Story: On the day of the Church, the general was expelled. I waited for March to return, but behind me, there was a pregnant woman with a pregnant woman.

The general dropped me on the day of the chapel.

After March, she suddenly brought back a pregnant woman, saying that she would marry her as his wife and let me be reduced to a flat wife …


In September, the locust flowers outside the courtyard just thanked. As the autumn wind comes, the locust branches are swaying, and it seems that there is still a fragrance.

After that, the sun was obliquely west, and the warm sunshine hit the osmanthus tree in the courtyard. I sat in the house fluently and dialed the arithmetic. The first month before the nuclear plan was to win the food and oil shop, the dowry girl Mei Xiang suddenly hurried into the door of the courtyard.He rushed into the house, breathlessly held his waist and said, "Miss … Miss … Miss … big things are bad, the general returns …"

"Return to return, why not?" I didn’t lift my head. Seeing the account, my hands -on -boarding disk responded blandly.

"General him … brought back a woman, she was pregnant for four or five months. She was discussing with the old lady in the front hall to marry her as his wife."

On the day of the Church, the general was expelled. When I suffered in March, he returned, but behind him, there was a pregnant woman.

I couldn’t help but stun, and the thoughts of the accounting of the account suddenly broke. I couldn’t help but blank in my mind, not because of how much love for the husband Mu Annian, but because he did not expect that he did not admit it.Freedom, do not hesitate to do this.

I marry into Baoding Houfu, and it has been a nominal Mrs. Baoding Hou for more than three years.

At the beginning, the day before marriage, Mu Annian did not know if it was intentional. He directly led his troops and left me and the rooster to worship the church to complete the affinity.

In the past three years, he has not had a letter to me in the past three years. Naturally, he did not know that he would come back today and bring a woman with a pregnancy.

Sixteen years ago, Mu Annian’s father, Lao Baoding Hou, had not been able to worship the Marquis. When fighting outside, the war was tight, and the shortage of food and crickets was that my father Shangguan thought and friendship.Only to raise food for him, he was able to survive the crisis of the war, and eventually allowed him to be able to seal it.

It was for this reason that the two had settled the doll and agreed to marry the door after I was agreed.

However, a few years ago, my father was degraded due to the incident, and he was degraded to the official as an official, thus declined.In addition, Lao Bao Dinghou has passed away. Therefore, the Mu family does not want to admit that he will anymore, especially the old lady of the Mu family, and wants to marry a daughter -in -law of Kyoto.

In the past three years, although I have lived in Baoding Houfu, I have never got the Mu family for half two months.

In order not to sit and eat mountains and air, I opened a food and oil shop with some dowry. After three years of operation, the income is still available.As the decentness of Mrs. Baoding.

A year ago, he ate tightly in the war in front of Mu Annian. I still ran around for him and asked for food and raised food to raise funds everywhere. His mother who had a short -sighted and snobbish mother could not help what was busy.Marry a lady?Where should I place me?

Beijing officials and female family members know that I am Mrs. Baoding!

"Mrs. Shao, the general has returned to the house, and the old lady calls you to go to the front hall to discuss the matter."

The maid next to Mu’s Mrs. Mu family suddenly went directly to the door and told me to go to the front hall to talk about things.

"Miss …" Mei Xiang stopped talking nervously.

It’s not a person I want to see. I was too lazy to pay attention to even dressing up. I just got up and walked out of the case table. I went to the front hall to cope with everything.

In the front hall of Houfu, when I entered the door, I heard the joyful laughter of the old lady and another silver bell -like laughter. It seemed that even if I met for the first time, I got along very well.Looking at it, she was not pleasing to the eye. Even I called her a mother, and she was very disgusted.

"Mrs., are you looking for me?"

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a Tsing Yi and a beautiful woman sitting in front of her old lady, and she was laughing at the flowers.Mu Annian was sitting on the right side of his mother, sitting side by side by side, and his brother and sister were also sitting opposite the woman.

After thinking about it, I still greeted: "General Wanfu."

He was dressed in a uniform, his eyebrows were cold and eagerly, and he looked at me with his eyes in his eyes. It seemed a little shocked, but he didn’t respond.

The old lady is full of anger, and she is anxious to speak. "Qinglan, this is Gao Yingying, the master of Jianan County, and Annian is about to marry her into the house as a wife. After that, you are a small wife …"

"Huh!" I couldn’t help but sneer at the end of it. Isn’t this bullied by bullying my maid’s official and low, do you want to step on it?

In the final analysis, I am not a concubine. I ’m going to the official Qinglan.

Just think about it, you can feel dirty, how can you tolerate it?Together for the rest of your life together.

"Plumb! Are you laughing?" The old lady heard me sneer and sneered, and she couldn’t help rebuked immediately.

"No need, three years ago, I got married with the rooster, but the family could not count. Tomorrow I moved away from Houfu. If I was anxious, I could move away immediately., That is, not waiting for your eyes. "

As soon as I said, Mu Annian’s face and his mother’s face were extremely ugly. Her sister Mu Anning said directly: "You are a daughter of five officials who can give me your elder brother.Somehow. "

This is the case, and I have nothing terrible. I just replied: "In this case, I wish you that he can marry a person every day and serve with people, and the day and beauty."

"You …" Mu Anning was suddenly dumb.

