Story: The three -year marriage name with the president is survived. After accidentally discovered that after pregnancy, I plan to take a baby to run the road

The content of this article is a fictional story, which is coincidental.


When I went out of the B -ultrasound room, Zhu Chunba leaned against the nurses and joked with the little girl.

The eyebrows were bent, but the eyes were suddenly cold, and there was a sense of abruptness, and the smile naturally could not reach the bottom.

He used to laugh, but his eyes were cold, and he did not mean that he was happy.I know very well, but strangers are easily cheated, thinking that he is a good relationship.

The little nurse smiled shyly with his lips, and the cheeks flew on the red glow.He looked at me calmly, his lips tightly, and his fingers unaware.

This person will be nervous, it’s really strange!

I walked slowly, holding his arm, and yelling, "husband."

The little nurse had an instant embarrassment, and pretended to pick up the blood pressure meter and ran to the room.Zhu Chun buckled with a smile, but didn’t throw away me.

He always gives me face in front of outsiders. As for what is in private, it is our two.

Zhu Chunba rubbed it in my hand, and his palm was sweaty. "Mrs. I wish, you really prepare for the battle!"

I let go of him and go forward. "Thank you, Mr. I wish you countless opportunities to give me a chance to experience it."

"Oh, I dare not work hard, it is your own guilty conscience, and the things that come from the mind must not be kept!"

I paid a pause and turned to look at him, "What does it mean you? Are you not something!"

Zhu Chun soba squinted and twisted his eyebrow, "Did I give you a face, or dare to work hard with me when you have something in your stomach?"

"Didn’t you give it yet? Why is it unhappy?"

Zhu Chun smiled with a lip, and talked close to my ears. The sound was low and dumb like thin sandpaper.

Obviously he wanted to do whatever he wanted, and I was always passive … Right now, in order to humiliate me, he turned black and white, and he even brought himself.

Zhu Chun buckwheat laughed again, very lightly, "If I say don’t this child?"

My chest was cold, as if I was poured into a large bucket of ice cubes, and my body was cold, my whole sorrow.

He never loves me, and even his children are unwilling to stay.

Together with my many years of forbearance and grievances, waiting and looking forward to it, all of them have become a joke, which is really myself.

Suddenly I felt tired, and even the courage to confront him was exhausted. I sighed, "Children you, I wish my wife, I will return it to you. In this life, I promise that I will never appear in you again in youbefore."

Zhu Chun buckwheat breathe for a few seconds, and then retreat quickly, looking at me coldly, "Shi Huan, why don’t you understand, from the day you design to marry me, you can no longer control it againStay myself. "

"I wish my wife’s name is the gift I gave you. You can only continue, unless I want to take it back, it will be the shackles of your life."

I bite my lower lip and shivered it could not be controlled. Zhu Chun buckwheat to do it, and it was better.

The more time, the more you can’t harden. The last time I suffered was me, I could only do small low.

"I regret it, I am wrong. I can get rid of anything, don’t you, as long as the child is good?"

Zhu Chun buckwheat condensed me for a moment, shook his head gently, and laughed very beautifully, just like before we got married.

"Not good. You regret what I want to get me, I don’t regret it!"

I closed my eyes weakly, and my tears slipped along my face. It should be very pear.Zhu Chun buckwheat was indifferent and even interested, and motioned me to continue to perform.

This bastard is always so hard and hard, and the eyes are like a knife, and you can see all my careful thoughts at a glance.

Only, I can’t understand I love him.


When he met Zhu Chun buckwheat, he was seventeen years old, and I was sixteen.

At that time, my father had just died, and my mother who had been divorced for many years took me over and lived in Zhuchun Bart.

She is the nanny of the Zhu family, but in fact she is only responsible for taking care of Zhu Chun buckwheat alone. From a young age, she has a little love, so she is brave as Zhu Chun buckwheat.

In the wishes, the most expensive is him, and the most difficult thing is him.

He is the young master of the three generations of the family. He was almost killed because of his accident. After the disaster did not die, the family cherished and concentrated on him, and almost no one dared to violate his wishes.

For a long time, there was a arrogant and exciting teenager.

When I saw him for the first time, I was only surprised.

First, because of his looks, noble and handsome, the skin is more delicate and fair than me, standing coldly under the window and looking back at me. It is like a jade man.

The second is because of his temper, and he originally appreciated the flowers. Suddenly, he pointed at him, "Chop the magnolia trees in the hospital and replace it with sycamores." So a large number of bright petals were crushed into dust instantlyEssence

There is no reason, and there is no pity and perseverance, Zhu Chun buckwheat is such a indifferent and weird person.

I was a little afraid of him, and even without using my mother to tell me, I already knew that I would do it with caution.

Fortunately, Zhu Chun buckwheat didn’t care about me, and I avoided him deliberately, so for a long time, we did not encounter it.

