your distant relative, who can say what else? Well, by the way, don’t you call a girl, it looks rusty, how do you call you think about it?, So good. "

Yan Fanshu stared at the people who were far away, and a little dumbfounded, where is it good?You have so meticulous thinking, why do you do so hasty?

"Yan Xianggong, don’t they know Xu Xianggong?"

Turning his head, looking at a person who was ignorant, Yan Shuo sighed.When encountering such absurd things, there is no wonder that others have dealt with the grass rate.


Yan Yanshu left the person, and he was called the sister of the same classmate in the past.As for her name, she said that she likes the name of the umbrella shop, and Yan Yanshu has changed slightly, and for the time being, she calls her Song Qing.

After getting along with each other for a while, Yan Fan felt that Song Qing seemed to have not passed through many people, and it was very simple.

Don’t worry about leaving Song Qing alone at home, and when Yan Jinshu went to the umbrella shop, she also asked her to go together.She slowly learned to help. Although she was sometimes clumsy, she was very serious about everything.

Song Qing liked to stay in the umbrella shop, and gradually, her face smiled more.

However, she still did not forget to find Xu Xianggong.

Yan Jinshu had to keep the shop, and when he was not assured of Song Qing, he discussed with her that she would accompany her to find someone every afternoon.

Although she promised to help her find someone, but where to find someone who did not exist at all, she only thought about this, and it was not good to let her go out.Yan Jinshu picked some places to take her out, and he was scattered.

The weather was good on this day. Yan Yanshu remembered that there was a red maple on the mountain outside the city. At this time, the redness was just right. Instead, he did not go to the shop. Instead, he packed Song Qing to enjoy the maple.

The mountain was quiet, and Yan all chose a broad place, greeted Song Qing and sat down, looking at the scenery on the mountain and sighed comfortably.

He hasn’t been playing around for a long time because he is going to keep the shop.These days, because of Song Qing, he can walk around and see, it is also excellent.

Song Qing followed him up the mountain, and he didn’t say anything on the way. He sat down and asked, "Yan Xianggong, but thinking about Xu Xianggong would come here?"

Yan Fushu looked at Song Qing helplessly, sighed in her eyes, but still wanted to persuade her: "Girl, some things still need fate, you are so persistent …"

Without finishing the words, Song Qing frowned and said, "Yan Xianggong, you are talking now, similar to that monk."

That monk, is it Fahai?

Yan Yanshu flashed the description of Fahai in the population of the book, and unconsciously swallowed the next words, and moved Song Qing’s attention to other places. "Do you have what you want to do?"

Song Qing opened his mouth.

Yan Yanshu said: "Except looking for someone."

Song Qing immediately shook his head.

The two looked at each other for a long time, and they still wrote a book compromise. "Then you tell me about the white lady Xu Xian, maybe you can find some clues."

Song Qingru was a few family treasures. Although it was not as wonderful as Mr. Shu Shu, many of them were the first time that the details were all heard.For example, Xu Xian likes articles, clothes that are commonly worn, and food that loves to eat … Even if Xu Xian is born with medicine and takes medicine, it is detailed to eat two plums.

Yan Fanshu gradually listened to it, as if the two ordinary and lingering pictures of the two people appeared in front of her eyes, and these descriptions were not as what Song Qing would say, but more like the white lady borrowed her mouth to tender.

However, she is also deeply entered, and she really does not know what it is.

Yan Fanshu followed: "Girl, you are not a white lady, how do you know that so many two people get along with each other? Or does you say, where did you heard it?"

Song Qing replied: "The owner told me. After Xu Xianggong left the Leifeng Tower, the white lady was panicked in the tower and loved to say these things."

The subconsciousness of Yan’s book wanted to ask Xu Xian why she would leave, and she returned to God at once, and found that things were not good. It seemed that no matter how she wanted her to understand that she was just a story, she could always be passed by her.

With a cough, Yan Yanshu raised his brain to praise the beautiful scenery, thinking that Song Qing could forget what the white snake passed on for a while.

Xu was pouring, and Song Qing also thought about thinking about other things.

After watching it for a long time, Song Qing suddenly said: "The owner said that the rain in the West Lake is the best. She said that she hopes to have one day, and she can have the opportunity to find another rainy day to travel to the West Lake.The sound of Leifeng Tower, she said that the sound of the rain sounded like crying. Is Yan Xianggong, rain and rain, is it different? "

Yan Yan’s book first looked at her, but did not know how to answer.

Fenghua Xueyue has no intention, and all kinds of colors are just different people.If the two hearts have a spiritual rhinoceros, falling flowers are also beautiful.If the two hearts are separated from the same pillow, the rain will hurt people.