"As a woman, she is sharp, rough and willful, without morality, beware of me immediately!" The old lady directly accused the warning.

As a beneficiary, Gao Yingying naturally didn’t say anything, just sitting quietly and watching the fun.

"If there is nothing else, I will leave first."

After speaking, I turned directly and left the front hall, and I stopped staying for a while, and endured bad things.


"Miss, how can this be good? Do you really want to move away from Houfu?"

When I returned to the western courtyard I lived, Mei Xiang couldn’t help asking as soon as I entered the door of the courtyard.

"Otherwise, do you do it?" I was a little angry, "In order to keep a good reputation, this time they descended me as a flat wife. Next time, they are likely to expel me from the house.Listen, wait for someone to hurry … "

As soon as I entered the house, I started to clean up the items. "If I leave here, it is not only my face is gone. I want to see how his Mu family keeps his face in Beijing … soon packages his luggage."

Mei Xiang began to start and packed his luggage together. "But lady, where will we live after moving out of Houfu? But go back to the official house?"

I was asked by Mei Xiang all of a sudden, yeah, where can I live?

My father was not in the capital, but my brother was still there, and my mother was there, but I couldn’t return to the official house. I couldn’t let them follow me to sweep the floor with me.The only way is to find another house.

Think about the silver that you have accumulated over the years, you can still buy a small house.Fortunately, I didn’t sit in the mountains and settled in the back house all day. Otherwise, it would be even more embarrassed today.

However, I haven’t waited for me and Mei Xiang to pack my luggage and my dowry. The entrance of the courtyard has a soldier to guard with a knife. I do n’t know if it was ordered by Mu Annian or the order of the old lady.

Can’t leave under house arrest, and no one sent or was called to dinner for dinner. It seemed that I wanted to starve to death in the back house. I would not let me go out of the house and damage their face.

Nearly lunch the next day, I did n’t eat dinner last night, I did n’t eat breakfast, and I was so hungry that I was sitting on the gazebo beauty, staring at the osmanthus tree to find a way to leave.

Suddenly, Gao Yingying walked into the courtyard with a maid with a pregnant belly and walked straight towards the gazebo. He said directly: "The reason why the general can win is half of my father’s credit.To be married, the county’s master will become the lady of the Houfu, and you, the county owner does not care about it, why should you make the general difficult? Let the Mu family dilemma? "

The daughter of the king of the county has long been known for several generations of the royal generation. When he talks about it, he pretend to be the emperor and king girl in the Beijing palace, but the accent is not very similar.I couldn’t help but want to hide the sound, "In this case, how do you secretly let me leave Houfu? In this way, you can be more clean."

"You know it is impossible, you have a life of life. If you pass it out, how will me and the general be a man?"

It is really a beast standing archway. I think it is a person, and my good reputation must be dominated.

"The child in your belly can’t hide it anymore. When will you hold a marriage gift?" I asked helplessly.

"The eighth day of this month." Gao Yingying was very happy to say.

"What will I deal with me in the future?"

"In this Houfu, as long as you keep yourself in peace, I don’t mind raising you more idlers with the general." Gao Yingying said very much.

Today is the third grade. There are still five days. After the marriage ceremony, I am afraid I will face several ways to disappear, either under house arrest to death or starving, or slander my reputation or expel.His hometown or the lord of the hall is definitely impossible to live well, and the first Gao Yingying in front of him cannot tolerate me.

In the evening, Mu Annian returned in the palace and ended the celebration banquet. Some drunk came to my yard and brought a lot of gifts., There is no difference between your food and dresses and Mrs. Zheng, you can even above her. "

Do you want me to live for a lifetime and be a mascot?

I helplessly sneered: "If I don’t agree?"

"You can only promise!" Mu Annian’s face was gloomy, warning.

"Will I die early?"

"…" Mu Annian silently answered.

"You go, I have a decision, no need to talk about it."

"I can let your dad return to Beijing as an official, even the official restore the original position, and then enter the cabinet."

This condition is indeed very tempting, but I don’t want to trade. My father is far away from the capital of Beijing. It can be calm as an official.

Seeing that I didn’t speak, Mu Annian directly warned: "On the contrary, I can also let your brother loses the officials, the whole family is exiled, and even the door is full?"

As for his arrogant personality and holding his military power, the entire Baoding Houfu must not have a long existence. After that, with the Gao Yingying’s mother -in -law, it will definitely be jealous of the emperor.Clean, keep a small life in the future.

"You’d better consider it clearly, don’t be toasting, don’t eat and punish wine!"

Seeing that I still didn’t speak, Mu Annian stood up and stood up in a warning, and then turned away angrily.

I was unwilling to show weakness, let him despise, thinking that I was so gratifying, and directly held all the gifts to throw it out of the door, and closed the door heavily.

However, he suddenly angered Mu Annian. He immediately kicked the door and rushed in with one foot. He strangled my neck and lifted me up.: "Shangguan Qinglan, do you want to challenge the bottom line of this general. If the general wants to set up you to death, there will be hundreds of methods to make your name just disappear. Did you hear it clearly?"

I felt that my neck bone was almost broken, and the breath could not breathe quickly. I could only open my breath to enter the breath.Mei Xiang was so frightened that he was kneeling in a hurry, "General, please, let the lady go, the lady knows the wrong, will definitely change it, the general …"

"Cough …"

Maybe I saw me, and Mu Annian suddenly let go of me, making me unstable, and fainted directly to the ground, coughing suddenly, panting in a big mouth, and inhaling fresh air.