Until Ping An Night, my mother deliberately prepared the Christmas tree, and bought a ribbon and a small bulb for me to help decorate. She went to prepare a turkey.

I squatted on the ground and made a lot of things in a small thing. I have been boring and constrained with the old father’s father since I was a child. I have never had these foreign festivals. Where do I know how to do it!

I heard that they had to give gifts. Uncle Butler deliberately arranged Santa Claus and was ready to act in the middle of the night.

Speaking of funny, people like Zhu Chun buckwheat will like this naive and false formalism.

"Well, I wish the children really innocent!"

I sighed in a low voice, threw the ribbon on the treetops, and then waved it.

I wishes when I stood behind me when I watched my fingers, my fingers were pinched, my fingertips were white, and my eyes were lingering. "Can’t I have childlikeness?"

I swallowed, "Doo … of course."

He nodded with satisfaction, threw away his ribbon, and turned to sit on the sofa.It seems that it has just returned from the outdoors, and the hair ends are still wet, lined with a face as delicate and delicate.

"See what I do, continue to get it!"

I was said to be remembered by him. I was annoyed that I was in a bad state.After thinking about it, I went to take a towel again.

Zhu Chun buckwheat and stunned, and picked up his arms, "You wipe me."


I really want to say that I am not a servant. Although I do it, I also do a lot of work and do not receive wages.But I wish Chun Bucky had closed eyes, and a look of waiting for waiting, I had to swallow it.

His hair was very hard, and he was a little itchy in the palm of his palm across the towel. I suddenly thought that the teacher was called "stabbing head", which was really veritable.

I couldn’t help but laugh out, Zhu Chun bucks my hand, and the voice is somewhat heavy.

"not me……"

He threw away my hand, "You are unwilling and useless, this is life, who will make me give birth! It is to be able to refer to qi, and you can only use your mother to call me."

I tightened my hands and accidentally shed his hair.Zhu Chun buckwheat pushed me away, got up and strode up the second floor, and soon heard the sound of smashing things.

My mother came out and asked me nervously. I took my lip and pant, and I couldn’t hold my choking when I spoke. "Obviously he insulted me, he also lost his temper!"

"Forget it, you let him order him."

Zhu Chun buckwheat mother eloped people when he was seven years old. In order to avoid the control of his father, he used him to take him to the playground, but he finally abandoned him alone in the strange crowd.

Ten years have passed, and the child sitting on the ground has grown up, but the helplessness and fear of the day were permanently imprinted into the bone blood.

He was often awakened by nightmares, and then he had a great temper. I don’t know if he hates his mother or hates himself.

But at the same time, he was eager to warm, so he would be more tolerant of my mother who took care of him, and even promised to let me live in.

Zhu Chun buckwheat is like a hedgehog. Choosing to resist the attack with the sharp appearance to ensure that the timidity inside is not discovered.

He was born as expensive, and the people around him held him, but in his back, he said that he was just a good baby.

After listening too much, he became more sensitive and suspicious, and his personality became more and more exciting.He is never afraid to offend people, but he has no friends.

My mother patted me, "Huanhuan, if you can, be his friend!"

I leaned my lips, "Cut, where can I match!"

That said, but I was still soft -hearted.What a ridiculous, I still sent people under the fence, but began to sympathize with the wealthy son.


Zhu Chun’s temper is coming quickly. Most of the time, he is just taciturn, but he has a strong sense of existence.

Where he was sitting, the air around was suffocating.

The housekeeper and mother are used to them. Only I like the quail that had only been fried, trembling.Even if it was working, he left with his head quickly.

When I walked over the wall again, Zhu Chun buckwheat called me, "Shi Huan, I don’t eat people."

He seemed to be in a good mood, and even smiled at me, and pointed to the chocolate on the coffee table, "These are for you."

I walked over hesitation, "Thank you."

He looked at me with his arms, raised his chin, "Eat!"


I ate four boxes with his focus on his focus, and his throat was stunned.

Zhu Chun buckwheat came over and asked, "How is it, which brand is delicious?"

It turned out to be a test product.

I secretly rolled my eyes and took a finger. He laughed, "You know the goods, and you pick the most expensive one at once." After that, he picked up the box and walked with satisfaction.

Later, I learned that Zhu Chun buckwheat was the best to choose to give it to the favorite girl.

To be honest, I have a little envious.It is not because of money or things, but because Zhu Chun bucks such a arrogant person, they are willing to spend their thoughts for her.

Presumably a very good girl.

I looked at my rough hands, and I was a little lonely. I do n’t know if it was because of the unfairness of fate or the treacherous treatment.

That night, my mother asked me to go upstairs to send milk to Zhu Chun buckwheat.I knocked it three times at the door, heard him coughing lightly in the room, and then as his response, and pushed the door and walked in.

Zhu Chun buckwheat was sitting on the chair and looking at the computer, saw me jumping up, took off the headphones and smashed it, "Who let you come in!"