Love and ruthlessness are a person’s heart, so you can look at flowers and flowers, rain and rain.

I have heard a lot of white snake biography before, and it is not as touching as Song Qing.

Perhaps this is the case. When I can only tell outsiders in my heart, it is clear that there is always a faint sorrow …

"Yan Xianggong, don’t you know what the rain is different?"

Song Qing’s words interrupted Yan’s contemplation. He returned his mind and smiled bitterly. He obviously wanted to persuade her, but he often caught himself in the story.If you follow her thoughts, maybe she will be beyond her.

In the afternoon, the sky was changed, and it seemed to be raining. Because there was no umbrella, there were no people nearby. It was not easy to find a place to avoid the rain.

Who knows that the rain comes, the two have crackled before the two people came to the foot of the mountain.

Yan Fanshu was about to take off his coat and put on Song Qing, and turned around, and found that he was left around him.The rain drops around him were very anxious, but no drop of rain fell on him.

The doubt looked up, and Yan Jinshu found that an umbrella on his head was suspended. The umbrella was similar to white, the color was elegant on it, and the raindrops fell on it. The sound was very nice.

"Yan Xianggong, there are more trees here, I can only become so big. If Yan Xianggong is afraid of pouring, he will go to the open place, and I will become bigger."

"Song Qing?"

"it’s me."

"Are you a demon?"

Yan Jinshu also knew that this was stupid, but in front of this scene, he was good to speak.

"Um." Song Qing responded and urged again, "Yan Xianggong, hurry up, this rain is getting bigger and bigger."

Yan Fanshu stepped subconsciously, stepped on the small puddle in front, and the splashed water soiled the shoes.Yan Jinshu looked down, slowly looking back, and calmly calm down.

The son is not weird, and it must be because the son has never encountered a demon.

Yan Fanshu remembered what Song Qing once said, and finally understood that she had never been fake. She never thought she was a demon.

"Girl, what kind of monster are you?" Yan Fanshu took out the people in the white snake one by one, and it was not sure which one was Song Qing.

Song Qing said strangely: "Yan Xianggong, am I not turning back to the original shape? I am the umbrella that Bai Niang invited the public to support the public."


The ending of the White Snake Biography, which is well known and happy, was suppressed by the white lady under the Leifeng Tower. Xu Xian became a monk. In the end, the two were emotionally moved.

This is not the case according to Song Qing’s statement.

"At that time, the owner entered the Leifeng Tower, and Xu Xianggong had swept the tower every day. The host was worried that Xu Xianggong was sunny and rain, and he injected spiritual power on me, so that I followed Xu Xianggong.

"One day, Xu Xianggong left Leifeng Tower. Because the owner was in the tower, I couldn’t leave too far, so I lost Xu Xianggong.Let me leave Leifeng Tower and come out to find Xu Xianggong. I must find Xu Xianggong and not let the owner disappoint. "

"Why don’t you go back and see, maybe Xu Xian has returned to Leifeng Tower and the white lady reunion?"

Song Qing said firmly: "No, when I left Leifeng Tower, the owner gave me something. If they met each other, I would know."

Yan Yanshu was curious, "What is it for you?"

"A bead, I take it, if I meet Xu Xianggong, the bead will be bright."

However, there may be no fairy in the world.

After all, people are different from the demon, and it is impossible to live for hundreds of thousands of years.Xu Xian, a ordinary man, can’t escape the reincarnation of life and death.

Perhaps Xu Xian is now a young child, or an old man, and maybe even a grass and a cow. How can she find it?

After listening to Yan’s book, Song Qing said: "The master said, she recognizes it."

How can I recognize it?Song Qing couldn’t tell why.But because Bai Niangzi said, she had no doubt and never gave up looking for it, even if she had no clue, even if she was wrong.

After knowing Song Qing’s identity, Yan Jinshu began to accompany her to find people with all her mind, but in many places, Yan Jihui subconsciously avoided it, such as Buddhist temples and Taoist views.He dared not care about it. In case of a monk or Taoist who would surrender the demon and eliminate the demon, he couldn’t help Song Qing himself.

At first, Bai Niangzi’s thousand -year -old Daoxing still couldn’t escape the bottom of the Leifeng Tower. Song Qing’s small umbrella monster would have no other skills except to the original shape.When I met for the first time, she was drenched by the rain.

Song Qing didn’t know the way. According to her, she also thought about going back to Leifeng Tower to take a look at the white lady, but she asked many people and could not find the way.

Such a monster is not bad to say that it is harmful to others. It is not bad. I really do n’t know how these hundreds of years have come.

However, the vast crowd of people is not easy to find someone.