"Miss, Miss, nothing wrong?" Mei Xiang called nervously.

Mu Annian squatted in front of me, picked up my chin, gritted his teeth and said, "As a woman, you should have the posture and duty of a woman.Obedient woman. "

My expression was indifferent, my heart was disgusted, and I didn’t talk back. Then Mu Annian felt boring and couldn’t help left.


A few days later, Baoding Houfu held a grand gift to marry a new wife.It’s just a scene.

In the evening, while the twilight fell, there were many guests and the personnel were complicated. After I pretended to be a servant, I packed some valuables and took all the silver tickets, and they should be in line with Meixiangli.Houfu.

After leaving Houfu, Mei Xiang and I planned to go to the food and oil shop first, and I would make further plans tomorrow.

However, it was only after the grain and oil shops that Shop has already been seized by people.

When I think of there is still a lot of food in the shop warehouse, it is a pity that it is all silver.

But there was no way, Mei Xiang and I had to go back to the official house and find my brother Shangguan Hongzheng for help.

When I got home in the evening, my mother and my elder brother listened to the ins and outs of the matter, and my mother couldn’t help crying. I complained very sadly: "Lan’er, what should you do in the future?, Marry a dog with the dog, you make a noise, this life can be considered destroyed, how to be a person in the future? How to find a good home? "

When I listened to my ears, I was unconvinced when I was in my ears.Rural farming farms, or marry businessmen, do business in the street, do not wait for the palace of Baoding Hou, give people a small low, and see the face of the Lord of the Jianan County. In the past three years, you have not known that I am inHow did Baoding Houfu spend it? The old lady did not look at me at all, and even brought her people to respect me. Now there is another Lord of Jianan County. To let me be a concubine, it is better to let me die directly.","

My mother couldn’t help crying after listening to it, but my brother said helplessly: "That Baoding Hou is now a red man, and he can’t offend.Volunteer is a small, Gan is his wife, and now you have escaped from Houfu like this, making him unable to hang up, and the master of Jianan County will also make people criticize. How can he be willing to spare you? "

"Can I only confess my fate? I have to endure it silently to protect others?" I felt very uncomfortable, I couldn’t help crying in my eyes, and I helplessly asked, "I can’t do it."

"If your father is still a second -quality member, you will not be so bullied so!" My mother sighed helplessly.

My brother thought for a while, and suddenly said, "Otherwise, you go to Chu Wangfu for a few days, wait for some opportunities, and then ask His Majesty to ask for grace and departure, and you are free?"

When I was young, my brother had a prince to read, and had a good relationship with the princes of the DPRK, especially the emperor’s fifth son Chu Wang Gaoze.In the current situation, you can only find a big tree to bless, and avoid it first, otherwise it will cause others to be involved and even convicted.

Therefore, Mei Xiang and I went to Chu Wangfu overnight to avoid Mu Annian.

In the afternoon of the next day, in the backyard gazebo of the King of Chu, King Chu was sitting comfortably on the beauty and let me caress him to listen to him.The deputy must catch the posture of people.

"Baoding Hou Dang is really cruel, and even my king of Chu is not at all." King Chu’s face was gloomy, his eyebrows frowned slightly, and he satirized directly.

"His Royal Highness of the Tang Dynasty never lacks a female family member, but he hides the female family members in my house. I blatantly despise me, I do n’t know what?"

Mu Annian walked straight into the gazebo, unwilling to show weakness, nor did he salute, and his eyes stared at me for a moment, and directly refuted.

"Private hidden?" King Chu Youran stood up and confronted Mu Annian. "This king and sister Qing Lan have known each other for many years. Now she has difficulties. What is the time to live in the palace for a while?Big wedding, today I came here to ask for a female dependent.

Mu Annian was gloomy, and stepped towards me, reaching out and grabbing me, so I couldn’t help but hurry up and leave, try to open the distance from him, so that he couldn’t help shamelessly, "Shangguan Qinglan,The general advised you to return to the house immediately with the general, otherwise, the consequences are at your own risk! "

"If she doesn’t want, you want to take her away today!" King Chu warned.

"His Royal Highness Chu, she is a female family member in my house. I have a Wending alliance and the joy of returning between her.The person who is dead is the ghost of my family, and others are inconvenient to interfere, and His Royal Highness can be considerate. "

When Mu Annian had a righteousness and for granted, he felt that King Chu felt a lot of money when he said, and could only be solemn: "The king is still that sentence: If she is unwilling, you want to take her away today!"

I don’t want to silently refute, "General Mu, now that you still remember that there is a Wending alliance and the joy of Gui Gui, you should remember that it is a gift of marrying a wife, not a nap. Now you have married a new wife again., To marry again with Li Li, the past, the alliance of Wen Ding is invalidated, since then, the students are happy to marry and marry.

"I did not agree, without the book, you are still the woman of my Mu family, and you must not make a morality of mourning!"

Mu Annian was serious, gritting his teeth, so that there was no room for slow rotation at all.

I was helpless and sighed, so I had to find another way to say, "In this case, I give the general two choices.Mansion must still be the right wife. Second, you give me and leave the book, let me go out of the city to go to Taoist view to take a quiet repair. From then on, life and death will not meet each other.

