Story: The Native Family (4)

The face was hot, but I was moved in my heart.

"Dad … I …"

I was crying.

My dad heard it.

"What’s going on, Dream Jun, are you crying?"

At that moment, I couldn’t help it.

This kind of care is like a long -lost sunshine for me.

The grievance came over like a flood.

"Dad, Li Bing hit me …"

I cried.

After about a minute, my dad said, "Don’t cry, don’t cry, it’s not a matter of quarreling on the two, and the bedside shelves and the end of the bed, just one night."


It seems that I think too much.

This father is the same as my mother, what else I hope!

I asked the sadness in my heart and asked him, "Dad, what’s the matter with you call me?"

"That’s … that is that."

My dad swallowed.

"Girl, do you have any money, give your father, and lose 2000 by Mahjong. Now people follow my ass every day."

When I heard the scalp, I fried.

It really is not good.


"Mengjun, Junjun, your pitiful father, okay? Your mother does not know this. If you know that you have to divorce me, do you bear to watch your parents divorce?"

"I really don’t have money, we owe a lot of money and don’t pay back."

My dad said in silence for a few seconds, "There are no two thousand, how much do you have, help Dad to save the emergency. There is always it? Junjun, don’t you see death or not."

I’m still soft -hearted.

I threw all my expenses every month, and I went to the bank to call him 950 yuan.

My dad should accept it.

I was hidden from Li Bing, but let him know.

My dad was drunk and said omissions. One of his fox friends and dog friends happened to know my father -in -law.

When Li Bing came back from get off work, he was punched and kicked me.

"Isn’t your parents sucking enough? Why do you pay them money?"

Although I think Li Bing said that it makes sense, I still argue with my face.

"That’s my own salary, I want to give it!"

Li Bing’s nose was crooked, pointed at me and said, "I am your man, your money is my money, without my permission, it will not work!"

When you talk about, go through my bag, he is looking for a bank card.

I haven’t snatched him, and he took him away by him.

Since then, my life is even more difficult, and every time I spend a penny, Li Bing has to ask.

After a year, I welcomed 20 years old.

My daughter is sweet and has been walking.

Toothy, brings a little happiness to my dull life.

Although the days are difficult, they can endure it.

I found that I didn’t learn anything for so many years, so I learned to be patient.

I thought the days were going on like this.

Li Bing’s old illness was committed again.

He contacted Mao Mao again.

Or he is hidden so well, and they have not broken at all.

A sister in the same workshop told me.

She met my husband waiting for a girl to make hair in a barber shop.

His name was Mao Mao.

This sister not only told me, but also told other colleagues.

As a result, the entire factory knew that my husband was derailed.

I went to work, and the eyes of sympathy came from all directions.

This feeling is strange, as if the person who did something wrong was me.

Li Bing and I worked hard again.

This time he was going to divorce me because Mao Mao was pregnant.

I watched Li Bing, who was smoking in a chair.

He was only in his early 20s, but he was greasy, and his mouth was bad, his temper was irritable.

But I don’t want to divorce.

I do n’t know where to go, I do n’t even have a discussing friend.

I cried and called my mother -in -law to let him persuade Li Bing.

My mother -in -law was calm after listening to my cry, she should have known it early.

"You can’t care if we are old and don’t want to care about it. You handle it yourself."

Later I learned that my mother -in -law had seen Mao Mao, and they found out that she was pregnant with a boy.

I called my parents again.

My mother said, "What’s the use of you? You can’t even see a man. If you divorce, don’t come back. We are shameful."

I was completely desperate.

The child seems to know that I am sad, and that night is particularly good.

I also patted my back and said, "Mom doesn’t cry, mother is good."

I could no longer hold my child crying.


The separation is smooth and cannot be called divorce.

Because we did not receive a marriage certificate.

Our poor jingling sounds have no problem of property distribution.

My daughter returned me sweetly.

The debt of tens of thousands of dollars is repaid by Li Bing.

In other words, for almost three years with Li Bing, I got a daughter and became a single mother.

I took my daughter to live in the original rent, and Li Bing moved to Mao Mao.

One day I met Mao Mao on the street.

When Li Bing moved, she came to help.At that time, the toe was high, and we didn’t speak.

Now she has a big belly, and she is picking a scarf alone.

When you see me, come up and talk.

She said that I couldn’t remember a bunch of them. There were only two sentences that made me have a good memory of Li Bing’s residual.

"Brother Bing said, you are like a dead fish in bed."

"Your family is a vampire, and you have married you for eight mildls."

I had fantasized that Li Bing could one day look back.

I’m a little stupid.

I ca n’t go back, my parents do n’t answer me.

I no longer hopes on anyone, everything depends on myself.

I sent my daughter to You Tuo and found a few points of work.

I work in the daytime factory and cannot work overtime because I pick up the child at night.

I took my child to set up the stall.

At that time, the urban management was not strict, the traffic in the night market was large, and the income was okay.

Once my daughter lost in the night market, it was scared.

After that, I used a rope to baed her with me.

The daughter was very sensible, sitting in front of the stall, sometimes she could still set up a handle.

After two years of accumulation, I saved some money.

My daughter went to kindergarten, and I reduced the number of stalls.

A self -study institution was reported to the self -study road.

At that time, there was no online class, taught offline, and read the book by yourself.

My basic knowledge does not work, and it is really hard to learn.

But I am willing to work hard. Compared to the days of studying and work, I feel that my life is running.

In less than two years, I got a college graduation certificate and then reported to the undergraduate.

During this period, I also reported a computer training class.

I have learned a lot of office software applications.

Because most of the time is used for learning, money will be made less.

In the past two years, it has also been shrinking clothes.

It is very happy that I applied to the office as an administrative clerk through the internal application of the factory.

Nine to five, two breaks, and the hand salary is almost the same as the assembly workers work overtime.

But there is too much time, you can take care of your daughter, learn, and relax.

The colleagues in the office are basically college graduates, and I have more contact with them. I often have an illusion.

As if I became like them.

Indeed, I am more confident than before.

Wearing talks have also improved.

The environment can really change a person.


After the summer vacation in 2013, my mother called to ask me warmly.

I intuitively told me that nothing was good.

But a grandmother yelled, I couldn’t bear to hang up.

Sure enough, for a while, my mother asked for money.

"Your brother’s high school admission score is still a bit worse. You can get 8,000 yuan. Recently, your parents are a bit tight. Can you help your brother?"

I rubbed the temples.

"Mom, where do I have so much money?"

"You haven’t saved money at work in the past few years. Did you still blame your mother to not let you go home after divorce? Mom is wrong, when you want to return when you want to return."

This is the first time my mother has spoken to me.

In order to buy my brother to go to school.

My mother said to sweetness, "Sweet, tell your mother, help grandma."

Sweetly put down the phone and turned to me and said to me, "Mom, grandmother encountered difficulties, you helped her …"

It didn’t take long for my brother to fight again.

For so many years, he called me for the first time.

It’s not old and speak very well.

The elder sister screamed shortly, and I thought of the scene of carrying him when I was a kid.

He is 6 years younger than me and has always been a child.

I am committed again.

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