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1. The enemy has reached the battlefield for 9 months.

The Enemy is Still Nine Months Away.

2. One body, two heartbeats, who has not met, but love you deeply.

A body, two heartbeat, never met, but love you deeply.

3. Our two -person world finally has "Primary Three".

OUR TWO PEOPLE World Finally Has a Small Three.

4. So busy recently, I am busy we gaining, you are busy growing up.

I’m Busy Recently. I’m Busy Growing Fat. You’re busy geowing up.

5. Looking forward to our new family model, one plus one equals three.

Looking forward to our new family model, one plus one equals three.

6. My armor and weakness, welcome your arrival and companionship.

My armor and soft ribs, welcome your company.

7. The most expensive house is finally rented out, the deadline is ten months, and the rent is not renewed!

The Most Expensive House Finally Been ReNTED OUT, with a Term of Ten Months. No Renewal!

8. Take a bus and finally be at ease.

Take the bus finally can be comfortable not to give up.

9. Every time you beat, you can raise the corners of my mouth.

Every time you beat, you can make my mod turn up.

10. Looking forward to your appearance and looking forward to your arrival.

Look forward to your apperance, look forward to your arrival.

11. Family ranking, it will be updated.

Family Ranking, to be updated.

12. I have to eat two people recently.

I’m Going to have dinner for two receptionly.

13. Our little angel, welcome you to come, the rest of your life is admitted!

OUR LITTLE ANGEL, WELCOME your coming. I’m Teach you for the rest of my life!

14. Love cultivation and upgrade!Welcome a big boss.

Love Cultivation has ben upgraded! Welcome a big boss.

15. Life enters a new chapter and is learning the first page: how to serve pregnant women.

Entering a new chaapter in life, I am learning the first page: How to serve pregnant women.

16. Wife, from now on, you are still the boss, and I have become the third child!

Wife, from now, you are still the eldest, I beCome the third!

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