I concluded that the first one, he would definitely not choose, he could only choose the second one.

Who knows, he directly blurted out and said: "Dreaming! You have no choice at all, so you must challenge my patience."

After speaking, he walked towards me again, and he had to catch me back to the house, so that I hurriedly retreated to open the distance, and suddenly hit the gazebo pillar behind him, and became incomparable. In a hurry, I had to pull offThe silver cricket arrived on the neck and throat, and said sharply: "You must force me! Otherwise, I will die here immediately, let you bear the abandonment of the charm, forced the wives of his wife, I said it!"

When Mu Annian saw this, he was panicked at once, and then he was panicked and angry: "Do you really return to my house?"

King Chu blocked me, standing between me and Mu Annian, and directly ordered the order, "Baoding Hou, please go back!"

"Don’t return! Don’t return to death!" I gritted my teeth and responded very decisively.

Mu Annian didn’t say anything again. He turned directly and left angrily. He didn’t insist on it anymore.

"Are you nothing?"

After seeing people left, King Chu asked gently.

"I have nothing to do, let His Royal laugh." I put away the silver puppet and inserted it back on the bun.

"This is not a way to end. Baoding Hou Ding will not give up so well." King Chu murmured with his face.

Of course, I know that Mu Annian will never give up. Although he does not know him very well, he also knows that he is a person who is unwilling to be persecuted.I just didn’t know what he would do next, and forced her to go back.


About half a month later, when I thought something was so calm, I suddenly got the news. My brother was convicted and prison. The charges were:For this reason, my mother was still angry and fainted.

The King Chu had the suspicion of the party’s power and framed his hands and feet, violating the emperor’s taboo, ordered the ban on the feet.

I don’t need to think about it. This is definitely Mu Annian’s warning. If I do n’t know if I ’m so important, I will not return to Baoding Houfu, it is most likely that I will collect the corpse for my elder brother, and even give me a funeral together.

No way, I had to apologize to leave the palace of Chu, go to see my brother, go home to visit my mother, and then return to Bao Ding Hou Mansion with Mei Xiang.

Entering the front hall of Houfu, Mu Annian was drinking tea leisurely.

I walked in front of him expressionlessly and looked at him with a face that controlled everything and was a must -have. I didn’t want to speak at all.

"Kneeling!" Mu Annian drank tea and ordered it coldly.

No way, I had to kneel obeyed, but I still couldn’t help but blame: "You publicize private revenge, and you are not afraid of being retributed for no reason?"

"Huh!" Mu Annian couldn’t help but sneer at the tea cup, got up and squatted in front of me, stretched my chin, lifted my face to look at him, and laughed very much, "Please!"

I bite my lip, and I was very unwilling to struggle in my heart. Then I chose to bow my head and ask for asking. "Please have a lot of generals and let my brother.Powerful, is it? "

Mu Annian’s eyebrows couldn’t help laughing, and said, "Call for husband."

My teeth bite secretly, frowned, and my heart was extremely resistant, and I didn’t want to call at all.

"What ending do you think your brother will be? Um?" Mu Annian asked with a smile.


I was very hard, but I still screamed in my scalp.

Mu An smiled at the time, "In this Houfu Mu family, can you know what you are now? What should I do?"

Just like being tuned and domesticated, the humiliation can’t help but spread throughout the body, and I can only bow my head to recognize everything. "I know, the body is Baoding Hou Ping’s wife.There will be no violations. "

In Mu An’s eyes, a trace of sadness flashed, and suddenly promised, "Afterwards, you still live in the Western Court and are still Mrs. Houfu."

I didn’t understand what he meant when he was.

He let go of me directly, but suddenly turned around after standing up, and suddenly looked at Mei Xiang, and said sharply: "Come, this maid does not abide by the rules, abducts his wife to leave the house, dragged out of the rod to blame 50, and then the next time.Directly! "


On the side, Jia Ding responded directly, scaring Mei Xiang’s face, his face was pale, and he was very panicked, "Miss …"

Is this going to kill chickens?

I was also nervous and scared for a while. Fifty boards went down. Even if I did not hurt the muscles, I had to lie down for three or five days to stay. I really should not be innocent., Have nothing to do with others, I come to suffer these fifty sticks, please do not punish innocence. "

Mu An was standing with his hands, his face was extremely ugly, and he seemed to be very disgusted with being rebellious, but he didn’t say anything.

"I immediately led the penalty." I turned directly and walked out, going to the courtyard to lead the penalty.

"Miss …" Mei Xiang cried out at a loss, "Otherwise, you ask the general, maybe he will open the Internet, so forgive you."

"Do not seek!"

I whispered a whisper, and I didn’t want to whisper to ask for a person, especially his Mu Annian. Relying on the power of power, he was not a man at all.

I lay on the long case and grasped the death of the case.The heavy rain was small, and it was not as heavy as imagined, but in the end, my back waist and hip still couldn’t hurt, so I could only stand up barely, but I couldn’t go.

After that, Mei Xiang returned to the western courtyard, and then he recuperated the medicine.The whole thing quickly spread throughout Houfu, making me a big joke again.

After two days of resting, I was able to walk around. After walking, my waist and hips did not hurt so much.During this period, there were no soldiers to guard at the entrance of the Western Court, but there were two maids in the courtyard. 80 % were Mu Annian. Otherwise, it was Gao Yingying’s people to stare at my action.