"I heard you cough …" I said halfway, and stopped abruptly.

I burned my face, turned around and ran out. I remembered the tray on my hand at the door. I ran back and put the milk on the table. "You drink and sleep."

When I went out, I stumbled, and I just heard that Zhu Chun buckwheat and smiled a few times.

It wasn’t until I returned my room that I reacted. It was him who was broken. I was embarrassed!

The second day is the weekend. I helped my mother to clean up the housework.

As soon as I caught Zhu Chun’s soba’s sheets and was about to remove it, he rushed out of the bathroom and grabbed my hand.

I remembered last night, the sheets in my hand also turned into a hot potato, and quickly rolled up and threw it into the washing machine.

Mother happened to come in, "Master’s sheets are high -grade materials, and you need to wash it by hand."

I was helpless, put on gloves and prepared to remove my hands. As a result, Zhu Chun buckwheat rushed in again.

"I am for the young master, how can you not work? Wash the sheets, there is nothing special …"

For a long while, I took me into the living room and explained the steward. "I will not let Shi Huan do anything in the future, so let her stay, just eat and drink."

I "fluttered" and laughed, and was patted by Zhu Chun buckwheat, "Don’t laugh."

The housekeeper agreed over there and smiled down. Zhu Chun buckwheat was even more annoyed. He shouted with his neck, "What are you laughing?"

Probably his anxious look was a bit cute, and the steward was a bit bigger. "Nothing, I think … it seems to be the treatment of Mrs. Shao."

I shocked it suddenly, and I looked at Zhu Chunbing subconsciously. It happened that he was watching me. His eyes were slightly paused, and his men were loose.

I stood in place and looked at the back of his departure. I didn’t feel embarrassed, but just sighed.

He said yes, I really don’t match.This is the distance between destiny, and it is a gap that ordinary people cannot travel throughout their lives.

Therefore, his heart can only be sealed at the highest cold and cold place, and no one is in everywhere.

My mother always wanted to let me try to touch, but unfortunately, she never had to do it.

It was Zhu Chun buckwheat suddenly a lot of friendlyness to me, and probably felt that I took the little secret that he was ashamed to know.

Or, he is just too lonely.

Half a month later, he was eighteen of his birthday. Mr. Zhu invited many business friends to celebrate. The scene was very lively.

Zhu Chun’s buckwheat is not high, but cold eyes watching those people will turn his birthday into a business meeting, and even the blessing has a copper odor.

His mother made him longevity. When I sent it, he was sitting on the railing on the second floor, and his feet were shaking, and he was not afraid to fall.

In my heart, I walked quickly, and sang a birthday blessing song with a scalp with a scalp, and the five sounds of the deserted insufficiency were incomplete.

Zhu Chun didn’t laugh at me, and he would eat half of my noodles. "I don’t want to live for a long time, it’s too weak."

I hit his chopsticks three, "A good day, don’t talk nonsense!"

He stunned and whispered, "Do you think that person, will you think of me today?"

"… I don’t know, but if I think of her unhappy, then, then!"

Zhu Chun buckwheat turned his head to look at me, and his eyes were hidden in vulnerability wet.I almost couldn’t help but want to pat his head, as if I used to comfort my puppy dog.

Of course, dare to think about it.

Later, I followed him downstairs. His classmates came around and told me to get a drink. One or two requests were still a lot, and I kept it silently.

Zhu Chun buckwheat holds me, "You have your hands and your feet, go by yourself."

"… Isn’t she a maid in your house?"

"Yes, but she doesn’t need to do anything in my house. What are you, dare to let her run away!"

Zhu Chun buckwheat stands under the crystal light, and the top of his head is covered with fine light, as if the gods are cold and noble, but the palms attached to my wrist are warm as hot.

For a moment, I ignited the unexplained ember of my chest. His heart was really hidden, but I wanted to try it again.


When I was in college, Zhu Chun insisted on moving out and not allowed anyone to take care of it.

Both the housekeeper and my mother were not assured. He never washed himself from a young age, for fear that he would be aggrieved by a little bit.

But I didn’t dare to stop it, so I had to think about a discount -let me live with him, at least there was a response.

Zhu Chun buckwheat agreed, and my mother immediately listed the precautions for the three pages of paper, and I was stunned.

I used to know that he was difficult to serve, and he didn’t know that he was so difficult to serve!Even the brands that are used to go to the toilet must be specified, as well as underwear.

I sighed in the sky, and felt that the road was dark.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Chun buckwheat didn’t want me to take care of.He began to learn to do a lot of things, although it was rusty and poor, but his attitude was very serious.I often feel annoying, and I will continue afterwards.

I was very wondering, and Zhu Chun buckwheat didn’t care. "I said, you don’t need to do anything, this is still valid."

"But I’m here to take care of you!"

"Don’t forget, you are not really my servant. Besides … I don’t want to do that anymore."

