Sudden cerebral hemorrhage at 31 weeks of pregnancy, the child’s maternal life hangs!Multi -discipline collaboration to keep the two lives of mothers and infants

Jimu Journalist Yan Wen

Correspondent Liu Yu

More than a month ago, Ms. Zhang, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage during pregnancy.Under the multi -disciplinary treatment of the East Hospital of Wuhan University People’s Hospital, the two lives were successfully preserved.On March 25, when the child was discharged from the hospital with a full moon, Ms. Zhang thanked the medical care, and felt that "really like a dream!"

As soon as you go, the cerebral vascular rupture is burst at 31 weeks of pregnancy

On the evening of February 20, 2021, Ms. Zhang, 30, suddenly had severe headaches, nausea, convulsions, and unclear consciousness. The family members urgently sent it to the East Hospital of Wuhan University’s East Hospital for rescue.After the inspection, Ms. Zhang had huge intracranial vascular malformations. At that time, the blood vessels had ruptured and bleeding. The right pillow lobe had already showed a large area of hematoma.

What’s even more critical is that Ms. Zhang is still a pregnant mother, and her abdomen has 31 weeks.During the emergency rescue, Ms. Zhang’s life signs gradually decreased, and the fetus in the abdomen might not be guaranteed at any time.When Professor Cai Qiang, director of the East Court of Neurosurgery, rushed to the emergency department for rescue, judged that if it was improperly disconnected, it was very likely that the mother and child could not be kept.During the emergency communication with his family members, the family’s words gave medical courage and confidence."We completely trust the doctor. As long as we try our best to rescue, no matter what the result, we have no regrets."

Emergency surgery, 6 discipline cooperation, mother and child peace, safe mother and child peace

The Ministry of Medicine of the Eastern Hospital immediately launched an emergency plan. The tissue neurosurgery, obstetrics, anesthesiology operating rooms, emergency department, pediatrics, and intensive medical department were clinic, and agreed opinions: mother fetuses must be guaranteed!First stop the pregnancy, and take the birth of the fetus with less than the moon through an emergency cesarean section, and then take the surgery to rescue the mother’s bleeding mothers.

At zero that night, Ms. Zhang was promoted to the operating room. The obstetrics and anesthesia doctors cooperated with them. In just more than 10 minutes, she successfully performed a cesarean section surgery. Newborn medical care then took relay for subsequent treatment of premature babies.After the fetus was delivered smoothly, the anesthesiologist continued to perform effective anesthesia, and after replacing Ms. Zhang after replacing the position of neurosurgery.Professor Cai Qiang operated the international advanced neuroscopic, which was a minimally invasive precision torture of the intracranial vascular regiment for patients, and at the same time cleared intracranial hematoma.

After more than 4 hours of declaration of thrilling surgery, Ms. Zhang was sent to the Department of Initiative Medicine of the Eastern Academy to continue the treatment.In the Department of Severe Medicine, Ms. Zhang has experienced difficult challenges again and again, and successfully recovered after bleeding, edema, intracranial infection, and hydrocephalus after surgery.

Headache and vomiting, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible

Professor Cai Qiang introduced that non -trauma cerebral hemorrhage is mostly caused by cerebral vascular malformations and cerebral motio rupture bleeding.Cerebral vascular malformations, cerebral hydramosis is prone to rupture when high blood pressure or large blood pressure fluctuations, and pregnant women are prone to hypertension during pregnancy.In addition, emotional excitement and changes in endocrine environment in the body will also lead to increased bleeding risk.Cai Qiang reminded that once headaches and vomiting symptoms occur in the case of no trauma, especially for pregnant women, they must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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