A few days later, my brother’s suspected injustice was thoroughly investigated. As a result, insufficient evidence, false charges, innocent release, and official resumption of original positions.King Chu was also able to eliminate suspicion and relieve his feet.


In the evening, Mu Annian came to the western courtyard with a good mood, and a pair of pride on his face could control everything, and then sat directly to me.

I didn’t get up to give a greeting, sitting on the couch without moving, holding a herbal book in my hand, and being studying medical pharmacology. Although it is separated from him, I still moved my body subconsciously.Too similar.

"Did you forget the promise made by me?" Mu Annian asked deeply.

I didn’t look at it, and asked directly: "Since I returned to Houfu, I have never taken a half step out of the Western Hospital, but is it against it?"

Mu Annian first sent away the servant, and then he meant that he said, "If you ask me again, you can see your father return to Beijing." How about? "

"Huh!" I couldn’t help but sneer, and felt that he was ridiculous. "Mu Xiu is in the forest, the wind will destroy it, the water is deep in the water, and the roots of the wealthy are wrong.Playing with power is simply looking for death, beware of the wrong position, and the end of the door is full. "

Mu Annian’s face was extremely ugly, and the hands on the pit table unconsciously clenched into a fist, and then gritted his teeth and said, "I don’t like too smart and do the woman who is doing against me everywhere!"

So good, I didn’t want you to like it!

I really want to say this, but I didn’t want to anger him, and finally became hard to eat. I blame 50 a few days ago. I have suffered enough.So he turned around and asked, "Why block me? When will I unblock it?"

Mu Annian’s face suddenly eased, "Why should I show their heads and open their shops? I eat and wear less?"

"Huh!" I couldn’t help but sneer and felt ridiculous. "It has always been that your mother is the master, why don’t you ask her, why?Without dowry, it is estimated that the grave is already a stubble one after another. Where does the silver come from? How to deal with the banquets and small gatherings often organized between the Beijing officials and the expensive women.face?

A year ago, you tightened in the war in front of you. I ran around and asked for the fundraising to raise more than 100,000 foods. Do you think that these silver you made in the back are all your mother?Today, you have won the triumph, the fame is on the side, and the wife is pregnant on the side, but the toe runs up and ask me, why do you want to show up and open the businessmen?Why not be divided into the back house?It’s ridiculous!"

Mu Annian was very shocked to look at me, as if he was hit by a thunderbolt, and he was deeply hit. Then he asked in a hurry: "The more than 100,000 two armies, 400,000 stone grains, wasn’t Ji County Wang Gaoyi raised in the rear?So he set up his military achievements, and the king of Jinfeng County of the Guogong, Gao Yingying, was able to seal the master of Jianan County … "

I was too lazy to argue with him, couldn’t help but sigh, and asked directly: "When can my shop be unblocked? In the warehouse, I can save a lot of food.? "

"I immediately ordered someone to withdraw the seal …" Mu Annian responded like a frosty eggplant.

At this moment, a servant suddenly came in and said, saying that the old lady called for dinner.

Mu Annian seemed to be deeply hit, and he was unable to stand up. When I didn’t want to move, I called me together.

I was too lazy to refuse to argue with him again, so I stood up silently and followed, and went to the Houfu dining room for dinner together.

When I walked into the dining room, all others were sitting around the table. Gao Yingying saw me followed Mu Annian into the door. His face was a little surprised and ugly, his eyes became sharp, as if with murderousness.

This instantly thought that she was scaring someone else’s husband and succeeded in occupying the nest. Is it very scared to lose, and is also afraid of being stunned?She won’t let me be comfortable, why should I make her comfortable?I think I am so bullied, I think my mother’s family is unwilling, and I want to step on it?

I followed Mu Annian and sat down, and Mu Annian and her were sitting across the old lady, making her look more complicated and full of resentment.

When the old lady saw me, she was dissatisfied and disgusted with her face, but she stopped talking, and finally said nothing.

After moving chopsticks to eat, the old lady hesitated: "Qing Lan, in a few days, Mrs. Jin Guogong will have sixty birthdays. You come to back up the gift and follow me."

The tone is an order -like tone, not discussing, but notifying that I can’t help but feel funny. Isn’t it just to let me come out of the silver and give their family feelings and get emotional?

I used to think that I was a family. I should do this kind of thing. I don’t have to take care of it. Now, I just live in Houfu, and I am not a daughter -in -law. Why do you want to make these silver?One hundred or two.

"Shangguan Qinglan, I am talking to you, I heard it?"

Seeing that I only took care of the dishes to eat, and there was no response, the old lady was shy to ask.

I asked calmly: "Why? I am not Mrs. Houfu. I want me to help me. I have to give the two silver two first, at least one hundred, otherwise, I am afraid that you can’t take it."

The crowd was very shocked to look at me. The old lady seemed to swallow the flies when she was swallowing, and she couldn’t help but stunned. For a while, she didn’t know what to say.

I turned to Gao Yingying, and also said, "The county owner’s dowry is rich, and it is also the new lady of Houfu.Opopulation, it should not be difficult to distinguish the hundred or two silver, and also, Miss Anning wanted to marry into the Jin Dynasty government. This time it is a good opportunity.Miss’s marriage. "

After Gao Yingying was the king of Fan, he grew up in the birth of the land, and did not know about the situation of the capital, and Mu’an had been fighting outside the year, and he did not know much about the situation in Beijing at the moment.It is a rough woman who knows short and snobbish at first sight.