The change of Zhu Chun buckwheat is so obvious, but I feel too much.It wasn’t until I saw Zhou Siqi that I understood all the reasons.

The two of Zhou and Zhu were worldwide. The two of them met since childhood. During the days after Zhu Chun buckwheat’s mother left, Zhou Siqi accompanied him a lot.

At that time, he was too young. When he first opened his love, Zhou Siqi went abroad.The two kept in touch, and now she returns to college and is in love.

Zhou Siqi has a good appearance, outstanding temperament, and a sweet smile like honey, her eyes are intoxicated, and they can’t see it at a glance.

Personal enthusiasm and chic. The first requirement for Zhu Spring Buck is to ask him that he can no longer be a young master who is not diligent in the grain.

"Siqi said, she likes to be independent and responsible."

I stood next to it and watched Zhu Chun’s soba rotten the shirt for the third time. It seemed to overturn vinegar and salt in my heart, mixed together, sour and astringent.

Zhou Siqi can change Zhu Chun buckwheat in a word. That is one -tenth that I can do my best, and I am not worth mentioning with my hidden affection.

Just be a spectator.

The two of them were not smooth. After the initial freshness and sweetness, there were more friction and contradictions.

They are all spoken and used to self -centered. Even if Zhu Chun buckwheat is working hard, his temper is still deeply ingrained.

In particular, he lacked a sense of security, and his strong possessiveness made Zhou Siqi very disgusted.

She came back abroad. She was open and she liked to drink. There were many friends of the opposite sex.

Zhu Chunba cares about this most. The two have no contradictions for this. They have separated for several years. Until he entered Zhu’s succession, he was famous for his calmness, but in this matter, he was still soldiers.

Zhou Siqi stared very tightly, and I looked tired for him, and it was more unhappy and distressed.

The arrogant son, who was once high, became suffering from losses, and he changed back to the abandoned child, and was disturbed in the fear of being lost at any time.

I persuaded him to break up, and he refused.Zhou Siqi was the warmth of his teenager, and the dream of youthful years. Even if the reality became more and more disappeared, he still kept nostalgic.

He just condensed me, "Shi Huan, you and I have also known each other for many years. You are the second person I trusted except Siqi. You can tell me what you want to do. I will satisfy you to the greatest extent, But you must never betray me, otherwise, I will never let you go. "

When Zhu Chun buckwheat said these words, his fingers unconsciously stretched his pants, and I knew he was nervous.This makes me happy and sad, and then it is deeply helpless and sad.

I want it very simple, there is only one him, I don’t want to be the second one, I just want to be the only one.But I can’t say these.

Occasionally, I will come up with the idea of taking generations.

In the end, I still dare not, not afraid that he has retaliated me, but because he is not happy.

But similar, only him can make me reckless.

Occasionally, I met Zhou Siqi for dating with other men, and the words were full of dissatisfaction and resentment with Zhu Chun buckwheat.

She said that she did not like to wished Chun buckwheat, but just married into the Zhu family according to the requirements of her family, and then helped Zhou’s business in the Zhu family.

I recorded the dialogue, but I couldn’t give it to Zhu Chun buckwheat.He saw Zhou Siqi too heavy, which would be fatal to him.

I could only try to persuade him to break up. Zhu Chunba was annoyed by me. He stood up and went to the bar alone. I didn’t allow me to follow.

I called me to pick him home within an hour.He first played several of Zhou Siqi, and the other party never took it.

When I saw me, my eyes were red, and I barely recognized that it was me.

I hugged him in the hustle and bustle of lits, but they rely on each other but had their own obsession, like two lonely swim souls, all cold.

What makes me more heartbroken is that Zhu Chun buckwheat really trusts me, but I can only live up to him.

I took Zhu Chun buckwheat to the hotel, and tried to inform the reporter that I was blocked at the door of the room the next day.

Zhu Chun buckwheat is a hot and hot figure in the business world. Every move will directly affect Zhu’s stock price. Such a peach -colored scandal is not conducive to his image.

The only reasonable explanation that can be recovered is to announce that I am his fiancee.

Zhu Chun soba sat on the sofa and smoked three cigarettes, and then called the assistant to publish the wedding announcement. During the period, he deliberately avoided my sight.

But he thought I had a barely drinking me, "I’m sorry, it’s all my fault."

I avoided my eyes guiltyly, and I was unbelievable. "You decided so quickly, do you really think clearly? You can let it go …"

Zhu Chun buckwheat got up and left, his voice was so sighing, "I have to let go, I can’t match her, and I have no face to ask her for forgiveness. Besides, I am sorry for her, and I can’t be sorry for you."

The wedding quickly put on the agenda. During this period, Zhou Siqi found him several times. The Zhou family also gave the steps. I probably didn’t want to give up the plan easily.But I wish spring buckwheat because of guilt, and after the official apology gave the corresponding compensation, she has been avoided.It didn’t take long for Zhou Siqi to go abroad again.

