Suddenly there was no fetal movement in August pregnancy, and the pregnant mother was so scared that the pregnant mother crossed the belly, doctor: just asleep

Do you still remember what it felt like to feel the fetal movement for the first time?Many Baoma said that before the fetal movement, there was no real feeling of the baby’s existence. From the beginning of the first fetal movement, she really realized the baby’s existence and felt the baby’s vitality.

Experienced Baoma knows that the baby’s fetal movement is actually regular. Therefore, after the baby has the fetal movement, the doctor will let Baoma several fetal movements every day to monitor the baby’s condition.However, sometimes there are babies naughty, causing abnormal fetal movement, and the most anxious to face this situation is Bao Ma.

Recently, Dongguan, Guangdong, Ms. Xue, a prospective mother who was 8 months pregnant, shared her shocking experience.

Ms. Xue and her husband returned home that night, but on the way home, Ms. Xue found that the baby who was usually very frequent had no fetal movement for 4 hours.Because there was no fetal heart monitor in the car, Ms. Xue scared her belly to call her baby, and tears couldn’t stop flowing.

After I told Ms. Xue and her husband, she went straight to the hospital. I was afraid that the baby had any abnormalities. Fortunately, after the doctor’s examination, the baby had nothing to do with the baby.

Afterwards, Ms. Xue said that she was still afraid of it. She experienced it by herself that she knew the greatness of each mother and the hard work of her in October. Although she tossed a little, fortunately, the baby was healthy.

After watching Ms. Xue’s sharing, many netizens have expressed their feelings: "I know this mood too much, rather than running for a while, at least I can feel at ease."I wake up "," I can only understand it when I really get pregnant, not exaggerated, worrying that it is normal for the baby to cry. "

Fetal movement is actually the activity of the baby in the mother’s uterus. It is the baby’s life signs. If abnormalities may be a signal of the baby’s hypoxia.Therefore, the expectant mothers should always pay attention to the baby’s fetal movement at all times, and today we will talk about those things of fetal movement.

In fact, the baby will move from 7 to 8 weeks, but this is that the baby is still very small. The activity is small and the movement is light. The pregnant mothers cannot feel the fetal movement.When the fetus arrives 16 ~ 20 weeks, the joints of the limbs are basically powerful. When the activity is activated, the baby’s small arms and calves will touch the uterine wall, so that the mothers can really feel the baby’s fancy fetal movement.

However, because the situation of each expectant mother is different, the fetal movement time is different, but the fetal movement is still not felt more than 24 weeks of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers are best to go to the hospital for examination in time.

32-34 weeks of pregnancy is the most obvious fetal movement, and mothers can feel the baby’s punch and kick every day.However, after 28 weeks, the baby gradually grows up, the space inside the uterus is not enough, and the fetal movement will gradually weaken.

1. Look at the rules

The baby also has his own routine in the uterus. After the fetal movement, before 28 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother only needs to observe the rules of the baby’s fetal movement.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to adhere to the number of fetal movements a day.

2. Good memory is not as good as bad pen

Pregnant mothers can prepare a specialized small book to record the baby’s fetal movement, and remember the date, time and number of the fetal movement for better monitoring.A few hours of fetal movement after three meals a day. Note that if you have urine, you should be excreted, do not urinate.

3. Generally speaking, fetal movements per hour are ≥3 times.You can also add up the number of fetal movements in the morning, middle, and late three times each time, and multiply 4, that is, the number of fetal movements of 12 hours.(It is generally believed that at least the fetus should be stopped for a few minutes before it can be counted as another time.

• Generally, fetal movements per hour and 12 hours of fetal movement ≥30 times are normal.

• If the fetal movement is 10 times in 12 hours, then you need to be alert to fetal abnormalities.

• If the rules of fetal movement are obvious and flat in a day, you need to find the cause and go to the hospital in time, especially when you increase significantly, and then decrease significantly. You should be alert to whether the fetus is hypoxic.

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