I have to see, how can she deal with Gao Yingying, do n’t think that the human relationship between the officials of the officials is a simple matter, and it can involve the smoothness of the official career career.

Gao Yingying heard me saying that, my eyes stared at me angrily, and I couldn’t wait to tear people, but I didn’t care, I just ate the meals happily.

Because the incident involved Mu Anning’s lifelong event, she suddenly pleaded: "Xunzi, in this case, this is the best for you to do it. In the pastHave you ever risen, let’s come. "

"Yeah, Qinglan, the county owner is pregnant. It is more inconvenient. Besides, I do n’t know much about the family members of Beijing officials. It doesn’t seem to be very good to go to He Shou with her body.Come on, the silver comes from the mother. "The old lady softened, tone, and smiled and flattered.

But I was not up, so I rejected: "Forget it, I have no incompetence. In case of messed Miss Anning’s marriage, she can only become a concubine and blame me.","

"Shangguan Qinglan, can you be unable to live with me?" The old lady’s nature was exposed, and she was shameful and angry.

"Mother, enough, you have always treated her like this?" Mu Annian suddenly couldn’t help asking.

"I …" The old lady was speechless.

I picked the meals in the bowl, then put down the tableware and stood up. I turned to Mei Xiang for more than a dozen essays on the desktop.Half grain of the family will pay, and you will never take up the cheaper of your family, and the house money will be paid monthly. I eat it, you eat slowly. "

"Slap! Avengers!" The old lady suddenly broke down and smashed chopsticks, roaring at Mu Annian to take a rest, "Annian, this woman does not know how to do it, and she has no respect for the long time.go!"

Take me off?Leaving Houfu?This is justified!

I didn’t say anything more. I directly ignored everything and turned around. When I heard Mu Annian, I was annoyed and scolded.

I want to see what he can take me and kill me?Hit me?Or rest me?No matter what kind of result, it should be a kind of liberation. It is better than being depressed for a lifetime.


The next day, Mei Xiang and I went out of the house to check the situation. When I left the gate of Houfu, there was no guards to stop the travel, but some maids followed, 80 % were surveillance.

Inside the grain and oil shop, after the shopkeeper and guys in the store arrived in the store, they officially opened the door and re -opened.After that, the shopkeeper asked me that the south this year’s wind was smooth, the sunshine was sufficient, and the food harvested in the autumn was very good.

I thought for a long time before I decided to save the food again in order to meet the food needs of the coming year, but for the sake of safety, there is no accident, so I need to rent a warehouse for savings.All of them have their own.

After arranging everything and instructions in place, I left a note to the shopkeeper, and asked him to take the time to secretly help me to buy some herbal medicines, as well as poison. Next time I came to the shop and took it away.I was afraid of causing Mu Annian’s alertness, and did not let Mei Xiang do it, so as not to have unnecessary incidents.

After that, I went home to visit my mother. After dinner with my family, I returned to Houfu and went straight to the West Court.

At night, I was bathing and was about to sleep, and Mu Annian came.

It seemed that he was not angry and proud, and he looked very calm. He looked at me straight, and seemed to be going to stay.

I turned back to the dressing table, holding the silver puppet in my hand, hiding behind me for defense, and pretending to asks: "But do you have something to talk about?"

I have a cleanliness, never give people a concubine. I have a husband with people.

He seemed to see my nervousness and did not come up again, but just stood not far away, looked at me very much, and didn’t speak.

"The night is not too early, I’m tired, I want to rest. If you want to talk about it tomorrow, the general will return it." I just followed the order.

"Are you in the palace of Chu … Is there a private relationship with him?"

Mu Annian seemed to be looking for the steps, and suddenly asked indifferently.

"Huh!" I couldn’t help but sneer. In his eyes, I was so casual women. "Yes, I will admire His Royal Highness Chu from an early age.In addition, I am no longer innocent and pregnant. "

"Do you want to leave the book?"

Mu Annian seemed to see something through, and suddenly his face was relaxed, meaningful to ask.

"Yes!" I couldn’t help but panic, and I was afraid that he was angry and destroyed everything.

"In this case, you will serve the general tonight. If you can be happy and satisfied, you can give you and leave the book tomorrow. What about you?"

When I am stupid?This is the final say by himself, and it is possible to go back afterwards.Moreover, I still feel dirty, how is it possible?

Just as I was silent, and when I did not respond, Gao Yingying’s personal maid came, and I was anxious to report: "General, it’s not good, the county’s main sense of the body is unwell, and the abdominal pain is endless. Please pass the past.Let’s see."

Suddenly, Mu Annian couldn’t help but shouted: "If you are unwell, please ask the doctor.

When the maid was roared, she trembled, and she dared not talk back.

Of course, I know the tricks, isn’t Gao Yingying afraid that Mu Annian stays in my room?However, this is justified, so I don’t say anything.

After a moment, Mu Annian’s face was very gloomy, and he glanced at me very unhappy, and turned away angrily, making me breathlessly, loosened the silver puppet, and locked the door to rest.

A few days later, the old lady brought a strong gift and took Gao Yingying along with Mu Annian to go to Jinguo Mansion to wish Mrs. Jin Gong.