I marry Zhu Chun buckwheat and became Mrs. Zhu. He didn’t treat me at a loss, but he couldn’t talk about it. He was basically the same as before.The temper has intentionally restrained a lot, and has more respect for me.

Many late night, he stood alone on the balcony to smoke, and I looked silently in the darkness, and could almost describe the shape of his thoughts.

I know he is unhappy, so is me.

The secret seemed to be a sword hanging above my head. At every moment of Zhu Chun buckwheat, it made me like a mang.

Until half a year later, he finally learned from the mouth of a reporter that the calculation of the day, and the sword turned down and shattered the peace and happiness of my self -deception.

At the same time, he feels relieved, and it is more regrettable. If time can last longer, will he fall in love with me.

If the previous marriage life is just pale, it will be tortured since that day.

Zhu Chun buckwheat seemed to return to the first acquaintance at the beginning, the whole person became furious, ridiculed to me, and was very fierce in bed …

At first, I was silent, hoping to calm his anger slowly, but the results were very small.Later, I had some meaning of breaking the jar. What about him, it would not be worse anyway.

In the past three years, I wanted to tell him the true face of Zhou Siqi countless times, but to endure it again.

Compared to hate Zhou Siqi, hate me may make Zhu Chun buckwheat less sad.More importantly, I couldn’t consider that I was completely for him.

But Zhu Chunba has never mentioned divorce. I have been puzzled and even expected. It was not until this time that he just didn’t want me to be better.


The past was like flowing water, and when he passed, he was silent, but when he recalled deafening, he met a huge meeting, and in the end, only the ground was full.

How can I go to this step to this day …

Thinking about it, he is still good to me. He has given me a lot of help and warmth, and finally collected it back.

I didn’t mind spending a lifetime with him, but now I can’t.I definitely want to find a way for children, but they cannot let the child grow up in such a pathological family environment, so there are only two options -let Zhu Chun buckwheat accept me or leave him.

I sighed, and I realized that I actually had only the second way to go.

I saw me suddenly silent when I saw me, and twisted slightly, "I warn you, don’t disrupt the messy idea, you know my temper."


I subconsciously wanted to talk about the child’s affairs. As soon as I spoke, I was interrupted. The female doctor walked over and handed me the report form. "Mrs. I wish, you forgot to take this."

The thin paper carries the birth of a new life. I am glad, but I can only deliberately leave it.

Unexpectedly, he took the report form first, and looked at his hand for a while, and asked, "… Where is the child?"

I stunned it, and the female doctor had already pointed him out, "That’s it, it’s less than two months, it’s a bit small."

Zhu Chun buckwheat stuffed the report form into my arms and turned his head impatiently, "Small things, there is no bean …"

The female doctor smiled and explained some precautions in the early stages of pregnancy. She couldn’t tell the same room repeatedly several times.

Zhu Chun buckwheat was very ugly. On the way back, he said nothing and put me at the door of the house.

No need to ask, most of them go to drink again.He became a father and was in a bad mood.

I shook my head and opened the door by myself, and the house was quiet.I wish Chun Buck never come back at this time, and the maids probably rest in the room.

The old housekeeper had retired. My mother did not agree with me to marry Zhu Chun buckwheat. After we got married, she resigned and returned to my hometown, and never came to see me again.

The new villa changed to a new maid. Seeing that Zhu Chunba’s attitude towards me, I knew that I was named. Although I was not perfunctory, but I couldn’t do my best. I could feel it, but I never cared.

My mother, myself, once looked at the face like this, why is it aggressive.

After entering the bedroom, I immediately took out the suitcase and started to clean up, one or two, and the third one had shed tears.

Every bit of the house in this house, even if the quarrel and crying are my memories, it is one of the few days I have Zhuchun Bart.

At the time of the wedding, he hugged me when the meager morning dawn was lit; more often, he always left me a silent and cold back.

At this point, everything has reached the end.

My chest was hollowed out of dull pain, but it was unexpectedly satisfied.At least I Zhu Chun buckwheat also gave me a child, so that I would not have nothing when I remembered it in the future.

Finally, I looked around the bedroom and found that we did not even have a wedding photo.I thought about it. I took a piece of watches of Zhuchun Bart and put it into my pocket and patted my belly again.

"Small things, this is a gift that Dad gave you, it looks very expensive, you can sell it for you when necessary."

I smiled bitterly, and as soon as I dragged the suitcase out, I heard Zhu Chun buckwheat return, and quickly hid in the corner room.

After hearing Zhu Chun buckwheat, he entered the bedroom, and soon came out and shouted on the first floor, "What about Mrs.?"

The servant didn’t know that I was back, and I was supporting it.Zhu Chun didn’t ask anymore, thinking of footsteps in the corridor, getting closer and closer.

I quickly hid the box, lying on the bed pretending to take a rest, Zhu Chun buckwheat opened the door and saw me, relieved without trace, but the voice became cold, "What does it mean?"

