Story: I have been pregnant with Hou Ye for many years. She is rejoicing.

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Six years of celebration, spring equinox.

The spring rain continued for three days, and the wind wrapped the drizzle spread in the capital in the capital, and the entire city was shrouded in smoke.

In the evening, the lights gradually became clear, and the noise in the restaurant’s tiles intensified. In the white smoke and rain, the sound of the horseshoe came from the head …


Daniel hurriedly reported: "Hou Ye, the leader of the Khitan tribe Ge Wuyu, has led his troops to break through the city. At most six hours, you will arrive in the inner city!"

"What? Why did you discover such an urgent situation now? So many people patrol and defense, what do you eat!"

Tang Zhiqian waved the bowl and cup of his hand at hand, and the female envoy was kneeling in a hurry with the crisp and desolate crushing sound.

Daniel arched his hands, lowered his head, and continued to say: "The other party took advantage of the night and mist, attacked me at the troops stationed in the outer city, and was unprepared. Furthermore, some of the troops were guarding abroad, Beijing and China.The power is not the same, it seems that … it is estimated that overseas has also lost. "

"Is my brother sent troops?" Zhu Niang came in from the outside and saw the scene inside the house. She just guessed seven or eight points.

Tang Zhiqian looked up at Zhu Niang, his brows frowned, and did not agree.

I rarely see Tang Zhiqian’s panic. I wanted to speak for a while, but I didn’t get nausea for a while. My chest turned over the sea, followed by retching for a while, and rubbed my chest with my hands a few times. The symptoms slowly relieved.

I want to have a stable sleep recently, which has caused the decline in appetite, but it is also extremely sensitive to the surrounding taste.

Tang Zhiqian quickly stood up and helped me, while thinking about the battle outside the city, he ordered Daniel to find Lang Zhong.

Feng Lan knelt behind him and whispered: "The moon’s moon is really delayed for a while, is it …"

It was probably too silent in the house. The little voice of Fenglan echoed, so that Tang Zhiqian, who was standing near, heard clearly.

Tang Zhiqian’s two eyes dripped, and immediately rejoiced: "I’m going to be a father?"

"Don’t listen to this girl nonsense, maybe it’s just discomfort." I just argued in doubt.

In the end, Tang Zhiqian called Langzhong, but at that time, he had rushed to the city with Daniel.Before leaving, I deliberately told Feng Lan to take care of me, and I was afraid that I was frightened and afraid of the illness.

I understand it very well. Since Khitan can break through the army stationed in the border, it must be fierce.

Although I am a big deal, it can be said that the weapon force is not as good as one year.

In recent years, Khitan has been greedy and constantly forced me to confess to Na Na. In order to keep his eyes peace, the official family has always agreed.

Today, those food, money, cloth, and even girls obviously cannot meet the thoughts of the Khitan’s new leaders.

Thinking of this, I can’t help but be more nervous.

"He Xidi, smooth pulse like a bead, fluent in existence, is really a beautiful pulse." Lang Zhong finished, and quickly smiled at me.

I am naturally pleased, and slowly put my hand on the lower abdomen. The soft voice confirmed: "You mean, there is already a small life in my belly?"

"Exactly, the big lady is so good, it is not advisable to work hard."

Earlier, when Lang Zhong first entered the house, he was clearly frowned. Now he is diagnosed with joy. He is even happier than me.

Zhu Niang was really happy for me. He kneeled in front of me halfway, and also stretched out his hand to touch my belly. He laughed: "My sister is going to have a doll, I haven’t seen a woman who has giving birth to dolls., Still a female doll. "

Feng Lan quickly said: "This is the first child of the big lady and Hou Ye. Both men and women are good, and they look like anyone."

Feng Lan and Zhu Niang, you say a word, discuss this little life around my belly.

I listened to the words of her, and then laughed. I didn’t expect that one day I would be pregnant with Tang Zhiqian’s child.

After Lang Zhong left, I ordered a little sister to go to the Jiang family so that my father would know the good news.

After half an hour, Xiao Lan still couldn’t sit still, and Feng Lan couldn’t sit still.