That night, Gao Yingying was so angry that he asked the doctor to go to the doctor overnight.

It is said that at the entire birthday banquet, the two mother -in -law and daughter -in -law were not treated at all, and they were crowded out. They were ridiculed and accused of: I do n’t know the courtesy, the dove occupies the nest, and the mother and wife at the family are not high.The identity of the county owner is in the eyes, especially some ladies. They are either princess or long princess, or the county owner and the long -north.In the name, there was also an unmarried first pregnancy, bullying the Lord, and the name of the dove to occupy the nest. In the eyes of some ladies of the main room, it was taboo and made a bad precedent.

The old lady was even more unbelievable. She said that her rugged woman in the country was unknown, she did not understand the inferiority, ignored Lun Chang, and was an elder.Nowadays, it is still complacent to show it.

As for Mu Annian, as a man, his military achievements, the marquis name is on his body, and the official worshiped the general. No one dares to disrespect him at all. Moreover, he is mostly in a man’s pile.Most of them are political affairs, so they are not ridiculed.

However, if Mu Anning wants to marry into the Jin Dynasty government, it is estimated that there is no drama at all. It is also difficult to marry a door. It is also difficult. After all, there is such a mother and such a home style.


A few days later, Gao Yingying’s fetal elephant was stable, and suddenly sent someone to tell me to sit in the past.

I don’t know what she was hitting any ghost, and I refused directly.

Because she has never been a wife, I have never risen to her, and I have nothing to ask for it every day. Mu Annian hasn’t said anything, so I don’t care more about it.

However, she did not give up, and she took the initiative to find the cake with her pregnant belly.

"What are you busy with your sister?"

As soon as she entered the door, she was falsely affectionate, and she smiled without a smile.

"The county owner is not the name. If you lose your identity, I can’t afford it. Besides, I am not familiar with you."

I relied on the pit table to sit on the couch and didn’t move.

"Bold Auntie! Seeing the mother -in -law’s lady couldn’t afford to salute, she dared to be so arrogant and rude!" Gao Yingying’s Kong Yan suddenly rebuked.

I calmly looked up and looked at the past, and said directly: "If you have something straight, please go back without something. If you want to show your status, you must have come to the wrong place.

"Shangguan Qinglan, why should you be so atmospheric?" Gao Yingying looked down at the place to sit down and let people put down the pastry beside me. "

"Huh!" I couldn’t help but sneer, and I felt very speechless, and then dismissed, "When are I giving up with you? You also match it? Obviously you have to seize the name of the name, but also guilty and restless, so I come everywhere to make me difficult to me."

It’s like being pierced into the weak, Gao Yingying suddenly blushed, but he still pretended to be a hard air: "No matter what, now, I am the general of the general, and I will be promoted to Mrs. Guo.To know the etiquette, to be respectful in the government and do things in a low -key thing. "

Do you want to start suppressing me by identity?

"Know the etiquette to keep the etiquette? Hum!" I couldn’t help but sneer. "Beijing is a place of heavy gifts. There are countless valuable people.Otherwise, why doesn’t your Majesty give you a life -saving title? "

"That’s because … it hasn’t been given yet, and it will be given a seal if it is not determined. I don’t believe you wait to see it!" Then he was pierced to be weak. Gao Yingying couldn’t help but panic, unparalleled, and was very panicked.

It seems that she is not a person with a text ink and a person with a verse, and she is just empty. Is it possible to have the same interest with the old lady.For this kind of person, Mu An will soon discover that marrying a wife will not help him at all, which will only make him a joke.

Therefore, I don’t need to do anything, just wait for them to blame themselves, so as not to dirty my hands and make myself feel bad.

"In this case, you have to protect your fetus well and give birth to your child smoothly. It is not for the generals to lose interest in you early, and there is also an end of no son." I said with a smile.

Gao Yingying was like a cat who was stepped on the middle tail. He stood up and stood up, and said directly: "Come, pass the order, Shangguan’s eyes have no respect.No water rice is allowed. "


The servants on the side directly led their voices.

Seeing Gao Yingying left his sleeves angrily, a number of servants followed, I didn’t feel anything, I just felt that this could be quiet.

But after watching the cakes she left, there are many types of cakes, and there are many types. Suddenly, the pastry must have a problem. Her purpose is just to let me eat the pastry.

After that, I asked Mei Xiang to secretly find a chicken. Gao Yingying was forbidden to me and could not enter the Western Court, but I did not prohibit the servants around me from entering and leaving the Western Court.

I feed the cakes to the chicken. It was nothing at first, but the next day, I felt that the condition of the chicken was wrong.already dead.

The chicken’s drug resistance may be good, and no one will die if people eat it, but there will definitely be other symptoms of poisonous hair. Therefore, I choose to calculate and take some to eat some heartbeat, unsteady, coma, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness, weakness and weakness.Poison, with the age of Mu’an and high Yingying.

I want to see how deeply they are, whether they can ignore righteousness and shame, and not afraid of the criticism outside.

Of course, taking poison still has to take the poison you voted and control the amount of medication.

At night, I began to have symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, collapsed coma, headache, arrhythmia, joint pain, and joint pain, which caused Mu Annian and others to rush, and invited several doctors to go to the clinic at night.

When the doctor said that it was poisonous poisoning, Mu Annian made a slap directly to Gao Yingying.