"… I have been sleeping in the room today."

Zhu Chun’s softened eyes sank, "Why, I’m afraid I will do it to you? Rest assured, I’m not so interesting."

I stunned for a moment before I realized what he was talking about, and couldn’t help embarrassed, "I didn’t mean that …"

"It’s not just for me."

Zhu Chunba turned out after finishing speaking. I followed slowly, knowing that I couldn’t go today.

He returned to the bedroom and took a shower. I hurried to the room and took the box and took it back. The things were put back to the original place. When I sorted out, I saw a few books about baby -care in the drawer of the bedside table.

It was hidden under the messy miscellaneous objects. It should be bought by Zhu Chun buckwheat. His name was written on the title page, and the purchase date.

This is his habit of buying a new book, but it is the first time to see the time accurately.

I gently rubbed the fat baby on the cover, and there was a warmth of warmth in my heart. It turned out that Zhu Chun buckwheat was not indifferent to this little life.

He said those words just to scare me, that’s fine, as long as it is not really not a child, just fine.

I was relieved, and the whole person brisk it, and felt that the stomach was empty, and I remembered that I didn’t have dinner.

When I went down the first floor, I wanted to get some food by myself. As soon as I walked to the door of the kitchen, I heard Zhu Chun buckwheat calmly and cursed.

"Am I so good to speak, you dare to be so slack! Do you still need a wife to explain for dinner? On weekdays, she is willing to do it.What do you do, I will roll me up early! Also, there will be a special person to make a daughter’s recipe tomorrow. You do n’t have to let your wife know. "

I was stunned outside, and suddenly remembered that Zhu Chun buckwheat pulled me to talk to the housekeeper, with embarrassment and helplessness, but speaking.

After years, even now, I am still the treatment of Mrs. Shao.

He would be angry with me, and said coldly to me, but still protecting me behind and supporting me.

This kind of Zhu Chun buckwheat, I love it for many years, it is really difficult to give up.

Unfortunately, I have to give up.


Zhou Siqi is back.

Zhu Chun did not deliberately avoid me when I answered the phone. Yes, I am not worthy of his scruples.

The woman’s voice was as enthusiastic and cheerful as ever. It seemed that the years only rubbed me and Zhu Chun buckwheat like people who loved and couldn’t. No, it was only me.

Because Zhu Chun buckwheat is also very open -minded, the eyebrows are mild and bright, and they bring the long -lost teenager.

I listened to them happily, and then met the place. After thinking about it for a long time, I still couldn’t hold back. "Is Miss Zhou back?"

Zhu Chun snorted lightly, took the car key out of the door, I lay on the bed, listening to him downstairs to instruct the maid to add supper.

The servant asked him if he came back at night?He said back.

My hanging heart suddenly landed and slowly closed my eyes.

I fell asleep unconsciously. The dreams were all old things. The 20 -year -old Zhu Chun buckwheat held the red rose and passed me, hugging Zhou Siqi behind me, and the two left each other.

I want to catch up with me to confess my love with him, but my feet are nailed to the place, and my throat has been strangled. I can’t make a sound.

When I woke up, the half pillows were wet, the corners of my eyes were red and swollen, and the tears were somewhat painful.

It was 11 o’clock, and Zhu Chun buckwheat hasn’t returned yet.

I sat up and called him. After a few times, Zhou Siqi answered.

Her voice was bright, and with obvious proud proud, she told me in detail that she and Zhu Chun buckwheat were very happy to have dinner with each other. They also remembered the former suspicion of the past in the bar. FinallyThe whole process of resting in the hotel.

I listened quietly, my chest was numb, and some things were almost crumbling.

Zhu Chun buckwheat has always been clean and self -denied, and never goes home at night.I know it is not because of me, nor is it the so -called marriage loyalty, but that he is not interested in those people.

The principle can be changed to Zhou Siqi now.

This is probably a preference. Even after time and distance, it is still unique and most special. I can never replace it.

In this case, why should it be persistent?

I sighed, "Remember to give him a cup of honey water, he woke up for a while."

When I paused, my voice was half -cold, "Are you showing off with me or teaching me to do things?"

"I am asking you, or to tell you. There are many items. Let me sort it out first, and talk about it in a few days."

Zhou Siqi was a little surprised when he heard the words. He didn’t respond for a while. The end of Zhu Chun buckwheat murmured, and seemed to wake up, and the phone next second was hung up.

I sat for a long time, got up to find Zhang paper, and wrote the preferences and taboos of Zhu Chun buckwheat, as well as the small habits in life.

It was the same as that of my mother to me at that time.

It’s just that most of them are worried and with Zhou Siqi, where would he feel wronged.

After writing, I dragged out the suitcase and started packing. I did it twice within half a month, and my hand speed was a lot faster.

