Street shooting: What should I do if I find that I am pregnant after breaking up?Girls’ answers are surreal!

There are many movies in the entertainment industry. Several movies may be released in a week, so which kinds of movies will get everyone’s attention, which will make people more like.Whether those starring movies are a good way to ensure the box office can get more people’s attention and like. Whether the characters in the movie only need to let the superstars performWhat are the box office of the following movies.

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Real shot on the street: What should I do if I find that I am pregnant after breaking up?Girls’ answers are surreal!

Netizen: If I broke up and found that I was pregnant after I broke up. If I broke up because of a small matter, I would tell him that if I hurt me, I would definitely not tell him that I gave birth to myself.My thoughts are more traditional, anyway, I won’t kill my child anyway.Even if I was impoverished, I would give birth.

Netizen: It should be seen what is the reason. Like the woman, it was too humane. Now the woman really disappointed me. I am also a woman. Maybe because I am a little older, I will not treat life.So casual.

Netizen: There are what I admire in it, insisting on giving birth to a baby. Such a girl is worthy of your cherishment. Do not hurt her when you encounter such a girl.

Netizen: Hippie smiles, then do it, do it, how random are you?This can only reflect the rich experience. I still like those who say that they have left. Good women and our men will cherish it.There is a woman here I really want to scold her!

It can be seen from the following movies. In fact, everyone actually likes actors with acting skills. I like movies to reflect the life of society. It does not blindly let the big -name stars coming to act as acting can get everyone’s attention. In fact, everyone is reluctantIn order to pay for big -name stars, the fans now also value the quality of the movie even more, so if you want to get a good box office, you must work hard on the movie instead of inviting a big name to work hard. This will be counterproductive.There will be no good results.Everyone should pay more attention to the quality of the movie, which is also very conducive to improving the quality of the movie.

After reading the above article, what do you feel, do you think that the quality of a movie is more important or the big star in it is more important.In fact, the movie itself is to reflect life. It is a work. He reflects that life will be higher than life, so he must bring a concept to the audience.After watching the movie, the audience can understand what the movie wants to express, instead of being confused after watching it, making people feel uncomfortable.Do you think so?

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