Sometimes, Yan wrote that he might not see Song Qing’s wish for a lifetime.

Song Qing remembers that Bai Niang said that Xu Xian was a scholar, and she wanted to go in when she met the academy.

It was just that the academy never allowed women to enter. At first, Yan’s book wanted to take an umbrella in and turned around. Song Qing also said that if it became an umbrella, it would not be easy to distinguish whether Xu Xian was there.

Yan Fanshu can only lead people in.

Song Qing’s eyebrows are beautiful, and their looks are not like men.So even if she is wearing men’s clothing, she can be easily recognized.

When encountering a soft temperament, people will leave directly.

When encountering a stubborn and pedantic master of temperament, you have to teach them, and then drive them out.

The latter one encountered this time.

The master of a Confucian shirt brows his eyebrows and anger: "Seeing you is also a scholar, but he doesn’t even know this.

Yan Jinshu encountered several things like this, and his face was a lot thicker.He blocked Song Qing behind him, and said skilledly, he did not delay the trace of trace. It wasn’t until Song Qing gently pulled his sleeves before leaving someone to leave.

Going out is so far, Song Qing looked back at the academy and asked, "Yan Xianggong, am I giving you trouble?"

Seeing her a little overwhelmed, Yan Fanshu laughed: "Reading the human nature is shy, they are embarrassed."

Song Qing settled at him, and suddenly laughed: "Yan Xianggong, you are so good."

Yan Jinshu stunned and turned his head suddenly, and the tip of his ears slightly flushed.

When he was almost home, Yan Yanshu was waiting for the two macarons at the door of the house.

One of them turned around and saw him, saying, "Yan Gongzi, these days, we also checked it, and several cities around me also inquired. No one reported the case and I heard that someone lost it. This case is really hard to do it.","

Yan Jinshu remembered that there was still this matter. He thought about it slightly. He laughed: "This girl has remembered something. She did come here to find someone. I have repaired the book to her family.I got a reply, I haven’t had time to talk to the two. "

"That girl …"

"Coincidentally, the day was just a measure of power. Who knew that she was really a friend. Because she had no relatives here, she still had to live in my house for a while."

Lucky laughed: "That’s right, we don’t need to check it."

Send away the two and leave, Yan Shushu breathed a sigh of relief.When he entered the house with Song Qing, Yan wrote that the Master always said that he was not good at all. If he saw himself today, he would definitely not say so.


The umbrella shop business is as usual, but the people in the shop have become two, and the two people are gradually tacit.

One day, the rain was raining outside. The two sat in the umbrella shop and listened to the sound of the rain outside. Song Qing suddenly turned his head and asked, "Yan Xianggong, I like it here, wait for Xu Xianggong, can I follow you?"

Yan Jinshu nodded. He naturally couldn’t ask for it. When he met this simple umbrella monster, he was destined to turn back without shore.

Unconsciously, it has passed for half a year. In the February of Yangchun, the willow is green and the street has begun to be lively.

I don’t know from that day, Song Qing became absent -minded.Yan Fan asked a few times, and she didn’t answer, but when she went out to find people, she had a little more urgency.

Yan Fan thought and thought about it. One day, the guests who bought umbrellas occasionally said that it was March three more than half a month, and Fang remembered one thing.The white lady and Xu Xian met in March 3.

Song Qingding was hung up.

Yan Yanshu is studying in a foreign country. At the end of February each year, he returned to the academy to gather in the college in the past.After Yan Jinshu planned to gather, he took Song Qing to see Leifeng Tower.

Speaking of Song Qing, she was very happy.

After packing things, Song Qing said again: "After seeing the master, let’s go to West Lake, I also want to visit West Lake with Yan Xianggong."

Yan Jianxuan promised: "Okay. What do you want to do, tell me, tell me wherever you want, we will go shopping together in the future."

Song Qing pouted and smiled, her eyes brightened, "When I saw the master, I wanted to tell her, I also found the best person in the world."

The two walked while walking, and went to the academy on the day of the gathering.

Other classmates go to the academy to bring everything. Yan Fanshu only brought a paper umbrella.

Yan Fanshu found an excuse and walked away.

A little closer to the place where everyone was sitting, stopped for a while, Song Qing shook his head and said that he was not, and then changed back to the umbrella.

Yan Fanshu took the umbrella back to return. Usually, after the school gathered, they would go to the restaurant, and then find a place to make trouble after eating and drinking.When I was in the usual book, I walked after eating, and now he follows Song Qing. He wants to leave after you finish talking.

Who knows, before sitting down, I heard someone say: "Can you remember Brother Duan Chen? I heard that he had done a monk, but who knew the place, we went to see him too."