After finishing it soon, I was about to straighten myself, and I heard a deep voice behind me, "What are you doing?"

I quickly turned around and saw Zhu Chun’s soba cold face, the cheekbones were a little red, and my eyes were clear. The shirt at the neckline unbuttoned a button.

"Why are you back?"

"I don’t come back someday!" Zhu Chun buckwheat said at will, and saw the box on my bed side by side, and immediately changed his face.

"Are you going to hide from me to hide from me? Shi Huan, you are getting bigger and bigger, how do you forget how to warn you!"

He said, throwing away the suit jacket in his hand, walked over quickly, poured me to the bed, rudely pulled off the tie to twist my hands and tied it to the top of his head.Staring at me fiercely.

I anxiously explained, "You listen to me … 唔 …"

"What you know, I hate not to say goodbye in my life, and even more hate others to leave me." Zhu Chun buckwheat left from my lips, her eyes condensed with my eyes, my eyes were hidden in a dangerous storm,"Shi Huan, how dare you!"

He hadn’t passed, the whole person was a little out of control, I was shocked and shivered.He seemed to be aware of it. He pulled the quilt and covered me, and raised his body intentionally or unintentionally, supported it with his elbows on the side of me, and kissed again.

Zhu Chun paused, got up from me, sat on the bed and pant, and asked for a while, whispered, "Why did I suddenly say that I don’t want to be a child."

Although he has always been fierce, it is the first time that he is out of control.I was a little hesitant, and finally decided to say it.

"Ms. Zhou is not back, I will leave, it will be you."

Zhu Chun buckwheat turned his head and looked at me, his eyes changed a little, and gritted his teeth and sneered, "Do you know what you are talking about?"

I sighed, "I was really wrong that year, and you should hate me. Fortunately, you reconciled again, I am very happy for you, and bless you …"

"Stop!" Zhu Chun buckwheat Huo stood up, fell on the table lamp, and the splashed glass scratched his back of his hand, and a thin line of blood beads emerged.

I looked painful, but he didn’t feel it, just pinched my chin, "You dare to say another word, I’ll …"

I was sore by him, aggrieved and annoyed, and asked him with a throat: "It’s not okay, it’s not possible. I don’t do anything! Zhu Chun buckwheat, what do you want me?"

"Apologize, I want you to apologize!" Zhu Chun buckwheat also exhausted. "Why don’t you apologize when you do something wrong, so how can I forgive you?"

"Okay! Sorry, I shouldn’t break you with means, sorry, can I be sorry, okay? Do you want me to kneel and give you a head!"

I cried and cried, tears down, and seemed to be exhausted all the humble and bitterness of many years.

I watched me for a long time, and I had red eyes, and suddenly smiled twice. I picked up my coat and left. The back was full of disappointment and exhaustion.

"Shi Huan, you don’t know anything."


He didn’t come back again, and I sat over the night.

I cleaned up the clothes scattered, dragged the box downstairs, but was stopped by the maid. I said that Zhu Chun buckwheat explained that I couldn’t go out.

His way of keeping people is really simple and rude.

I didn’t want to embarrass the servant, so I folded it back obediently, thinking that I would talk to Zhuchun Bart.

Who knows that he didn’t go home in the next week, did not show up, and didn’t answer the phone.

I heard that he talked to the kitchen twice and asked about the nutritional food that I told me. I grabbed the phone and wanted to say a few words to him. When he heard it, I hung up immediately.

It was clear that it was deliberately dragging, and even the escape was so naive.

I was a little funny and proposed to go to the company to find him. No one stopped, the driver was in a good mood, and the car drove fast and stable.

I only went to know that Zhu Chun buckwheat has not been at work for three days.I forced the secretary to call him, played four to pick it up, and scolded others as soon as I opened.

"Don’t call me, you are deaf! You are going to run away with such a big wife, and you can read what documents make money, pull it down!"

He seemed to have just woke up, his tongue was a bit straight, and his voice was full of breath.

I listened slightly, and suddenly felt that Zhu Chunba might really not want to let me go.Perhaps he was unwilling, or he simply didn’t want someone to leave him anymore.

I think about it, or I have to start from the source. He doesn’t let me go. What if Zhou Siqi forced him?

I asked Zhou Siqi to meet and let the driver send me to the designated place. He could wait.

After half an hour, Zhou Siqi arrived. The makeup was exquisite and graceful. When I saw me, I still had contempt, and just like the daughter of the maid.

"What’s up?"

"Have you ever seen Zhuchun Buck these days?"

She looked at her face and blurted out, "He is not …" Saying a sudden end, he laughed charmingly, "Why, don’t he go home? It seems that your wife is just a furnishings!"

When I saw her reaction, I knew that Zhu Chunba didn’t go to her, and couldn’t help but breathe, and felt ridiculous when he returned to God.

I sighed, took out my phone and downloaded my recording from the cloud space, and played it to Zhou Siqi.

