Summer is approaching, girls eat these 10 kinds of food to prevent ultraviolet rays, and the sunscreen effect is comparable to sunscreen

[Summer is approaching, girls eat these 10 kinds of food to prevent ultraviolet rays, sunscreen effects are comparable to sunscreen]

After entering the summer, the weather is hot and the ultraviolet rays are very strong.Everyone needs sun protection, especially women.Outer sunscreen does not really resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, but also requires supplementation of internal nutrition.Therefore, if you want to sunscreen at this time, you must eat sunscreen food often.So what does a woman eat in summer?


The fruits of papaya are rich in nutrition and rich in vitamins.In addition, the vitamin C content contained in papaya is 100 mg, and these vitamin C will always be a cosmetic product that combates skin aging. It is not only whitening, sun protection, but also has a breast enhancement effect on women!


Tomatoes can increase the content of skin collagen and prevent ultraviolet damage.Persist in eating cooked tomatoes for 2 months, which can increase the skin’s sun protection ability by 33%.


Watermelon is the fruit of summer. The flesh taste is sweet and can cool down the summer. Eating watermelon in summer can not only quench thirst, but also sunscreen. Watermelon fruit juice contains a variety of good health and beauty ingredients., Nutrition and sun protection have good effects.


Loofah is rich in vitamin and plant mucus, which is a natural beauty product that adds white and wrinkle.


Berry has high nutritional value, contains a variety of nutrients, and has health effects.Strawberries have a good inhibitory effect on melanin. At the same time, the antioxidant effect of strawberries can help cells resist and make the skin fresh and smooth.


Aloe vera can absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent skin spots.If you accidentally sunburn and repair it with aloe vera, the effect is also a lever.


The fatty acids contained in salmon can help relieve inflammation and promote preventing recovery.Eating more usual can not only prevent the sun, but also reduce the symptoms after sunburn.But fish is a hair product, do not eat when the skin is damaged.


Peach has the effects of beauty, clearing the stomach, moisturizing the lungs, and expectorant.Peach not only has an excellent taste, but also eating some peaches in summer can effectively play a whitening effect.


Most of the vegetable oils in nuts are rich in vitamin E. One -/4 small cups of nuts can provide the human body with the required antioxidants and effectively sunscreen every day.

green tea

American research pointed out that drinking green tea or using green tea ingredients can reduce skin sunburn, relaxation and rough peroxide by about 1/3 of the skin.Generally, healthy people drink tea and health. It is more suitable for 2-4 cups every day. You can also change different types of tea.

The sunscreen effect of these foods is comparable to sunscreen, and there is no harm of sunscreen. Therefore, before summer or in summer, they can achieve the sunscreen effect by eating these foods.

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