Strange knowledge has increased again!Mating and reproduction of horses: I would rather kill one thousand wrongly

As early as in ancient China, horses entered people’s lives, and also affected the historical process of human beings. It not only could help humans build, cultivate and develop territory, but also help people transport.Most importantly, horses also symbolized victory, wealth, and status in ancient times, but with the arrival of modern industry, modern horses’ influence on humans is no longer so important!

In Chinese traditional culture, Ma ranks seventh in the twelve zodiac signs, and Ma’s surname is also one of the common surnames in my country. In addition, it is also one of the big surnames of the Hui nationality. The Yunnan Hui people are almost a clear surname Ma!

However, in modern times, there are still famous purebred horses: sweat horses, Arabia, and British horses. In order to preserve the genes and bloodlines of these horses, people also do not hesitate to get close relatives of the horse.People also choose to eliminate directly.

Horses are a group of living animals. They are generally led by the head and horse to live in the entire ethnic group. They are similar to the lifestyle of the lion group, but they are different from the lion. The head horse is the only male horse in the ethnic group.The group is large and there will be other male horse. This is also the only place to the lion, but in terms of mate selection, it is the first choice of the head and horse, similar to the "emperor system" in ancient times!

The head and horse do not need to show off their own body shape and other aspects. You only need to rely on your own ability to capture the "heart" of the mother horse, but the appearance of the head horse does not need to say more.The leaders inside the group, and Ma Qun will also sort out their hair. On the one hand, it is used to clean the parasites on the body, and on the other hand, it can make their hair look brighter!

In general, the head and horses do not need to compete with other Malaysian Malaysia, and they can get priority to choose the right to choose, but this does not mean that the mother and horse do not need competition. Because there are only a handful of male and horses inside the ethnic group, the mother and horse will "secretly" secretly in the middle of"Comparison" ", produce a hierarchical system, the higher the level, the more capable of getting the head and horse appreciation, but the final result is still judged by the head horse!

The animal world generally has a breeding season. This phenomenon also exists in the natural horse group, but the "estrus period" in the horse group is long. This is also due to the fewer public horses inside the horse group.Starting from April-June, the end time is generally around August.

The mating of the male horse is the same as most of the limbs. It usually chooses "crawling", but the mating time of the horse is not long, usually within tens of seconds or a few minutes, and the choice is also quickly reproduced: "The quality is not enough quantity."Come and make", and when the estrus period of the horse, it will often crawl across some railings. Workers in the farm will seize this habit of horses for the necessary collection!

In order to avoid exhaustion of the male horse, the mother and horse in the horse seemed to have reached a certain agreement, staggered their own estrus period, and waited for the "flip" of the ancient emperor, but according to the level of the mother and horseThe problem, the high -level mother and horse can usually occupy more time, and the lower -level mother and horse can only be arranged backwards!

After successful conception, the mother and horse will usually be able to give birth to offspring in about 11 months, and it can only be pregnant once in about two years.After that, the cubs will choose to live alone, and after growing up, the cubs can still identify their mother through odor!

When the mother horse arrives at the output period, the personality will also be particularly irritable. During the period, the employees of the farm will let this mother horse live alone, otherwise the mother horse at this time will attack without difference!

In addition, whether the cubs that can be produced in the horse group can be judged based on the choice of the head and horses. If the head and horse in the horses are replaced, the cub with the previous head of the horse will be attacked by the current head horse.The smell of the cub to determine whether it is your own cub. If you feel that there is any doubt of the smell, the head and horse will "kill" the cubs without differences, which is equivalent to killing a thousand wrongly.It’s your own blood!

Extended reading: After the lion group, the cubs in the lion are usually driven out of the lion group by the lion king after the growth.When the Lion King is replaced, the newly appointed Lion King will also choose other cubs inside the lion group. Although the lioness will protect the cubs, they cannot decide the behavior of the Lion King!

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