Her face was pale, and she was confused, and soon understood, and when she looked at me, she had some suspicion and surprise.

"Haven’t you heard him?"

I shook my head, "No."


"I can’t bear it. There are very few people who trust and care about from childhood. You are the most important one. I don’t want him to be sad."

Zhou Siqi frowned, "So he has always misunderstood you, you haven’t said?" Seeing me silent, she suddenly laughed, "You are so stupid, so humble!"

I looked up at her and looked calm, "But you are more pitiful than me, your love is only false, isn’t it false, isn’t it?"

She was poked by me and gritted her teeth. "I and Zhu Chunba can start again, as long as I love him."

I nodded, "This is my purpose. As long as you love him well, he will never hear this recording. But I will stare at you, if you want to hurt him, I will not count it anymore.At that time, you have to come back even if you have received it together, do you understand? "

After so many years with Zhu Chun buckwheat, there was also some momentum of ears. I finished speaking hard, and Zhou Siqi was fooled by me for a while.

I put the precautions of the three pages of paper on the table, stood up and walked two steps and returned, and picked up the soda on the table on Zhou Siqi’s face.

"This is what you owe him. I have long wanted to do this! Although you can’t match him, I still hope you can be personal."

Zhou Siqi screamed and stood up. When she was humiliated, she immediately rushed up to tear me up, but without my strength, I held it twice by me.

The big pot of a person tall next to the push was tall. Zhou Siqi didn’t see it, and he desperately grasped me.I couldn’t get rid of it, I could only protect my stomach first, and gave my back out.

In the electric light, Zhou Siqi screamed, and then I fell into a warm embrace, and the potted plant fell to the ground with my shoulders.

Zhu Chun buckwheat hugged me tightly, his palm trembled slightly on my abdomen, and looked at me tightly, "How is it, will it hurt?"

I shook my head and heard him ask Zhou Siqi again, "How about you?"

Zhou Siqi should also be pushed away by him, sitting on the ground and did not respond. He tentatively asked: "Spring Buckwheat, You …"

Zhu Chun buckwheat hugged me out, didn’t answer, and didn’t look at her anymore.

Along the way, I looked at his face carefully. I didn’t dare to speak a few times. When I got home, he couldn’t hold it. "Say something if you have something."

I bite my lip, "… Where did you start listening?"

Zhu Chun buckwheat instructed the servant to stew me, and then took off his jacket. "From the beginning. The driver knew Zhou Siqi, and he notified me when he heard you call."

"Then you know, can you forgive me?"

"Forgive you? Forgive you for your own claims, or do you plan to give me away from Gao Feng Liang Festival?" Zhu Chun buckwheat squinted and looked at me. "Shi Huan, you still don’t know what I was thinking about these years, and you never put what I said.In my heart. "

I stunned in place and watched him deeply condensed me. The eyes seemed to have known each other. Suddenly I remembered a certain scene, and a heart began to jump again.

Two steps in the front, trying to hug Zhuchun buckwheat, my eyes are sour, "I did it wrong, don’t you let me go, OK?"

Zhu Chun buckwheat down and looked at me, his eyes changed a little, and slowly reached out and hugged me. "You shouldn’t do that, because you can’t imagine how much I collapsed when I know you count me!"

"I resentful and desperate, I am afraid that the warmth and companion you have given me once are fake. Shi Huan, I can no longer believe anyone, I am always tortured, how can I let go of it?And you!"

"I have always hated your betrayal of me than to separate with Zhou Siqi, but I still try to persuade myself to forgive you. Unfortunately, you always don’t mention it."

It turned out that Zhu Chun buckwheat has been waiting for me, but thinking that I think it is sorry for me.

In this way, he did not look like him. He silently gave me the greatest concession and compromise, and never really hurt me.

Just now, I still protect me with my body.

"Sorry, thank you."

Zhu Chun buck -nodded, "I forgive you, as for thank you, you will be exempted, and you will take a little temper later, be careful!"

"Who made her so bad, I wanted to teach her earlier. And you still like her, when I used to see you two together, I always scolded her secretly."

"It’s over, now you are my wife."

I looked up and sobbing and looked at him, "If you didn’t hear the truth, would you still choose to save me when the danger just came?"

I wish Chun Buckwheat’s hand in my back, "That’s not a choice, it is instinct."

I moved fiercely and tightened his shirt on his waist subconsciously. "So … do you like me a bit?"

He crooked his head and looked at me, "What do you have you said? You should know me, and those who do n’t like it will not touch a finger." After that, he pressed my head into his arms, "Although you knowIt is a bit late, but I am sure that you have brought me spring. "

My chest was sour, holding his hand gently on the lower abdomen, "There is also your summer, autumn and winter, and three seasons and three meals in the future. You have our home."

Zhu Chun soba was slightly shocked, but the red eyes were very bright at the end of the eyes. Suddenly, he bowed his head and kissed down.

This chapter is over

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