Summer food lotus root is the most adopted, introduce three lotus root foods

Lotus root is a large underground stem of lotus, alias Rongyu Festival, Jade Linglong, jade bamboo shoots, jade arm dragon, etc., which are very widely distributed in my country.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lotus root enters the heart, spleen, and lung meridian, and has a cold and sweet taste.The effects of doctors of all ages have also had many comments on lotus root, such as "Materia Medica Pickling" and said "to eliminate food, relieve annoyance, and alleviate drugs.""Southern Yunnan Materia Medica" cloud: "Take more intestines and lungs, live fluid."

Lotus root is produced throughout the year. Crispy raws can be produced as fruits in summer. In this season, the season is white. The water is sufficient, the taste is sweet, and the taste is quite crispy pear."Materia Medica Huiyan" contains: "藕, cold blood and blood, clearing heat and relieving the heat of heat.It is an excellent heat -clearing heat and summer flavor dish; fried with fresh and tender vegetables is a refreshing food.

As the lotus grows in water, its moisture content decreases, and the accumulated starch gradually increases, and the appearance color becomes deeper.At this time, the taste will become soft and softened. It is no longer suitable for eating or stir -fry, but it can be made into glutinous rice ravioli or used for soup.After making mature lotus root, the effect is very different from before."The Materia Medica Sutra" contains: "The cricket, the cooked person is sweet, can strengthen the spleen and appetite, nourish the blood, so the Lord supplements the five internal organs, which is actually burnt, eliminating food, leakage, muscle, and long service.","

Modern pharmacological research also shows that lotus root is a treasure.It is high sugar, low -fat food, and also contains a variety of amino acids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, etc.

Lotus root is rich in eating. It can be eaten, cooked, and can also be processed. It is sweet and flat. It can nourish blood and stop bleeding, nourish yin and nourish dirt, adjust appetite, strengthen spleen and diarrhea.Human ideal raising food.Introduction of three lotus root medicated meals as follows.

1. Tu Fuling lotus root soup

Materials: 500g of lotus root, 500g of soil Poria, 500g of Pinkge, 100g of red beans, 50g of mulberry white skin.

Method: Poria Poria peeled, pink and cut into pieces, put the ingredients in the pot, and turn the fire for 3 hours after the water rolls.

Function: It has the functions of clearing heat and poisoning, boneless fire, and dampness.

2. Pork spinal cord cord lotus root

Materials: 500g of pork spinal cord (linked spine), lotus root 250g.

Method: Boil the upper fire in the same pot for 2 hours.

Role: nourishing blood and kidney, suitable for symptoms such as nocturnal emission, pale complexion, weak limbs, and soft waist and knees.

3. Autumn pear lotus root juice

Material: 2 Qiu Pear, 100g of lotus root.

Practice: Qiu Li peels, nuclear, lotus root to festival, and drink juice.

Role: Clear heat and lung, suitable for lung heat -type cough, as well as those with phlegm yellow and dry throat.

(China Traditional Chinese Medicine News)

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