Gao Yingying almost fell to the ground by him as a pregnant woman. Fortunately, behind her, there was a maid’s eye and handle her hand quickly to fell to the ground, but she cried and denied: "No, I did not instructed me to instructionHuman poisoning is just ordered her to think about her. "

"Not yet? If not, she would be poisoned for no reason? You have replaced her wife, but they are not satisfied. Do you want to take her life?! "

While Mu Annian scolded, the old lady urged the doctor to prescribe the prescription quickly, "Doctor, you quickly think about the prescribed medicine, she can’t just die."

Suddenly, my blood rushed up, vomiting directly in front of the couch, and I was extremely uncomfortable.

Since it is a bitter plan, I feel uncomfortable, and naturally can’t let them feel good, so I pretended to be dying and begged: "Mei Xiang, take me away, I don’t want to die in their house … I would rather be a lonely wild ghost … AlsoNever die in this dirty place … "

"Miss, Miss, I will be fine …" Mei Xiang cooperated with a tacit understanding, pulled the quilt directly, and wanted to carry me on her body. "Okay, I will take you back to the official house, find his wife and the eldest son …"

However, Mu Annian was not allowed to open Mei Xiang, sitting on the side of the couch, hurriedly wiped his mouth, and hurriedly comforted: "Wherever you go, there will be something, I will not let you let you do it.die……"

I pushed him away and didn’t want him to touch him, "false affection … don’t touch me, I’m dirty! I’m dying, I don’t correct your intentions? I wish you … husband singing with a woman, eventually retribution, not to die, not to die well.!Hahaha……"

I laughed wildly, and suddenly couldn’t breathe, and fainted and fainted, and I didn’t know what happened.


When I woke up again, the hour was the evening of the next day.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Mu Annian sitting by the couch to wipe my sweat, but I didn’t want to see him. A disgust suddenly felt in my heart, so I just skimmed my face and didn’t look at him.

After a long silence, Mu Annian suddenly mourned and said, "Don’t you want to leave the book? When you get better, I will give you …"

I turned to look at him and confirmed whether he was lying and said nothing.

After that, he got up and stood up and walked away. It seemed a little exhausted and weak.

Listening to Mei Xiang said that he had never closed his eyes from last night.But I don’t want to forgive him for this.

After slowly adjusting, my body slowly improved, and my life became normal and calm.Gao Yingying and others did not bother again.

However, Mu Annian did not keep his promise, giving me and Li Shu, and let me leave Houfu.

About four months later, I heard that Gao Yingying was born and gave birth to a boy. However, the child did not cry and did not respond to the sound. After seeing the doctor, he said that it was deaf and dumb.And there is a feet, the toe adhesion.

This made the old lady furious at once, and felt that she would destroy the reputation of Houfu and directly ordered to cover the death and deal with it.But Gao Yingying was reluctant to be a mother and stopped it.However, in the end, the child was still dying. I do n’t want to be artificial or unhealthy.

It has always been said that Gao Yingying was prescribed for Mu Annian at first, so the child was unhealthy.

About two months later, when I was busy at the shop, I returned to Houfu with my ledger. When I returned to the Western Court, I suddenly met Gao Yingying, who was stingy with a servant.

When she saw me, she immediately said weirdly: "Shangguan Qinglan, you are really ruthless. At the beginning, he gave herself poison and staged bitter tricks. Do you think these tricks, will the general know?"

"It is said that you have poisoned others and eventually hurt your children. Who do you say?"

I was very indifferent, and I was so angry that I cried sadly, and then covered my face and turned back to the hospital, and I had no intention of arguing with me.

After all, the things that were snatched would be retributed after all.

It is said that Mu Annian has always lived in the barracks and has not returned to Houfu for a long time.The old lady had no way, and she no longer waited for Gao Yingying. She said that her body was not good at all and could not have a healthy son at all.

One day, Mu Annian suddenly came to the Western Court, and asked me to accompany him to attend the birthday banquet the next day, but I was directly rejected by me. I didn’t want to go in and out of the banquet with him, or help him.

"At the beginning, I was helpless and Gao Yingying. I couldn’t forgive me once? When will you be awkward?" Mu Annian suddenly asked.

"Someone took the knife rack, you forced you?" I asked as quiet as stopping the water and asked very indifferently. "Everything is your own choice, you should bear the consequences., I will get it into Ni, and I will no longer maintain the reputation of Houfu and your reputation for you. "

If it wasn’t for the official house, how could I keep staying here, I really couldn’t bear him. Will one day forgive him to accept him?It’s naive and ridiculous!

Mu Annian looked at me with a tears without tears, and then looked at me with a sad despair. Then he turned silently and left without saying much.

More than a month later, he Jin and Ding Guogong once again led his troops.

Before the expedition, he insisted on resting Gao Yingying.

After that, even if I did not leave the book, I moved away from the government and stayed back to the official house.

Later, although my life -saving title was also promoted, my father was able to return to Beijing as an official. The family was reunited, and he would occasionally write a family book for me, but I never wrote to him and made him mistakenly think that he was with me.There is still hope.

After all, when he had to return to Beijing next time, who would know if he would bring back a strange woman again, the mother and child insisted on marrying a lady.

Some damage, it is enough to bear it once, why bother to hurt the opportunity again, I am born and not abused, right?(Original title: "Mrs. General Don’t Do Step")

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