A person in the same city with Duan Chen nodded, "Not far away, just in the nearby Shanyun Temple."

Someone sighed: "In the past, when he was studying, Yan brother Yunxia was full of paper, Duan Brother Wencai, and the two of them liked the most. Now they are not in the career.

Yan Jinshu didn’t feel that he had any regrets.If he didn’t give up, he couldn’t meet Song Qing, he was willing, and finally he was the most happy to want.

Speaking of Duan Chen, he was one of the reasons why Song Qing would be a demon at the beginning.

Duan Chen is usually good, only the same, he can’t hear the white snake biography.Every time I hear it, I jumped when I saw the lake. When I saw the snake, I caught it. I cried and asked with who Xu Xian and who it was.

He left the academy for two years, and later never attended the party. However, he did not expect to meet again.

Duan Chen entered the empty door, and the common name was no longer used. Seeing that they were not happy and sad, they called "the master", and many of them were hard to say.

When he was going to leave, Duan Chen gave each other, Yan Yanshu happened to stand beside him, and suddenly found that the umbrella in his hand trembled.

Yan Yanshu stunned, remembering what Song Qing said, a thought flashed in his mind, is it Duan Chen or Xu Xian?

But now people are more complicated, he dare not let Song Qing appear.A little soothing the umbrella in his hand, Yan Ru Shu hurriedly ran out of the temple, hurriedly found a quiet place, and put the umbrella aside.

As soon as Song Qing came out, he hurriedly grabbed Yan’s sleeves and said anxiously: "That person is Xu Xianggong."

Yan Fanshu was afraid that Song Qing would enter the temple to attract scourge, and did not dare to let Song Qing go back again.

"Then you ask me to ask Xu Xianggong’s sentence."

Yan Yanshu agreed, but saw Song Qing open his mouth but did not make any sound, and her body disappeared slowly.

Song Qing seemed to understand what was going on. She smiled softly, but she slipped off two lines of tears in her eyes. She shouted "Yan Xianggong" silently.The appearance fell in the arms of Yan’s book.

Yan Yanshu’s eyes were cracked, and no matter how he shouted Song Qing, he could not get a response.

At this point, a light went straight to the temple from the top of the umbrella bone.

When Yan’s book rushed to the temple, he saw Duan Chen’s monk surrounding him around.

He squeezed in and looked at a white woman in it.She lying on the ground, looking up at Duan Chen, her voice trembled: "Xianggong."

Duan Chen’s tears shook his head desperately, "I’m not Xu Xian, no, I’m not Xu Xian, don’t find me anymore."

The woman in white was stunned and finally smiled. "When you left, I knew you regret it. But I still want to ask you, have you thought about me after you leave?"

Unfortunately, the tower was broken, the soul dream was no return, and goodbye was a ruthless person.

In the Buddhist temple, the woman in white gradually returned to the snake body, and she flew up before a group of monks moved.The snake tail rolled over the umbrella in the arms of Yan’s book, and left the clouds.

West lakes are dry, rivers and lakes can’t afford, Leifeng tower falls, and white snakes are born.

In fact, there is no need to, a tower that can’t be trapped in a heart that has no restraint.

Yan Fanshu came to Leifeng Tower and kneeling in front of the tower for three days and three nights. The monk guarded him led him into the tower and showed him the past that the Monk of the Pagoda.

It turned out that long ago, Xu Xian couldn’t stand the boring of guarding the tower and the hard work of the daily tower sweeping, and left a few years later.

The white snake in the tower waited for a few years, and then tried everything to secretly condense his life into a bead into a umbrella.Taking advantage of the negligence of the monk guarding the tower, he left Leifeng Tower.

"The true body of the White Snake is still in the tower. Without Tao Xing protecting himself, it didn’t take long to die. After leaving the real body, the Daoxing condensed in the beads had no soul.Things. If she is forcibly born, I am afraid that there will be only this way. "

"So, what will happen to the umbrella?"

The monk guarding the tower seemed to be strange why Yan Yanshu asked: "The umbrella has no soul, even if the soul is cultivated by the white snake’s road. Once the beads dissipate from the white snake, it is difficult to last."

Under the end of the setting sun, Yan Yanshu stood in front of Leifeng Tower, and his heart was desolate.


Two encounters, generally ending.

There is no passion for white lady under Lei Fengta, and there is a monk who can’t cross himself in the Buddhist temple.

In the red dust, there was another person who guarded the umbrella shop, and the bitter waited for a monster that might just be lost.

Life is affectionate.

Unfortunately, heaven and passion are affectionate and do not stay with his looks.(Original title: "Heaven and Love")

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