That little sister -in -law is a clever. If he has arrived at the Jiang family at this moment, he may not be in a hurry to return to report to the street.

"What are you panic? Right now, the city is unwavering, but the people smell the storm. As long as you don’t see the Khitan team, it is not a misfortune." I said in my mouth, but I thought, in fact, the two.

Although the door of Houfu had been locked, Tang Zhiqian also sent people to protect the courtyard before and after leaving.However, if those enemies are easy to deal with, how can Tang Zhiqian be delayed.

Today’s situation is not as good as the previous three Khitan people enter the city, and naturally people can’t hear the people on the street yell.

Looking out of the door, in the night, you can see two or three people in a panic and hold the bag, trying to hide, or escape.No one cares about it anymore, for fear that a little sound has attracted greater disaster.

Bamboo Niang stood in the yard and was holding a small bamboo lantern in her hand, saying, "Sister, let me go out, no matter what, that’s also my brother.The thought. "

I said, "If he is really a person with love and love, how can he not even let go of his sister and sister. Now, he has been in the city, and his victory is close at hand, and how can he give up."

Zhu Niang was unwilling, and said, "What do you do? Seeing that it is in the middle of the night, I still don’t see Hou Ye come back, and I don’t even have a letter. Now, if you are pregnant again, I will protect you."

"You and I will not have martial arts. If you have something to do, don’t say that my Zhou Quan can’t take care of it. Even if Hou Ye is back, I can’t make a difference to him.

"Then … that’s okay."

Zhu Niang finally defeated, put the lantern beside the flower pot in front of the gallery, and there was a hazy night, absent -minded to play those leaves that landed on the ground, and looked up at the sky from time to time.

The weather is not good tonight. I ca n’t see the stars. The boundless black seems to be deep at the bottom of the bottom. It rely on a huge force to cover it, and the breath of swallowing can not breathe.

"The sky here is too high. In my hometown, even if it is raining nights, I can find a few little stars from the top of my head. I still see it for the first time.. "Zhu Niang sat in front of the gallery with his head, and his loneliness turned into thoughtful nostalgia in a moment.

Feng Lan kept walking next to me, stretched his head to look at the door, and tilted his head to the little girl next to him.

Feng Lan said: "Strange, why don’t people come back, will never stay at the Jiang family overnight?"

I know that she was a little sister who went to Jiangfu before thinking about it.After her thoughts, it was true evil door. According to the Jiang family’s door style, there was no reason to leave people overnight.

A sense of ominousness disappeared in the whole house, and Feng Lan roughly guessed that he was fierce, but he just clenched his sleeves and dared not say a word.

"Go to point people to point the lanterns, and let those soldiers retreat to the roots of the yard to ambush. The guys who can see the yard are all taken out. Tonight, it is destined to be a sleeping night.Ready. "I ordered.


If everything goes well in the outer city, Tang Zhiqian will certainly send someone to return to the letter to report the letter, so as not to worry about me.One hour ago, I could still hear the horses from the outer city. Now, I listen to my ears and quietly.

There is only one possibility, the two soldiers resist, the victory and defeat have been set.

The strenuous horseshoe sounded suddenly, breaking the quietness of the night.

The sound is getting closer, and it is clearly in the direction of the inner city.

"Hou Ye is back?" Feng Lan screamed in surprise.

Zhu Niang stood up, and obviously he could hear the sound of the gradually loud horseshoe: "This is … it is the horse of our Khitan! It is different from the horses of Jingjing.Powerful, so when running, the voice looks particularly dull. "

"Ah! What should I do, what about Hou Ye?" Feng Lan obviously panicked and had no time to care for other. I just hope that the last life -saving straw can follow.

I put my hand on my warm belly, thinking of Tang Zhiqian’s expectations before leaving, and even more reluctant to believe in the worst ending.

"Open the door!" Someone shouted outside.

"Big lady, what should I do, are we going to die tonight?" Feng Lan’s voice couldn’t stop shaking.

Zhu Niang won the ax of chopping firewood in her hands, and her hands carrying a heavy "weapon", falling into a thin body, and carefully moved towards the gate.

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